• Reports should be written on Monday morning by the CRC summarising the previous week's ADC activities and major issues
  • The WLCG SCOD should copy the report to the WLCG Operations Meeting Twiki after 14:30 CET on Monday
  • The issues are reported to the WLCG Operations Meetings at 15:00 CET on Monday by the CRC or by Ivan G and/or Tomas J.
  • ATLAS-internal issues should be documented daily in the ADCOperationsDailyReports pages.


11 December - 18 December

  • Production:
    • 320k jobs (370k with HPCs)
    • Using T0 (19k slots) and HLT (55k slots) resources for GRID production.
    • Running in parallel derivations and reprocessing campaigns
  • BNL network outage stuck all transfers depending on BNL FTS. All recovered.
  • CNAF data replication - ongoing.

5 December - 11 December

ATLAS software week ongoing

  • Smooth operation
  • 250k-300k running job slots, depending on the use of the 50k from HLT, peak at 500k with HPC
  • T0 run short Bphys late stream this week, its 19k slots back for grid use
  • CNAF data replication: 1.3 PB for data17_13TeV done, for data16_13TeV: 340 TB (215k files) being replicated, 590 TB (405k files) done
  • No jobs running at IN2P3-CC part of the weekend due to modifications in read/write protocol in database => solved
  • Reprocessing about to start, no data prestage for starting

27 November - 4 December

  • Stable operation at 350k cores level.
  • HLT off - 50k cores for GRID since 27.11
  • T0 off - 19k cores for GRID since 30.11.2017
  • Slice tests for Christmas data reprocessing - ongoing
  • CNAF data replication 620 TB remaining
  • Grafana job monitoring / HDFS problems - solved.

20 November - 27 November

  • No major problems.
  • RAL FTS problems
    • IPv6 networking problem on 21.11
    • Lots of errors - fixed by upgrading to FTS version 3.7.5 (27.11)
  • CNAF
    • Ongoing copying of RAW from CASTOR (finished data17).
    • Under discussion - replication of AOD from disks (i.e. second copy)

13 November - 20 November

  • Activities:
    • Started derivation campaign
    • Reprocessing campaign expected soonish
  • Problems
    • CNAF Incident : Replication of data17_13TeV RAW hosted at INFN-T1 from Castor (75% done). Full summary of ATLAS actions :
    • SFOs got full during the week-end
      • Problem related to unexpected increase data taking rate (3GB/s) vs "normal" rate (1.2 GB/s)
      • Files on SFOs are only deleted if they are migrated on Castor, but throughput EOS to Castor peaked at 2 GB/s after increase of FTS cap for EOS to Castor by FTS support (thanks !)
      • Situation looks better this morning
    • CERN wide DB problem yesterday night : No big impact on Rucio and Panda
    • CERN condor MCORE still not at expected scale - problem in the CERN batch partitioning ?

06 November - 13 November

  • CNAF Incident - ATLAS point of view
    • Crisis Unit formed to handle the case. Includes experts from CNAF, DDM, central production and analysis support.
    • Working under the assumption of the worst case scenario i.e. “Everything in CNAF is lost”
    • DATA:
      • Tape
        • 16.9PB - pledged (9% T1),
        • 9.0 PB - used (4.9 PB - data, 3.6 PB - MC, 0.5 group)
        • We should always have two copies of RAW on tape: Replication from CERN CASTOR to other T1s (only BNL for the moment) of INFN data RAW.
        • Replication goes well. The situation represents a perfect testbed for testing the bandwidth capabilities of replication from CASTOR. Currently the limitation seems to be on CERN network infrastructure side.
      • Disk
        • 5.1 PB - pledged (9% T1),
        • 4.5 PB - used (4.4 PB - data, 0.054 PB - scratch)
      • 37k unique datasets (21.9k NTUP, 4.7k log, 3k DAOD, 2.3k HIST, 2.2k HITS, 1.2k AOD)
    • Processing:
      • 6k slots pledged (7% T1), 3.8k running in the moment of the incident (2.8k - Derivations, 0.5k - MC Simulations, 0.5k - Analysis). All jobs aborted and left to Panda for further reassignment
      • Central Production
        • All production managers are informed. We are working with the ones affected
        • All tasks assigned to INFN (102 tasks, 66 running) are being paused centrally and aborted and resubmitted by the corresponding production managers.
        • The inputs for the ones which have their inputs only on INFN will be eventually recreated.
      • Analysis
        • All analysis jobs were aborted
        • All users were advised to rerun their jobs if they had any running on INFN. No user complaints till the moment.

