Task/Job monitoring

Description of Dashboard API

Development server

Task monitoring dashboard development server launched on http://pcadc01.cern.ch/

Front page: List of users

List of users, who run jobs during last month.

URL :http://pcadc01.cern.ch/client/index.html

Action name: gangataskmonitoring

URL request:


Output JSON object format:

{"basicData": {"GridName": "UserName1"},... {"GridName": "UserNameN"}}

List of tasks

List of tasks for defined user during given time period (from-to) OR timerange

Action name: gangataskstable


    • usergridname,
    • timerange OR from , to time period in format
    • typeofrequest=A (currently mandatory)


  • gangataskstable?usergridname=%22KonstantinosKousouris%22&from=2010-04-02%2018:20&to=2010-04-07%2012:30&typeofrequest=A

JSON output example:

{"user_taskstable": [{"Executable": "cmsRun", "UNKNOWN": 239, "SubmissionType": "direct", "Application": "CMSSW",  "NUMOFJOBS": 264,  "TargetCE": "15_Selected_SE", "SubmissionTool": "crab", "SubmissionUI": "T1_US_FNAL",   "PENDING": 0, "TASKMONID": "kkousour_crab_0_100411_030027_1mv54a", "TaskType": "analysis",   "ApplicationVersion": "CMSSW_3_5_6", "TaskId": 3338662, "SUCCESS": 0, "TaskCreatedTimeStamp": "2010-04-11 10:08",   "SchedulerName": "LOCALFNAL", "TaskMonitorId": "kkousour_crab_0_100411_030027_1mv54a",   "FAILED": 25, "RUNNING": 0, "NEventsPerJob": 35761, "InputCollection": "/MinimumBias/Commissioning10-PromptReco-v8/RECO", "SubToolVersion": "2.7.1"}]}

Jobs of chosen tasks

Action name: gangataskjobs

URL request:


  • taskmonitorid;
  • what. Could be :
    • all - Displays all job states;
    • P - pending;
    • R - running;
    • U - unknown;
    • S - successfull;
    • F - failed;



Output JSON object format example for what = all parameter :

{"taskjobs": [[{"STATUS": "U", "resubmissions": 1, "EventRange": "1", "started": "2010-04-11 08:03", "GridEndId": "U",   "AppGenericStatusReasonValue": "Error return without specification",  "finished": "2010-04-12 08:03",  "submitted": "2010-04-11 08:03", "Site": "T3_US_FNALLPC",  "TaskJobId": 153301646, "JobExecExitCode": null,   "SchedulerJobId": "https://cmslpc16.fnal.gov/be0adc69f8cfa9f7a184ad7ce27dd2b2c81c68fa/1", "GridEndReason": "unknown"}],   , {"username": "\"KonstantinosKousouris\"", "what": "ALL", "taskmonid": "kkousour_crab_0_100411_030027_1mv54a"}]} 

Page details in case of parameter what=all


  • Terminated Jobs by Site ( groupping by "Site" and "STATUS" values);
  • Graphical Overvew (used status values(# running, #pending, etc ) from Page2 for appropriate task.

Jobs' table

Colomn name Key
SchedulerJobId SchedulerJobId
Id in Task EventRange
Appl Exit Code

Check STATUS, if "P" or "R" - display "Not yet"

JobExecExitCode >-1?JobExecExitCode : Unknown


Grid End Status GridEndReason
Retries resubmissions
Site Site
Submitted submitted
Started started
Finished finished

JSON output example for what = F parameter :

{"taskjobs": [[{"JobExitReason": "  Output file(s) not found", "resubmissions": 1, "EventRange": "23",  "started": "2010-04-11 08:03", "GridEndId": "U",  "finished": "2010-04-11 08:26", "submitted": "2010-04-11 08:03", "Site": "T3_US_FNALLPC",  "TaskJobId": 153301734,  "AppStatusReason": "unknown", "JobExitCode": 60302, "SchedulerJobId": "https://cmslpc16.fnal.gov/be0adc69f8cfa9f7a184ad7ce27dd2b2c81c68fa/23",   "GridEndReason": "unknown"}],  {"username": "\"KonstantinosKousouris\"", "what": "F", "taskmonid": "kkousour_crab_0_100411_030027_1mv54a"}]}

Resubmitted jobs

Action name: resubmittedjobsAtl

URL request:


Colomn name KeySorted ascending
Appl Exit Reason AppStatusReason
Id in Task EventRange
Finished finished
Grid End Status GridEndId
Appl Exit Code JobExitCode
JobExitReason JobExitReason
Site Site
Started started
Submitted submitted

Example: Request : resubmittedjobsAtl?what=ALL&taskjobid=152060487&taskmonid=aproskur_crab_0_100406_145411_tl7n64

JSON output example:

{"rsJobs": [{ "JobExitReason": "CMS exception (CMSSW)", "EventRange": "1", "started": "2010-04-06 13:00:05", "GridEndId": "D", "Site": "T2_UK_London_Brunel", "submitted": "2010-04-06 12:55:10", "finished": "2010-04-06 13:10:06", "AppStatusReason": "unknown", "JobExitCode": 8001, "SchedulerJobId":"https://wms218.cern.ch:9000/p4J3bxUEvPlLICjIXb1olg", "GridEndReason": "unknown"}, ...}]}

-- LauraSargsyan - 21-Apr-2010

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