Running G4Brachy application on the Grid

Notes: The AFS directory with Geant4 installation:


It contains the tarball with the latest dirInstallations.tar.gz (see Geant4TarballGridInstallation).

You have to be a memebr of geant4 VO. Check ~/.gangarc file to configure the VirtualOrganisation property accordingly.

How to run the demo for Vienna Tutorial?

  • go to the demo directory:
    • cd /afs/
  • setup DIANE and ganga:
    • source env.csh
  • setup application environment for G4Brachy:
  • run application:
    • diane.startjob -j $DIANE_TOP/dev/applications/G4Brachy/macros/brachy-iridium-diane-100kevents-10tasks.job -w20@LCG --wms $PWD/WNLIST-Geant4.txt --ganga


A list of GoodGeant4Sites.

If your terminal connection breaks, then the master will be killed by the shell. So if you are running over unreliable connection you may consider logging everything to a file and not to screen. You can do this in the following way:

./diane.startjob2 ... >& /dev/null

The master log will be a file like masterThu_138_20_10_19.log - the day of the week and time encoded in the file name.

How to check the status of the worker agents?

Run ganga and type jobs

You may select the jobs which belong to a given master like this: jobs['DIANE_XXX'] - XXX is the master number you see in the log file

You only get the output of workers which are in 'completed' status. You can get it doing something like:

for j in jobs['DIANE_XXX']:
 if j.status == 'completed':
    print '*'*80
    print '*'*80
    print j
    print 'STDOUT'+'*'*30
    !cat $j.outputdir/stdout
    print 'STDERR'+'*'*30
    !cat $j.outputdir/stdout

In case of problems send the output of the loop above and the output of the command jobs['DIANE_XXX'] by email.

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