23 October - 30 October

  • Activities:
    • Normal activity
    • Continuously >250k of running slots of jobs
    • Still huge number of jobs to process at the T0
    • We foresee a derivation campaign on data in 2-3 weeks

    • Backlog moving files from EOS to Castor. Being investigated
    • Low transfer efficiency between one T2 and Russian T1 : GGUS:131375

16 October - 23 October

  • Activities:
    • Normal activity + HI overlay jobs and spillover tests
    • Continuously >250k of running slots of jobs
    • Huge activity at T0 due to very good efficiency of LHC
  • Problems
    • No major issues

2 October - 9 October

  • Stabily around 250k of running slots of jobs
  • EOS
    • 1 file lost on CERN-PROD_DATADISK
      • Still needs investigation
      • Recreated from other replicas
    • Traffic to EOS was suffering from timeouts when calculating checksums.
      • fixed quickly by eos experts on Friday
  • NDGF-T1:
    • SCRATCHDISK got full, qota increased
    • TAPE buffers were close to full on Sunday

26 September - 2 October

  • Normal activities for the last week
  • A Rucio server issue on Friday night caused the grid to partially drain. Quickly fixed by experts on Saturday morning.
  • 3 Tier-1s down (unscheduled) for more than 12 hours in the last week
  • Sites with SLC5 DPM:
    • Bern: upgraded
    • RRC-KI T2: will upgrade this week

19 September - 25 September

  • Grid production is lacking simulation jobs to keep the slots occupied, event generation samples submitted, simulation jobs to be activated upon completion.
  • ATLAS Software and Computing Technical Interchange Meeting last week, lots of technical discussions took place on HPCs, Singularity deployment, WAN/LAN data access, etc.

12 September - 18 September

  • Activities:
    • Normal activities, 400k jobs on average
  • Problems
    • Small percent of transfers to CERN EOS were failing with chcksum timeout error.
      Made FTS service to reduce number of threads leading to some backlog in transfers from BNL.
      Fixed at CERN by a change to settings on the GridFTP gateways.
    • FTS optimizer behaviour discussed

5 September - 11 September

  • Activities:
    • Normal activities, currently running 350k jobs with peaks up to 700k jobs using NERSC_Cori
    • Increased limit of data overlay jobs to 1600, need to watch Frontier services
  • Problems
    • Network issues at CERN affected CERN CEPH instance, EOS, monitoring and other dependend services
    • RAL Frontier overloaded on weekend by group production with lots of data taken from DB. Production stopped. But service needed 2 reboots on Sta/Sun to come back to operation.

29 August - 4 September

  • Production is running with ~320k slots of running jobs, with NERSC_Cori HPC providing good number of slots as well.
  • monitor has been migrated to https from http today (w/o CERN SSO login requirement, the issue is being discussed in INC1446438 "Chrome not supported for accessing BigPanDA using SSO").
  • The service monitoring is not working, reported in GGUS:130354, announcement from IT-monitoring team: Data is arriving with some delay into Meter and Timber service.

22 August - 28 August

  • Normal activities - derivations, overlay
  • Problems - nothing ongoing

15 August - 21 August

  • Activities:
    • normal activities
  • Problems
    • Jobs at CERN-PROD_T0_4MCORE fail with "cannot import name mkstemp" (GGUS:130139) - caused by one bad WN
    • permission denied job failures at Taiwan (GGUS:130098) - problem with xrootd shared key
    • Transfer failures at RAL-LCG2-ECHO (GGUS:130138) - Ceph bug, patch will be applied in the beginning of the week

8 August - 14 August

  • Activities:
    • normal activities
    • overlay jobs - require a lot of conditions and can cause frontier overload - limited to 800 running score jobs
  • Problems
    • BNL stageout failures (GGUS:129978) - network misconfiguration - solved
    • lost heartbeats at RAL-LCG2-ECHO_MCORE (GGUS:129998) - under investigation

