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This is the central scientific results page of the ATLAS Collaboration. It provides documentation on ATLAS physics, detector and performance results. ATLAS results from LHC collision data are made available via three routes: papers (published or submitted for publication), listed under the first sub-heading; conference (CONF) notes and public notes (PUB) describing preliminary results, listed in the second and third sub-headings; followed by detector and performance plots, and results on upgrade studies as well as Technical Design Reports. Approved event displays are also available.

The ATLAS Collaboration regularly releases Physics Briefings, News and Feature articles about selected results for the interested public. Please visit our public home page for these.

Recent Results

Physics Papers

Papers and publications of ATLAS physics and performance results.

Recently submitted Papers: (Full list of ATLAS papers, List / RSS from CDS)

Conference (CONF) notes and Public (PUB) notes

These notes contain preliminary results from ATLAS. CONF notes report on physics and performance analyses, while PUB notes report on simulation studies or interpretations of already public results using data.

Recently submitted Conference Notes: (Full list of ATLAS CONF notes)

  Short TitleGroupDocument NumberDate√s (TeV)LLinks
h(125)->invisible combinationFull Title:Combination of searches for invisible Higgs boson decays with the ATLAS experiment

Keywords:MET,13 TeV,Exotic Higgs decays,Higgs to invisible,Statistical combination

HIGGATLAS-CONF-2018-05429-NOV-187, 8, 135 fb-1, 20 fb-1, 36 fb-1Documents
| Internal
Vh(125) h->bb STXSFull Title:Measurements of $VH$, $H\to b\bar{b}$ production as a function of the vector boson transverse momentum in 13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector

Keywords:13 TeV,Simplified template cross-section,Coupling measurements,H(125) measurements,VH production,Higgs to bb,Cross-section measurement,Higgs,VH,MET,b-jets,2 leptons,1 lepton,0 lepton

HIGGATLAS-CONF-2018-05326-NOV-181380 fb-1Documents
| Internal
Low mass boosted di-b-jet resonances with an extra jet 13 TeV 2017Full Title:Search for boosted resonances decaying to two b-quarks and produced in association with a jet at $\sqrt{s } = 13$ TeV with the ATLAS detector

Keywords:13 TeV,BSM resonance,BSM search,ISR,Boosted,b-jets,>=3 jets

EXOTATLAS-CONF-2018-05226-NOV-181380 fb-1Documents
| Internal
b-tagging calibration in W+c events with 13 TeV dataFull Title:Calibration of the $b$-tagging efficiency on charm jets using a sample of W+$c$ events with 2015 ATLAS data

Keywords:13 TeV,Flavour tagging calibration,b-tag performance,MVA / machine learning,W,c-jets

FTAGATLAS-CONF-2018-05518-DEC-181336 fb-1Documents
| Internal
Dark Matter Summary 13 TeV 2016Full Title:Searches for Dark Matter with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC

Keywords:13 TeV,Dark sector,BSM reinterpretation,BSM search,Statistical combination,Dark matter,Higgs,Photon,Z,W,Boosted,MET,b-jets,2 jets,1 jet,Photons,2 leptons,0 lepton

EXOTATLAS-CONF-2018-05107-NOV-181336 fb-1Documents
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Recently submitted Public Notes: (Full list of ATLAS PUB Notes)

  Short TitleGroupDocument NumberDate√s (TeV)Links
HL-LHC prospects for FCNC tZq   Full Title:Sensitivity of searches for the flavour-changing neutral current decay $t \rightarrow qZ$ using the upgraded ATLAS experiment at the High Luminosity LHC

Keywords:14 TeV,HL-LHC,Top quark upgrade studies,Top properties measurements,ttbar rare decays,High luminosity upgrade studies,EFT,FCNC

