B-physics related plots from the CSC book

This page contains approved plots and results in the order as they appear in the CSC note. Only the CSC note contains all the relevant information and should thus be consulted if any of the plots is used.


  • If you want to cite the CSC book in your publication, please do it the following way:
    ATLAS Collaboration,
    Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment, Detector, Trigger and Physics,
    CERN-OPEN-2008-020, ISBN978-92-9083-321-5, Geneva, 2008

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Performance study of the level-1 di-muon trigger

A complete list of all plots in the Performance study of the level-1 di-muon Trigger chapter can be found at the BPhysCSCPlots1 twiki page.

Triggering on low pT muons and di-muons for B-physics

A complete list of all plots in the Triggering on low pT muons and di-muons chapter can be found at the BPhysCSCPlots2 twiki page.

Heavy quarkonium physics with early ATLAS data

A complete list of all plots in the Heavy Quarkonium Physics chapter can be found at the BPhysCSCPlots9 twiki page.

Production Cross-Section Measurements and Study of the Properties of the Exclusive B+→J/Ψ K+ Channel

A complete list of all plots in the B+→J/Ψ K+ chapter can be found at the BPhysCSCPlots11 twiki page.

Performance measurements for Bd0→J/ΨK0* and Bs0→J/Ψφ with early data

Caption: Figure 5 - 1a: Reconstructed invariant mass distributions of Jpsi -> mu mu candidates.

Caption: Figure 5- 1b: Reconstructed invariant mass distributions of Phi -> kaon+ kaon candidates

Caption: Figure 5 - 1c: Reconstructed invariant mass distributions of K0* to Kaon + pion candidates.

Caption: figure 5 - 2: Distributions of the reconstructed B0d mass and decay time expected with integrated luminosity of 10 pb^-1.

Caption: Figure 5 - 3: Plots to show the distributions of the reconstructed B0s mass and decay time expected with 150 pb^-1. Background distributions constructed from simulated events corresponding to 10 pb^-1 were scaled by a factor of 15.

Caption: Figure 5- 4a: Plots of Qjet for B0d -> Jpsi K0* using their optimised parameters of Table 6 and the equivalent luminosity of Table 7.

Caption: Figure 5- 4b: Plots of Qjet for B0s -> Jpsi phi using their optimised parameters of Table 6 and the equivalent luminosity of Table 7.

A study of the Properties of the Λb Baryon using the Decay Channel Λb→J/Ψ(μ μ)Λ(ρ π)

Reconstruction of Λb - J/ψ( μ+μ−) Λ signal

Λb polarization, and helicity parameters with 5 fb-1

Λb polarization and asymmetry parameter α with 30 fb-1

Study of the rare decays Bs → μ μ

Table 5: Selection efficiencies and number of signal and background events for integrated luminosity
of 10 fb−1. Preselection criteria used: 4 GeV < M(mm) < 7.3 GeV , vertex fit c 2 < 10 , transverse
decay length Lxy < 20 mm. Numbers of expected events are computed according to the Standard Model
expectation. In the left column for the bb mmX background the efficiencies are given separately for
each cut, in the right column the combined efficiency is given for the cuts on the pointing angle and on
the transverse decay length.


Figure 8: Dimuon mass distribution for surviving events after applying all three cuts. The signal is
shown as histogram, combinatorial background by closed circles and non-combinatorial backgrounds
by opened circles and triangles. The combinatorial background is estimated assuming a factorisation of
applied cuts. Statistics are given for an integrated luminosity 10 fb-1.


For a complete list of all plots in this chapter go to this Twiki-page.

Trigger and Analysis Strategies for Bs0 Oscillation Measurements in Hadronic Decay Channels


Table 10: LVL2 and EF output rates for minimum bias events, LVL2 trigger efficiencies and numbers of expected BsDsA1(mu4) events without or with selection cuts. Rates set in italics are estimates based on the interpolated and extrapolated rates given in Table 7. LVL2 output rates marked by α are downscaled by a factor two, the estimated rate reduction for a Ds vertex requirement at LVL2. For EF output rates marked by β, an estimated rate reduction factor of 60 accounting for EF Bs reconstruction is applied. (See section 3.5 for details.) The results in the columns "LVL2 eff." and NLVL2 outputBsDsAs (without and with selection cuts applied) are based on the BsDsAs(mu4) Monte Carlo data sample. Numbers marked by # are corrected for the estimated efficiency loss by a Ds vertex requirement at LVL2. The integrated luminosities and expected event numbers correspond to one year running at the given instantaneous luminosity (107 seconds).

BsDsPi_WTF_PtMu_Sources_20080318.gif (a) BsDsA1_WTF_PtMu_Sources_20080318.gif (b)
BsDsPi_WTF_PtBs_Sources_20080318.gif (c) BsDsA1_WTF_PtBs_Sources_20080318.gif (d)

Figure 6: Wrong tag fraction as functions of tagging muons transverse momentum pT(μ) in (a) and (b) and wrong tag fractions as functions of signal Monte Carlos Bs transverse momentum pT(Bs) in (c) and (d). The wrong tag fraction is shown with mixing of the tagging side b hadron and without mixing. Without mixing, the different sources of wrong tags are shown. The main contribution is coming from b→c→μ followed by additional c pairs. Additional sources shown are muons coming from J/ψ, φ, ρ, η and τ.

BsDsPi_BsFmassChi2_Overlay_20080109.gif (a) BsDsA1_BsFmassChi2_Overlay_nomatch_notrig_20080318.gif (b)

Figure 10: mKKππ (a) and mKKππππ (b) reconstructed mass for signal and background channels. In (b) the upper limit for the branching fraction of the channel Bd→Dsa1 is used.

AF_msLimits_CPP_DsStBg_10ifb_20080318.gif (a) AF_signif_CPP_DsStBg_10ifb_20080318.gif (b)

Figure 17: The Bs oscillation amplitude (a) and the measurement significance (b) as a function of Δ ms for an integrated luminosity of 10 fb-1 for a specific Monte Carlo experiment with Δ msgen = 100 ps-1.

dm_vs_lum_CPP_DsStBg_20080318.gif (a) dm_vs_dgs_20080318.gif (b)

Figure 18: The dependence of Δ ms measurement limits (a) on the integrated luminosity and (b) on Δ Γs/ Γs for an integrated luminosity of 10 fb-1. The dashed horizontal line in (a) denotes the CDF measurement.

LLplot.gif (a) dms_error_vs_lum_20080318.gif (b)

Figure 19: (a) The negative natural logarithm of the likelihood for a specific Monte Carlo data sample for an integrated luminosity of 10 fb-1 and a true value of Δ msgen = 17.77 ps-1. The inset shows a zoom around the minimum. (b) The statistical error σ stat ( Δ ms ) as a function of the integrated luminosity for values of Δ msgen of 15, 17.77 and 20 ps-1. For comparison: the CDF statistical error on their Δ ms measurement is 0.10 ps-1

For a complete list of all plots (gif and eps) in this chapter go to this Twiki-page.

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