1 Aug - 7 Aug

  • Activities:
    • Grid production continuing with number of used slots mostly around 300k, short dip to 120k slots because of lack of available tasks
  • Issues:
    • Even when number of overlay jobs was limited to 1200, we observed issues with frontier servers in RAL and IN2P3. The first solved by restart, the latter was just a monitoring issue. Now we have set the limit to 800 overlay jobs, no problems with frontier servers observed anymore.
    • ATLASEOS various problems, performance issues solved by adding more servers last week and small changes in configuration

25 Jul - 31 Jul

  • Activities:
    • Grid production continuing with 300k slots on average, plus contributions from HPCs.
  • Issues:
    • Uncontrolled submission of overlay jobs caused problems to Frontier servers in RAL, IN2P3 -CC and TRIUMF last few days. Problem understood and in course of resolution.
    • FTS at RAL got stuck with integer overflow after 2 billion files. New version installed but in the meantime services moved to CERN pilot service. It turned out that this server had the RFC proxy installed and several storage sites with dCache or BestMan in the DE and US clouds could not recognise it (too old m/w versions). Temporarily fixed by usage of legacy proxy.

18 Jul - 24 Jul

  • Activities:
    • Grid is occupied with Monte-Carlo production mostly, ~300k slots of running jobs, with spikes at 700k when the HPCs (NERSC_Edison_2) run.
  • Issues
    • No major issues. Taiwan network outage last week due to ipv6 dns resolution issue (GGUS:129603).

11 Jul - 17 Jul

  • Activities:
    • stable production with high number of cores provided by HPC
    • trying to optimize number of pilots sent to the CEs (queued & empty pilots)
  • Issues
    • ATLAS CVMFS @ RAL Stratum 1 out of sync for a day
    • BigPanda monitoring web access HTTP -> HTTPS (SSO) - doesn't work for some users

4 Jul - 10 Jul

  • Activities:
    • stable production dominated by simulation + derivation (many small output files stressed some storages)
    • ATLAS P1 to EOS to CASTOR data throughput test ( details)
  • Issues
    • CERN-PROD_DATADISK ran out of inodes (already week ago on Saturday 1.7.) - available inodes was added in monitoring
    • slow data deletion at IN2P3 -CC were caused by IPv6 broken configuration (ACL) - 2+ minutes spent by rucio to create session for file deletion (IPv6 to IPv4 connection timeout)
    • no data in ATLAS DDM Dashboard for file transfer monitoring from Wednesday evening to Friday noon caused by OpenSSL assertion while sending rucio hermes messages to ActiveMQ ( SNOW1404239)
    • Taiwan-LCG2 IPv6 connection issues (file transfer failures) to T1 centers in ES & FR cloud seem to be solved (GGUS:129371)
  • Other
    • WT2 SLAC is no longer T2 (as of October 2016) - we have to replicate primary data to the other sites

27 Jun - 2 Jul

  • Activities:
    • Mainly simulation + derivation
    • Planned throughput test EOS to Castor on July 6-7 (this week is Machine Development)
    • Discussion last week with FTS team to change some parameters from the optimizer (summary sent to the fts3-steering mailing list). Can affect the other VOs. Would be good to have feedback.
  • Issues:
    • No major issues last week.
    • Today : problem for Sim@P1 jobs that cannot access condition DB. Problem seems to be related to network. Under investigation

20 Jun - 26 Jun

  • Activities:
    • large derivation production camapign: replication of the output caused saturation of some links for that special activity. Lot of transfers in queue.
  • Issues:
    • No major issues.

13 Jun - 19 Jun

  • Activities:
    • Mostly MC production and group production for analysis, running at 250-300k job slots level, data rebalancing between sites and normal transfer activities
    • Atlas Sotfware and Computing week
  • Issues:
    • Quiet week apart from the
    • DNS network problem at CERN on Sunday evening
      • induced T0 jobs failing because no access to the conditions DB
      • Systems recovered quickly when network came back, but central service Kibana monitoring (no easy way to check that ATLAS central services are ok).
    • CVMFS monitoring issue: ASGC stratum 1 was removed from and monitoring pages (due to connectivity problems, the TW cvmfs stratum 1 was removed from the official list of WLCG stratum 1 after discussion in the February GDB) => this solved the CVMFS monitoring instabilities; however still some replica loading for ever on the monitoring page.