TOPQATL-PHYS-PUB-2019-00111-JAN-1914Documents | Internal
Higgs couplings to fermion and bosons prospects for HL-LHC   Full Title:Projections for measurements of Higgs boson cross sections, branching ratios, coupling parameters and mass with the ATLAS detector at the HL-LHC

Keywords:14 TeV,HL-LHC,Higgs sector upgrade studies,Coupling measurements,H(125) measurements,ttH production,VH production,VBF production,Gluon fusion production,Higgs to tautau,Higgs to bb,Higgs to WW,Higgs to ZZ,Higgs to 4 lepton,Higgs to 2 photons,High luminosity upgrade studies,VBF,Gluon fusion,Statistical combination,Higgs,Di-photon,ZZ,WW,MET,b-jets,Photons,Taus,>=3 leptons,2 leptons (same charge),2 leptons,1 lepton,0 lepton

HIGGATL-PHYS-PUB-2018-05429-DEC-1814Documents | Internal
HH and self-coupling prospects for HL-LHC   Full Title:Measurement prospects of the pair production and self-coupling of the Higgs boson with the ATLAS experiment at the HL-LHC

Keywords:14 TeV,HL-LHC,Higgs sector upgrade studies,Di-Higgs production,Higgs to tautau,Higgs to bb,Higgs to 2 photons,High luminosity upgrade studies,Statistical combination,Di-Higgs,Di-photon,b-jets,Photons,Taus

HIGGATL-PHYS-PUB-2018-05324-DEC-1814Documents | Internal
W+-W+- prospects at the HL-LHCFull Title:Prospects for the measurement of the $W^\pm W^\pm$ scattering cross section and extraction of the longitudinal scattering component in pp collisions at the High-Luminosity LHC with the ATLAS Experiment

Keywords:14 TeV,HL-LHC,SM upgrade studies,Electroweak processes,High luminosity upgrade studies,WW,MET,2 leptons (same charge)

STDMATL-PHYS-PUB-2018-05220-DEC-1814Documents | Internal
HL-LHC prospects for the measurement of ttgammaFull Title:Prospects for the measurement of $t\bar{t}\gamma$ with the upgraded ATLAS detector at the High-Luminosity LHC

Keywords:14 TeV,HL-LHC,Top quark upgrade studies,Top properties measurements,ttbar + boson measurements,High luminosity upgrade studies,Photons

TOPQATL-PHYS-PUB-2018-04917-DEC-1814Documents | Internal

Physics Analysis Groups & Summary Plots

Overall responsibility: Physics Coordinators Pierre Savard, Klaus Moenig

  GroupPublic ResultSummary PlotsGroup Conveners
  Standard ModelPublic ResultsSummary PlotsBogdan Malaescu, Andrew Pilkington
  B physicsPublic ResultsUmberto De Sanctis, James Walder
  TopPublic ResultsSummary PlotsElizaveta Shabalina, Wolfgang Wagner
  HiggsPublic ResultsSummary PlotsGiacinto Piacquadio, Kerstin Tackmann
  SUSYPublic ResultsSummary PlotsZach Marshall, Federico Meloni
  ExoticsPublic ResultsSummary PlotsMarie-Helene Genest, Carl Gwilliam
  Heavy IonsPublic ResultsSummary PlotsAnne Marie Sickles, Martin Spousta
  Physics ModellingPublic ResultsSimone Amoroso, Frank Siegert
Last updated: 2019-01-20, 17:36

Performance Groups, Simulation and Fora

Overall responsibility: Physics Coordinators Pierre Savard, Klaus Moenig

  GroupPublic ResultGroup Conveners
 TrackingPublic ResultsMatthias Danninger, Nora Emilia Pettersson
 Electron and PhotonPublic ResultsMaarten Boonekamp, Jean-Baptiste De Vivie De Regie
 MuonPublic ResultsFederico Sforza, Stefano Zambito
 TauPublic ResultsChristian Grefe, Michel Janus
 Jet and EtmissPublic ResultsSteven Schramm, Christopher John Young
 Flavour TaggingPublic ResultsMichael Kagan, Christopher Samuel Pollard
 SimulationPublic ResultsJohn Derek Chapman, Heather Gray
 Machine Learning Forum Amir Farbin, Daniel Guest
Last updated: 2019-01-20, 17:36

