Muon Drift Chambers Read Out Electronics Monitoring project - User Manual

Operation Interface

A main care of ATLAS DCS is to offer an effective way for the Operation Interface (OI) of the numerous subdetectors/subsystems that belong under its responsibility. The final idea is organized in a single screen window. This interface is armed with a navigation tool that let the user float among all DCS data that come from these different subdetectors/subsystems and are displayed in panels.

Atlas DCS Navigation Buttons

In order to reach easily and quickly any part of the control hierarchy a navigation facility is been integrated within the OI. This navigation tool seats in the top left of the screen. It consists of four self-explained buttons , back, forward, home and go up one level, that allow the navigation to the control node that one is interested to monitor or take action.

Atlas DCS Main Panel

This is the panel that feeds the user with all the basic information concerning the workspace chosen previously with the navigation tool. From this panel the user can see the DCS data in various forms, like numbers ,bar trends, tables, plots or geographical representations of the subdetector with the appropriate state connected DCS colors.

Atlas DCS Secondary panel

This is a second small panel , seats on the bottom left and provides its own information for the chosen workspace. This panel is provided with its own navigation tool so one can use it to find supplementary information parallel to the one supplied form the main panel.

Partition FSM panel

This is a panel to give a graphical representation of MDT chambers presented as rectangles with the corresponding state color, and a circle in the middle with the corresponding status color.(State means the operational state of the chamber while status is an extra parallel information about how well is working the chamber in that state). A useful color map can be found in the bottom.


In case of a barrel partition panel, each chamber belongs to a frame, the station frame. This is the barrel station that the chamber belongs to (counting from 1 to 6).

With a left click on each chamber rectangle one can navigate directly to the chamber main panel. With a right click on the chamber rectangle, one can navigate to the electronic view information panel of that chamber.

Sector panel

This is a panel to provide a global view of the MDT electronics status in a sector level.


On the top, the partition side and the sector information is passed. Then as a main view there is a kind of chamber histogram. On the x-axis the names of the chambers of this sector are displayed. (The letters may be quite small in order to fit all in one panel, but with a mouse over one can see the chamber letters enlarged) On the y-axis, on negative side , the CSM values are displayed. On the positive side the Mezzanine temp values are displayed. Moreover on the top right a "Display Mezz values of" radio box exists. The default choice is Temperature, but the user can also choose to display the analog voltages or the digital ones. With a mouse over on a mezzanine card rectangle one can also have in a text field the values of analog and digital voltage.

Chamber panel

This is the panel to feed the user with all the necessary information concerning the electronic values that belong to an MDT chamber.


The panel is divided in four main frames. The "chamber" frame (top left) displays the basic information concerning the chamber this panel images. It gives the MDM pc this chambers' information is collected. Besides one can see the canbus node name that this chamber belongs to. And the last general information numerates the mezzanine cards built on that chamber.

The "CSM info" frame (top right) presents all the electronics values the CSM can provide. These values are organized in a two column table and among them we can pick out the 2.5V reference value of the CSM card. This value should always be 2.5 (V), in other case the values come from the CSM are not trustful and usually not displayed.

In the middle, there is the representation of the MDT chamber from the read out side. One can distinguish the mezzanine card. On the top right of each card there is in a white box its own numbering. The first number (no 1 ) always starts in the point of read out side that is closer to the interaction point. Besides the numbering info, other 3 values are displayed per card. These values correspond to the sensors each mezzanine caries (one for temperature, one for analog voltage and one for digital voltage).

Finally , in the bottom of the panel, there is the "Histogram" frame that collects all the mezzanine values of all mezzanines and organize them in three enlightening histograms. With the help of these histograms one can directly see the homogeneity of the chamber electronics or on the other hand any considerable changes.

Partition information panel

(see picture of partition panel) This is a panel to be used as a statistic and debugging tool. It appears with a right click on the navigation button of the sector. On the top, one can see a small statistics of how many chambers are in state READY, NOT_READY*and *UNKNOWN concerning the frond-end electronics.

On the second bottom part of the panel one can see in what general shape is the project. There are displayed the 8 MDM machines that the project should be connected to in order to take data. In case an MDM X machine is for some reason disconnected , the color of the MDM X box turns from green to red. By the same means is displayed the information about the connection to the power supply machines PS1, PS2. The next important information of this part is the check of the important copying script. This script "keeps alive" the project as it copies from the various other machines and databases all the information needed for the front end electronics monitoring.

Sector information panel

(see picture of sector panel) The information panel of the sector for the moment is ready. In future the panel will be used for the display of 3D objects. These objects can be the chambers themselves but also be some histograms or 2-D plots.

Chamber information panel

(see picture of panel panel) This is the panel to support the user with an electronic view of the canbus the chamber belongs to. It appears with a right click on a navigation button of a chamber.

This information panel gives on the top grey rectangle the canbus name the chamber is connected to.

Besides, it displays the two leave branches that start from this canbus node and the chambers as buttons, that are connected on the proper sequence.

The colors of the chamber-buttons reflect the state color of the chamber (a color map can be found in the partition level panel ,on bottom).

In case of a mouse over, an information concerning the Low Voltage supply , the canbus state, and the CSM state is displayed. In case the state is fine the state text is "OK", while in case there is a problem the state texts is "BAD". In case of a left click of a chamber button, the main panel changes to the panel of that corresponding chamber.

Endcap Partition Panel

The next panel is the panel that displays the front end electronics information for the endcap partitions. In this display, each chamber belongs to a frame , the frame of the layer. This is the endcap layer that the chamber belongs to (there are the inner , middle ,outer and EE-for EE chambers, layers).

With a left click on each chamber rectangle one can navigate directly to the chamber main panel. With a right click on the chamber rectangle, one can navigate to the electronic view information panel of that chamber.


State and Status explanation

On the navigation tool, each part of the MDT subdetector (partition / sector / chamber) has to accompanying strings with a corresponding color of their box. These strings reflect the condition of that detector part and namely are the state and the status. The state reflects the operational state of the detector part (e.g. READY). The status explains how well is working this state. (e.g. WARNING).

In ELTX project there are three different states.

  • READY is the state that informs that the corresponding part (chamber/sector/partition) is ready for data taking (at least as far concerning the electronics side)
  • NOT\_READY informs that the corresponding part is not ready for data taking. For example if the low voltage is not supplied to the chamber, the state of the chamber turns to NOT\_READY.
  • UNKNOWN is the state dedicated for cases that the ELTX project information is not updated from the hardware.

On the other hand there are four standard ATLAS status naming conventions.

  • OK refers to detector parts that no problem exists
  • WARNING status may occur from different reasons. The first category has to do with cases that the temperature of a mezzanine card or a CSM card is high. A second category has to do with the values of analog or digital voltages in mezzanine cards. In all these cases if the value is outside the proper limits the status turns to WARNING.
  • ERROR is propagated as long as the condition of the canbus node or the condition of the CSM card itself is bad. In such cases the values we take from hardware can not be trusted.
  • FATAL is a rather threatening alarm and it is a common practice that monitoring projects do not use this alarm.In ELTX project the status FATAL never appears.

-- CharilaosTsarouchas - 21 May 2008

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