6 Jun - 12 Jun

  • Activities:
    • Atlas Sofware and Computing week this week
    • MC simulation + event generation dominating between ATLAS activities
  • Issues:
    • Quiet week
    • not reachable : GGUS:12884. Problem was due to DNS
    • 1 AFS volume(s) in project 'atlas' overloaded reported. Due to one user compiling his code from a remote site (Desy)
    • 1 CVMFS Stratum1 ATLAS was degraded for a several time during the week (but OK now)

30 May - 5 June

  • Grid production has been running full up to ~300k cores in the past week, and dominated by MC16 campaign simulation. Derivation campaign on the reprocessed data15/data16 has not started yet in bulk, waiting for git migration, updates/fixes of the cache, expected after a week.
  • Tier0 Grid resources have been increased to the pledges, 19k cores. Tier0 has been processing the special runs collected before.

16 May - 22 May

  • Activities:
    • MC simulation dominating between ATLAS activities
    • End of reprocessing campaign with minority trigger stream processing
    • Preparation for data-taking
  • Issues:
    • Overlay tasks caused trouble to Squids and Frontier servers again during the week-end but failover system worked OK.

9 May - 15 May

  • Activities:
    • MC simulation dominating between ATLAS activities
    • preparation for data-taking
  • Issues:
    • problems with delegation of ddm adminsitrator proxy on Friday => transfers were lost for couple of hours
    • consequent issue with transfers on EOS, when proxy was renewed, the authentication queue to/from EOS was overloaded
    • we have observed fast deletion of a file from namespace but slow physical deletion from a pool in few cases of dCache sites

2 May - 8 May

  • Activites: Reprocessing campaign is basically done. MC16 campaign runs in full speed. First version of the derivations also ran last week on the reprocessed data to provide recommendations to physics groups.
  • Issues (no big issues):
    • Deletion at StoRM sites, waiting on solution: (GGUS:126896)
    • Deletion at EOS (CERN-PROD) - space reporting issues. Fixed by EOS experts: the automatic remediation in place for a misbehaving bestman daemon.

25 April - 2 May

  • Activities: Reprocessing of data16/data15 is done for the Physics_Main stream, other small streams submitted, well on schedule. MC16 production continue in full speed.
  • Problems:
    • VOMS servers host certificate renewal:
      • This was done on Friday, 5 days before they were due to expire
      • The certificate for lcg-voms2 was not renewed correctly
      • This caused Panda to reject pilot heartbeats which used proxies with extensions from lcg-voms2
      • The certificate was fixed, luckily before the heartbeat timeout caused jobs to be killed

18 April - 24 April

  • Activities:
    • data16 reprocessing will be completed by the end of this week. data15 reprocessing starting. 100k cores used for reprocessing out of a total 250k-300k available (rest for MC production and reconstruction, group derivations and analysis).
    • (Only) CERN Frontier servers are under stress with reprocessing and user jobs. An additional server is installed, reserved for interactive users. Frontier loads from reprocessing are still under investigation, more tests will be performed using the Tier-0 farm.
  • Problems:
    • DDM proxies expired last Saturday morning on FTS servers despite having been renewed a week ago. Promptly fixed thanks to a few people who were alert during the week-end (including shifters). Under investigation.

11 April - 17 April

  • Activities:
    • data16 and data15 reprocessing is running in full speed, slots occupied up to ~320k overall during last week, smooth operations during the Easter break.
    • CERN Frontier servers are under stress with reprocessing and user jobs, an additional server is installed, not functional yet. Frontier loads are under investigation.
  • Problems:
    • VOMS issue: INC1333585 "Cannot get user attributes from VOMS using voms-admin API". Need urgent help from the VOMS service manager.

