This is the central scientific results page of the ATLAS Collaboration. It provides documentation on ATLAS physics, detector and performance results. ATLAS results from LHC collision data are made available via three routes: papers (published or submitted for publication), conference (CONF) notes and public notes (PUB) describing preliminary results, listed in the second sub-headings; followed by detector and performance plots, and results on upgrade studies as well as Technical Design Reports. You can also search for approved event displays. The ATLAS Physics and Committees Office landing page is found here.

The ATLAS Collaboration regularly releases Physics Briefings, News and Feature articles about selected results for the interested public. Please visit our public home page for these.

The ATLAS organisation structure and associated contact information are provided here.

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Recent Results

Papers, Conference notes, Public notes

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Papers and publications of ATLAS physics and performance results
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Short Title Group Journal Reference Date √s (TeV) L Links
Conference (CONF) notes with preliminary results on data
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  Short Title Group Document Number Date √s (TeV) L Links
Public (PUB) notes with preliminary results on simulated data or interpretations
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  Short Title Group Document Number Date √s (TeV) Links

Physics Analysis Groups

Overall responsibility: Physics Coordinators Guillaume Unal, Pamela Ferrari

  GroupPublic ResultGroup Conveners
  Standard ModelPublic ResultsMonica Dunford, Oldrich Kepka
  B physics and light statesPublic ResultsLeonid Gladilin, Peter Onyisi
  Top physicsPublic ResultsJohannes Erdmann, Marcel Vos
  Higgs physicsPublic ResultsMarco Delmastro, Tatsuya Masubuchi
  Higgs and Diboson searchesPublic ResultsArnaud Ferrari, Katharine Leney
  Supersymmetry searchesPublic ResultsBenjamin Henry Hooberman, Rosa Simoniello, Daniel Tovey
  Exotics searchesPublic ResultsFlavia De Almeida Dias, Aurelio Juste Rozas
  Heavy ions physicsPublic ResultsDennis Perepelitsa, Martin Rybar
  Upgrade physics studiesPublic ResultsAnna Sfyrla, Thomas Strebler
  Physics ModellingPublic ResultsMatthew Gignac, Jan Kretzschmar

Physics Summary Plots

The complete listing of current and previous physics summary plots is available at Summary Plots.

Performance Groups, Simulation and Fora

Overall responsibility: Physics Coordinators Guillaume Unal, Pamela Ferrari

  GroupPublic ResultGroup Conveners
 TrackingPublic ResultsValentina Cairo, Gabriel Facini
 Electron and PhotonPublic ResultsXimo Poveda Torres, Ruggero Turra
 MuonPublic ResultsGaetano Barone, Marco Vanadia
 TauPublic ResultsQuentin Buat, Duc Bao Ta
 Jet and EtmissPublic ResultsReina Coromoto Camacho Toro, Maximilian J Swiatlowski
 Flavour TaggingPublic ResultsValerio Dao, Bingxuan Liu
 SimulationPublic ResultsJohn Derek Chapman, Tommaso Lari
 Machine Learning Forum Johnny Raine, Daniel Whiteson

Detector Systems, Trigger, Computing, Luminosity, Data Taking, Event Displays

Responsibility: System Project Leaders and Run/Data Preparation Coordinators

   System Approved Plots and Public Results Project Leaders
 Overall ATLAS Detector Status Information
 Pixel tracker Cosmic-ray/single-beam/calibration plots
Plots of collision data
Martin Kocian
 Semiconducter Tracker (SCT) Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots
Plots of collision data
Koichi Nagai
 Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT) Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots
Plots of collision data
Dominik Derendarz
 Inner Detector (ID) combined
  (incl. ID alignment, tracking, and BCM)
Cosmic-ray/single-beam/calibration plots
CERN-OPEN-2008-020 (CSC) plots
Plots of collision data
Beam Condition Monitor
Martin Kocian
 Liquid-Argon Calorimeter Results for the LAr calorimeter Emmanuel Monnier
 Tile Calorimeter Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots and Testbeam results
Plots of collision data
Oleg Solovyanov
 Muon Spectrometer Cosmic-ray results and (some) JINST Detector Paper plots
Plots of collision data
Philipp Fleischmann
 Forward Detectors Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots and Testbeam results
Plots of collision data
Michael Rijssenbeek
 Trigger (Including Level-1 Performance) Public results Aranzazu Ruiz-Martinez, Tim Martin
 Level-1 Hardware, HLT Hardware and Data Acquisition Software and Hardware (TDAQ) Public results
Stefano Veneziano
 Detector Control System (DCS) and Safety All periods Stefan Schlenker
 Luminosity, Data taking statistics, beam backgrounds and Data quality General Production and Performance
Luminosity Results for Run-2
Luminosity Results for Run-1 (2010-2012)
Plots and results from 2021 pilot-beam tests
DataQuality for 2010-2018
Fast Physics Monitoring Plots
Non-collision Background 2010-2018
Plots and results from 2009 beam data
Cosmic-ray/single-beam plots
Sarah Demers, James Ferrando
 Event Displays Search for event displays
Event Display twiki
Sarah Demers, James Ferrando
 Computing and Software Plots and publications related to Computing and Software Alessandro Di Girolamo, Zach Marshall

Upgrade Projects and Physics Prospects

Overall responsibility: Upgrade Coordinator Francesco Lanni

   Project Public Results Project Leaders / Convener
 Phase 0
 IBL TDR, Public Results Martin Kocian
 AFP TDR Michael Rijssenbeek
 Phase I Letter of Intent

 Muon New Small Wheel TDR, Public Results Mario Antonelli
 Fast Tracker (FTK) TDR, Public Results David Strom
 Liquid Argon Calorimeter TDR, Public Results Luis Hervas
 TDAQ system TDR, Public Results Stefano Veneziano
 Phase II Letter of Intent, Scoping Document

 ITk Public Results Claudia Gemme
 ITk Pixel detector TDR Craig Buttar
 ITk Strip detector TDR Craig Sawyer
 Liquid Argon Calorimeter TDR Gustaaf Brooijmans, Sven Menke
 Tile Calorimeter TDR Pavel Starovoitov
 Muons TDR Massimo Corradi
 TDAQ TDR, Public Results Benedetto Gorini
 High-Granularity Timing Detector (HGTD) TDR, Public Results Joćo Guimarćes da Costa
 Luminosity detectors Public Results Francesco Lanni
 Physics Prospects Documents Anna Sfyrla, Thomas Strebler
 Radiation Simulation WG Results Ian Dawson

The complete list of ATLAS Technical Design Reports and Proposals is available on this page.

Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion

Results from ATLAS outreach activities are available at this page. The public home page regularly features updated material on ATLAS life and scientific results for scientists and non-scientists. Contact the ATLAS Outreach Conveners for questions and suggestions.

The ATLAS Collaboration is committed to strengthening Diversity and Inclusion within the collaboration and in physical sciences worldwide. Public ATLAS studies are available on this page. For questions and suggestions, send an email to the ATLAS Diversity and Inclusion Contacts.

Other Public Documents & Information

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