Detector Systems, Trigger, Computing, Luminosity, Data Taking, Event Displays

Responsibility: System Project Leaders and Run/Data Preparation Coordinators

   System Approved Plots and Public Results Project Leaders
 Overall ATLAS Detector Status Information
 Pixel tracker Cosmic-ray/single-beam/calibration plots
Plots of collision data
Martin Kocian
 Semiconducter Tracker (SCT) Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots
Plots of collision data
Dave Robinson
 Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT) Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots
Plots of collision data
Anatoli Romaniouk
 Inner Detector (ID) combined
  (incl. ID alignment, tracking, and BCM)
Cosmic-ray/single-beam/calibration plots
CERN-OPEN-2008-020 (CSC) plots
Plots of collision data
Beam Condition Monitor
Dave Robinson
 Liquid-Argon Calorimeter Results for the LAr calorimeter Martin Aleksa
 Tile Calorimeter Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots and Testbeam results
Plots of collision data
Oleg Solovyanov
 Muon Spectrometer Cosmic-ray results and (some) JINST Detector Paper plots
Plots of collision data
Christoph Amelung
 Forward Detectors Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots and Testbeam results
Plots of collision data
Marco Bruschi
 Trigger (Including Level-1 Performance) Public results Stefania Xella, Jiri Masik
 Level-1 Hardware, HLT Hardware and Data Acquisition Software and Hardware (TDAQ) Public results
Stefano Veneziano
 Detector Control System (DCS) and Safety All periods Stefan Schlenker
 Luminosity, Data taking statistics, beam backgrounds and Data quality General Production and Performance
Luminosity Results for Run-2
Luminosity Results for Run-1 (2010-2012)
DataQuality for 2010-2018
Fast Physics Monitoring Plots
Non-collision Background 2010-2018
Plots and results from 2009 beam data
Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots
Peter Onyisi, Rosy Nicolaidou
 Event Displays Event Displays from Run2 Collisions
Event Displays from Run2 Commissioning
Event Displays from 2010, 2011 and 2012 beam data
Event Displays from 2009 beam data
Event Displays from earlier data
Peter Onyisi, Rosy Nicolaidou
 Computing and Software Plots related to Computing and Software Davide Costanzo, James Catmore

Upgrade Projects and Physics Prospects

Overall responsibility: Upgrade Coordinator Kevin Einsweiler

   Project Public Results Project Leaders / Convener
 Phase 0
 IBL TDR, Public Results Martine Kocian
 AFP TDR Michael Rijssenbeek
 Phase I Letter of Intent

 Muon New Small Wheel TDR, Public Results Stephanie Zimmermann
 Fast Tracker (FTK) TDR, Public Results Lauren Tompkins
 Liquid Argon Calorimeter TDR, Public Results Huchen Chen, Luis Hervas
 TDAQ system TDR, Public Results Stefano Veneziano
 Phase II Letter of Intent, Scoping Document

 ITk Public Results Steve McMahon
 ITk Pixel detector TDR Paolo Morettini
 ITk Strip detector TDR Tony Affolder
 Liquid Argon Calorimeter TDR Gustaaf Brooijmans, Arno Straessner
 Tile Calorimeter TDR Christophe Clement
 Muons TDR Massimo Corradi
 TDAQ TDR Francesco Lanni
 High-Granularity Timing Detector (HGTD) Technical Proposal Ana Henriques, Laurent Serin
 Physics Prospects Documents Sara Demers, Simone Pagan Griso
 Radiation Simulation WG Results Ian Dawson

Other Public Documents & Information

Responsible: Andreas Hoecker

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