Muon Temperature Monitoring project - User Manual

The Muon Temperature Monitoring (MTM) project is a a monitoring software integrated in the ATLAS Detector Control System (DCS) and available in the ATLAS control room. Its scope is to monitor the temperature of the ATLAS muon spectrometer with a focus on the MDT chambers and assist in commissioning the ATLAS muon system.

This user manual is inteded to be used by the shifter within the ATLAS control room as well as the MDT experts to help debugging the muon spectrometer.

FSM Tree and Panels

The FSM tree of the MTM project is divided into four partitions, following the DAQ partitions of the muon spectrometer. The partitions are accessible from the MDT node.

FSM panels in the MTM project usually have two display modes. Using a toggle control it is possible to switch between FSM state/status display to temperature display.

The status is usually displayed using a circle colored according to the FSM status. The state is indicated using the background color of the chambers.

A tooltip is available for all chamber displays. Move over with the mouse and you get additional information on the chamber.

Partition Level - Endcap


Using the legend button, a small legend can be displayed, describing the FSM STATE and STATUS colors.ECCpartitionStateLegend.jpg

The temperature mode of this panel looks as follows


Clicking in one of the wheels, navigates down the hierachy to the corresponding wheel.

Wheel level - Endcap

Surrounding the wheel are buttons with the corresponding sector label. When pressed, the selected sector is highlighted and more detailed information of the chambers belonging to this sector is shown. In case values are in an alarm range, the background color of this cell changes (see the temp view below for example).


The display toggle works as before and switches to the temperature view.


Although the FSM tree on the left side allows to go to a sector first, this is not recommended. The sector panel uses the same view as the wheel panel, but displaying only the specific sector.

Clicking on a chamber navigates directly to the chamber.

Chamber Level

At the beginning the main chamber panel is displayed. There are three different panels, which can be switched using the buttons in the lower right corner.

Chamber Main Panel

The upper part of this panel gives a graphical representation of the position of each sensor, indication its color. The sensors positions correspond to their real position on the chamber itself. This view is divided into a view from upside-down, and a view from the side of the MDT chamber.

Below that, a plot visualizing the temperature along the tubes, is located, that is the temperature distribution from the HV to the RO side (or vice versa).

At the bottom of the page more detailed information is available. The individual temperature sensors readouts, along with their readout timestamps and the flag are shown in the table on the left side. In the middle parametrized information concerning the temperature gradient and average temperature are shown, both for the whole chamber, as well as broken down into the two multilayers and the crossplate.

The right side contains information on the working condition of the temperature sensors of the displayed chamber.

If any sensor is considered invalid (flagged) the sensor is greyed out, and the temperature is not shown. If any value has raised an alarm, the background of the corresponding field is colored according to the alarm severity.

Finally, in the lower right corner, buttons to switch to different panel views are located.


Chamber More Info Panel

This panel displays all Informations available within the MTM project about a given chamber. The buttons can be used to filter the table by various criteria.


Chamber Flag Panel

This panel enables to user to mark sensors as not working. Whenever a sensor is showing abnormal values, this will normaly cause alarms and different FSM states. If it has been determined, that a specific temperature sensor is malfunctionning, it is possible to mask (flag) this sensor in a way that prevents further alarms and FSM state changes caused by this sensor.

This panel makes it possible to mark a malfunctionning sensor. This is called flagging.

Depending on the user privileges the following actions are possible:

  • OK: The highlighted temperature sensor will be flagged as working(again)
  • Dubious: The highlighted temperature sensor will be flagged as dubios and therefore removed from the alarm screen and the FSM display.
  • Decleared Dead: This declares a temperature sensor dead. It will never be considered for any calculation any more. Only an expert can declare a temperature sensor dead or decleare it working again afterwards.

How To:

Select the sensor you need to flag. Click on it, the whole row is now highlighted. Use the drop down menu to select the correct Flag. Make sure the user name is correct and enter a reason (comment) why you have to flag this sensor. The values which wil be set, are shown on the right side.

Check these values again. If you are sure you want to flag the sensor, press FlagIt.

You can flag multiple sensors at the same time. Simply press control while selecting the sensors.


Partition Level - Barrel

The partition level of the barrel side is different from the endcap panel. Instead of displaying all chambers, it displays only a cross section of the barrel. The FSM states/status isdisplayed per sector. The temperatures however(using the temperature display), are displayed on a per layer basis, that means, all chamber temperatures of this layer, corresponding to this sector are averaged and displayed.

Using the sector buttons, you can display more detailed informations about a sector. Clicking on a sector navigates to this sector.


Temperature view:


Sector level - Barrel

This panel is different from the Endcap as well. This panel depicts all chambers belonging to a sector. As you can see the name of the displayed chamber and the state are written within the chamber rectangles. This is the only panel, where the STATUS is not displayed as a circle. Instead the STATUS is shown by coloring the border of the rectangles. Clicking on a chamber navigates to the chamber level. The chamber panel for barrel chambers is the same as described in the endcap section.


Using the temperature display, the temperatur and the corresponding chamber name is written inside.


FSM State and Status

Convention: Sensors which are declared dead by an expert (flag = 1) are treated as not existing. e.g. If a chamber has 10 temperature sensors, and one is decleared dead, still 100 % of the temperature sensors are working.


STATE Condition
READY All temperature sensors are operating (flag not 0).
PART_READY More than 2/3 of all temperature sensors are operating.
NOT_READY Less than 1/3 of all temperature sensors are operating or no sensors exist.
UNKNOWN Last readout more than 10 minutes ago or the chamber is not read.


STATUS Condition
OK Less than 1/3 of the working temperature sensors have a bad temperature (out of defined operating temperature)
WARNING More than 1/3 of the working temperature sensors have a bad temperature
ERROR More than 2/3 of the working temperature sensors have a bad temperature
FATAL Not used

-- HermannFuchs - 28 Feb 2008

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