4 April - 10 April

28 March - 3 April

  • Activities:
    • reprocessing - jobs sometime require a little more memory than 2GB/core
    • frontier problems
      • started during weekend (only affected Lyon and RAL)
      • there is ongoing work on understanding frontier queries
      • tasks needing a lot of data from frontier were paused
  • Problems:
    • Taiwan-LCG2
      • Transfers from Taiwan were failing with "Internal server error" and to Taiwan with "Could not set service name" (GGUS:127403) - IPv6 setting problems
      • Unavailable and corrupted files at TAIWAN-LCG2_LOCALGROUPDISK and TAIWAN-LCG2_PHYS-SM (GGUS:127429) - files should be declared lost

21 March - 27 March

  • Production running stably with 300k - 340k job slots.
  • Tier-0 Frontier load was traced to too many accesses by the reprocessing cosmics runs, a fix was applied.
  • Data reprocessing started this Sunday, now running (40k slots). The share has been increased.
  • FTS is still not handling yet the timing of the file transfer proportional to the file size, still 4k seconds. Fixed in FTS pilot mentioned just because sites saw problem.
  • AGIS Issue with downtime cancellation. There was a bug in the method to cancel downtime and manual online did not work. Fixed now. Different topic is the policy the "switcher" is applying, ADC will present to sites again in the next weeks to remind, and review it.

14 March - 20 March

  • ATLAS Software&Computing week last week. A parallel session on Docker Containers and Singularity with good interest.
  • Reprocessing jobs put heavy load on the Frontier/squid from merge jobs last week, one issue identified, condition data folders with missing cache tag, one folder was fixed and tested, lowered the load at some level, other folders with the missing cache tag need to be scanned.
  • Load on the Tier-0 Frontier on Friday and during the weekend when reprocessing of ~10 cosmics runs submitted with ~4500 parallel running jobs, under investigation.

7 March - 13 March

  • Production at high levels (300-350k cores)
  • CERN-wide power cut affected Sim@P1 (HLT farm)
  • bad job monitoring in dashboard, ticket raised DASHB-2991
  • MC15 evgen jobs new memory monitor shows high disk IO at 20MB/s read and write, affecting some sites
  • Reprocessing started Friday and Frontier/squid issues over the weekend, ATLAS looking at software details and also RAL ticket ongoing GGUS-127079
  • ATLAS Robot certificates suspended from VOMS, various emails have been sent now fixed, need to followup reoccuring VOMS server issues

27 February - 6 March

  • Smooth operations, running on ~300k job slots. New production campaign MC16a continues.
  • Reprocessing still to start by the beginning of March with data16 first then data15. Staging of RAW files from Tier1 tapes started 2 weeks ago not yet completed, especially at KIT.
  • Deletion through xrootd not working at several US sites, reverted to SRM.
  • Kibana central services monitoring showed grey for 24 hours between Friday night and Saturday. Then back working but no feedback on GGUS ticket, nor on internal SNOW ticket.

21 February - 27 February

  • BNL FTS server in troubles last week:
  • pre-staging fro reprocessing campaigns:
    • put large load on traffic within ATLAS grid
    • ~1.5 PB and 600k files still to be pre-staged.

14 February - 20 February

  • Smooth operations, running on ~300k job slots. New production campaign MC16a continues.
  • Reprocessing is to start by the beginning of March with data16 first then data15. Staging of RAW files from Tier1 tapes started last week.
  • CERN NoAFS day - no immediate effect on ADC. Too short to see increased job failure rate.
  • Tape staging tests: PIC & NDGF has increased the internal timeout above the 48 limit of FTS. Ticketing other sites to do the same.
  • We are looking at the Frontier server loads in more detail (index relevant variables and upload them to ElasticSearch and monitor in Kibana) to understand better which jobs cause the server loads and their corresponding database queries to optimize the condition database accesses required by such jobs.

7 February - 13 February

  • Very high level of running jobs, over 300k helped by 50k from HLT farm
  • Bulk reprocessing of all run 2 data still 2-3 weeks away
  • Tape staging test:
    • Last week we ran a test to stage ~150TB from each T1 tape
    • Results were mostly very good, just a couple of sites slower than expected
    • Since we submitted a large number of staging requests at the same time we set a large bringonline timeout of 48h in FTS
      • However we discovered that most sites had internal timeouts configured much smaller (4, 8, or 24h)
      • We would prefer that sites set this internal timeout high so that the FTS timeout is effective
  • CERN S3 object store is being heavily used by event service jobs, a couple of gateways were not running which impacted performance until they were quickly fixed

24 January - 30 January

Smooth operation this week.

