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Papers and publications
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Conference (CONF) notes with preliminary results on data
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  Short Title Document Number Date √s (TeV) L Links
Public (PUB) notes with preliminary results on simulated data or interpretations
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Short Title Reference Superseded
LPCC Fast Simulation Workshop: Geant4 Timing Vs EMEC EM Range Cut PLOT-SIMU-2021-09
The Fast Simulation Chain in the ATLAS experiment PLOT-SIMU-2021-08
FastChain plots for vCHEP2021 proceedings PLOT-SIMU-2021-06
FastChain plots for vCHEP 2021 PLOT-SIMU-2021-05
AtlFast3 plots for vCHEP 2021 PLOT-SIMU-2021-03
Studies of GEANT4 performance for different ATLAS detector geometries and code compilation methods for vCHEP 2021 PLOT-SIMU-2021-04
Comparison of Timepix Measurements with Geant4 Radiation Field Simulations for ATLAS Run-2 PLOT-SIMU-2021-02
Improvements in the FastCaloSim V2 energy parametrization and simulation PLOT-SIMU-2021-01
Comparison of electromagnetic shower-shape variables in Geant4 10.1 and 10.6 PLOT-EGAM-2020-01
Simulation plots on Birks law tuning for the 2020 simulation LPCC workshop PLOT-SIMU-2020-01
Measurements of Sensor Radiation Damage in the ATLAS Inner Detector using Leakage Currents: Public Plots for ICHEP 2020 PLOT-IDET-2020-01
Fluctuation models for the FastCaloSim lateral shower shape simulation PLOT-SIMU-2019-09
FastCaloSim V2 simulation plots for CHEP PLOT-SIMU-2019-08
VAE for photon shower simulation in ATLAS PLOT-SIMU-2019-07
Plots on fast simulation for NEC PLOT-SIMU-2019-06
Luminosity weighted distributions of the simulated mean number of interactions per crossing used in the MC16 Monte Carlo production campaign PLOT-DAPR-2019-01
ATLAS Simulation CPU Performance : Comparison between Geant4, ATLFAST-II and ATLFAST-IIF simulations of semi-leptonic $t\bar{t}$ events. PLOT-SIMU-2019-02
ATLAS Geant4 Performance Optimization Plots PLOT-SIMU-2019-01
Studies of VAE model for fastSim PLOT-SIMU-2019-03
Energy Resolution Plot for the Generative Adversarial Network simulating showers in the ATLAS calorimeter PLOT-SIMU-2019-04
MC+MC Pile-up Overlay Performance PLOT-SIM-2018-002
FastCaloSim Performance PLOT-SIM-2018-001
Comparison of the response of the ATLAS detector to electromagnetic processes in data at 8 TeV and simulation using different GEANT 4 setups ATL-PHYS-PUB-2014-003
Photon shower shapes Data/MC Comparisons from Z+gamma events ATL-COM-PHYS-2013-600
Data/MC Comparison for Calorimeter Shower Shapes of High Et Electrons ATL-COM-PHYS-2011-1299
Position Resolution of Photon Conversions ATL-COM-PHYS-2011-1305
Calorimeter Energy Response with Pi0->gamma gamma ATL-COM-PHYS-2011-1308
Photon conversion plots for Summer conferences 2011 ATL-COM-PHYS-2011-120
Impact of ATLAS quasi-stable particle simulation on quantities related to flavour tagging and tau reconstruction PLOT-FTAG-2020-002
Muon high pile up backgrounds data to MC comparison ATL-COM-MUON-2014-011
Muon Spectrometer radiation plots ATL-COM-MUON-2014-014
G4 Cavern Background simulation plots ATL-COM-MUON-2014-018
Muon Z Data/MC for high and low pile up ATL-COM-MUON-2014-021
Pixel clusters properties in 2012 ATL-COM-INDET-2014-010

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