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    Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment, Detector, Trigger and Physics,
    CERN-OPEN-2008-020, Geneva, 2008, to appear.
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Performance study of the level-1 di-muon trigger

Triggering on low pT muons and di-muons for B-physics

Heavy quarkonium physics with early ATLAS data

Production Cross-Section Measurements and Study of the Properties of the Exclusive B+ -> J/Psi K+ Channel

Performance measurements for Bd0 -> J/Psi K0* and Bs0 -> J/Psi phi with early data

A study of the Properties of the Lamda b Baryon using the Decay Channel Lamdab -> J/Psi (mu,mu) Lamda (rho pi)

Study of the rare decays Bs -> mu mu

Trigger and Analysis Strategies for Bs0 Oscillation Measurements in Hadronic Decay Channels

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AF_msLimits_CPP_DsStBg_10ifb_20080318.gif (a) AF_signif_CPP_DsStBg_10ifb_20080318.gif (b)
Figure 17: The Bs oscillation amplitude (a) and the measurement significance (b) as a function of Δ ms for an integrated luminosity of 10 fb-1 for a specific Monte Carlo experiment with Δ msgen = 100 ps-1.

dm_vs_lum_CPP_DsStBg_20080318.gif (a) dm_vs_dgs_20080318.gif (b)
Figure 18: The dependence of Δ ms measurement limits (a) on the integrated luminosity and (b) on Δ Γs/ Γs for an integrated luminosity of 10 fb-1. The dashed horizontal line in (a) denotes the CDF measurement.

LLplot.gif (a) dms_error_vs_lum_20080318.gif (b)
Figure 19: (a) The negative natural logarithm of the likelihood for a specific Monte Carlo data sample for an integrated luminosity of 10 fb-1 and a true value of Δ msgen = 17.77 ps-1. The inset shows a zoom around the minimum. (b) The statistical error σ stat ( Δ ms ) as a function of the integrated luminosity for values of Δ msgen of 15, 17.77 and 20 ps-1. For comparison: the CDF statistical error on their Δ ms measurement is 0.10 ps-1

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