  • Jobs/Production: in average 250k job slots used (with a decrease to 200k at the beginning of the week), main effort concentrated on derivation production for analysis, simulation and analysis. Some of the derivation tasks are failing at the merging stage when 8 cores prod is used, the problem is known and fixed for new software tag. Overlay jobs test ongoing, their number is capped not to stress too much frontier servers, new software allowing to reduce the impact on databases is tested.
  • Data/Transfer: usual activity, some T2 data disk full are being clean up or rebalanced. Some sites were impacted by deletion errors due to the fact that not all SSL ciphers needed from CC7 are in their apache (zlcgdm-dav.conf) configuration file when using http (WebDav). GGUS have been sent to sites badly configured with the needed correction.
  • Services:
    • Global CVMFS ATLAS CONDB partially on the whole week, ok since this weekend
    • Frontier services needed to be restarted at IN2P3 -CC on Tuesday: and, because CERN nodes were configured with IPV6 by mistake and didn’t accept new connections causing client to failover to IN2P3 -CC.
  • AFS: ATLAS has some accidental afs use from grid jobs. If afs is not mounted then the libs are found elsewhere (in cvmfs). Question on what will happen on the no afs day, is there a possibility jobs hang ? We would like to test before A-day and ask for a volunteer site to block afs on the client side firewall.

17 January - 23 January

  • production stable with ~ 250k cores used in average
    • on Friday monitoring was changed - transferring, holding and merging stage was treated as "running" in ATLAS Job Dashboard (reverted)
    • INFN T1 - jobs got stuck while accessing non-existing file from /afs/ (AFS removed from WN, not obsolete ATLAS release - will be fixed)
    • hammercloud jobs failed because of missing input file (was part of removed datased) - blacklisting production sites
  • storage - old installation of DPM configured to use only RC4 cipher (not compatible with CC7)
  • FTS server in BNL ( GGUS126082)
  • automatic mod_ssl upgrade breaks apache configured by puppet (add "missing" ssl.conf that breaks our configuration)
  • ATLAS Sites Jamboree (January 18-20).

10 January - 16 January

  • production
    • stable production level ~ 250k running jobs
    • MCORE merging files with 0 events fails (effect of extreme filtering on HION data)
  • storage
    • ongoing staging test to estimate impact of less data replicas on disks - FZK, IN2P3, BNL
    • some sites with old dCache version have problems releasing deleted files
  • frontier servers
    • even with limited number of overlay tranformation jobs frontiers servers sometimes overloaded (today capped at ~ 1000)
    • there are probably other jobs that contribute to load on frontier databases
    • call for new meeting to discuss it more seriously also from software & configuration point of view
  • VOMS legacy x RFC proxy issues
    • event picking interface in Panda was not updated to deal with RFC proxy (fixed)
    • AGIS web API still not compatible with RFC proxies
    • different proxy generated voms-proxy-init on lxplus and withing ATLAS+rucio environment (CVMFS)
  • WLCG SAM (Service Availability Monitoring) domains did not work on Sunday morning
    • missing targets for * aliases, INC1248670
  • ATLAS Sites Jamboree this week (January 18-20).

2 January - 9 January

  • Smooth operations over the break. Monte-Carlo, derivations, analysis and small scale reprocessing (express stream) jobs using up to 350K slots, the first three are still running in full speed.
  • One issue with DBRelease misconfiguration (new DBrelease (31.4.1) was missing file) in HammerCloud jobs causing sites being blacklisted on December 29th, a new DBRelease was built and distributed on CVMFS and sites were manually turned back online in the meantime.
  • Overlay jobs are stressing the frontier servers, trying to throttle the jobs by putting a cap in the # of running (2000).
  • A test is being done this week to evaluate the possibility of running derivations from tape directly, a sample of 100-150TB of AODs will be replicated from DATATAPE to DATADISK at 3 Tier1 sites and we will measure the staging-in times.
  • Preparing for ATLAS Sites Jamboree next week (January 18-20).


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