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ATLAS Higgs Group: Material for Public Talks

This page contains plots and Notes since the PHYSICS TDR (CERN/LHCC/99-15 ATLAS TDR 15). The page should be readable to people outside ATLAS and should therefore include only PUB notes (with few exceptions where the COM note is used for having additional informations).


Light Higgs Boson Searches

  • NEW Expected Sensitivity in Light Charged Higgs Boson Searches for $H^{+}\rightarrow\tau^{+}\nu$ and $H^{+} \rightarrow c\bar{s}$ with Early LHC Data at the ATLAS Experiment (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2010-006)
    ATLAS Collaboration



HW and HZ Channels at High Transverse Momenta

  • ATLAS Sensitivity to the Standard Model Higgs in the HW and HZ Channels at High Transverse Momenta (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2009-088)
    J.M.Butterworth, A.R.Davison, K.Jakobs,V.E.Oezcan,G.Piacquadio, and C.Weiser

MSSM Higgs bosons decaying into SUSY cascades

Material before 2009

General SN Note VBF and its Backup Notes

  • Forward Tagging and Jet Veto Studies for Higgs Events Produced via Vector Boson Fusion; 3rd rev. version (ATL-PHYS-2002-008)
    V.Cavasinni, D.Costanzo and I.Vivarelli

  • Search for a Intermediate Mass Higgs boson produced via Vector Boson Fusion in the channel H->WW->lnu jj with the ATLAS detector (ATL-PHYS-2002-010)
    V.Cavasinni, D.Costanzo, E.Mazzoni and I.Vivarelli

  • A study of the weak boson fusion, with H->tau tau and tau->e(mu) (ATL-PHYS-2002-018)

  • Weak boson fusion H->WW( * )->l+l-Pt-miss as a search mode for an intermediate mass SM Higgs boson at ATLAS (ATL-PHYS-2002-033)
    C.M.Buttar, R.S.Harper and K.Jakobs

  • Search for Higgs Bosons Decay $H\rightarrow W^+W^- \rightarrow l^{+}l^{-}\sla{p_{T}}$ for $115<M_H<130\,\gev$ Using Vector Boson Fusion (ATL-PHYS-2003-002)
    K.Cranmer, P.McNamara, B.Mellado, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

  • Searching for $H \to \tau^+\tau^-\to l\nu_l\nu_{\tau}+ hX$ by Vector Boson Fusion in ATLAS (ATL-PHYS-2003-004)
    R.Mazini and G.Azuelos

  • Prospects for the search for a standard model Higgs boson in ATLAS using vector boson fusion (Eur Phys J. C32,2004,19 hep-ph/0402254 SN-ATLAS-2003-024)
    S.Asai, G.Azuelos, C.Buttar, V.Cavasinni, D.Costanzo, K.Cranmer, R.Harper, K.Jakobs, J.Kanzaki, M.Klute, R.Mazini, B.Mellado, W.Quayle, E.Richter-Was, T.Takemoto, I.Vivarelli, S.L.Wu

VBF Notes since the SN Note

  • Neural Network Based Search for Higgs Boson Produced via VBF with $H \rightarrow W^+W^- \rightarrow l^+ l^- \sla{p_{T}}$ for $115<M_H<130~\gev$ (ATL-PHYS-2003-007)
    K.Cranmer, P.McNamara, B.Mellado, Y.Pan, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

  • Confidence Level Calculations for $H\rightarrow W^+W^- \rightarrow l^{+}l^{-}\sla{p_{T}}$ for $115<M_H<130\,\gev$ Using Vector Boson Fusion (ATL-PHYS-2003-008)
    K.Cranmer, P.McNamara, B.Mellado, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

  • Prospects for Higgs Searches via VBF at the LHC with the ATLAS Detector (ATL-PHYS-2004-005 hep-ph/0401148)
    K.Cranmer, Y.Fang, B.Mellado, S.Paganis, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

  • The Higgs working group: Summary report 2003 (hep-ph/0406152 p 96)
    K.Cranmer,Y.Fang,B.Mellado,S.Paganis,W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

  • Analysis of VBF $H\rightarrow WW\rightarrow \nu \nu$ (ATL-PHYS-2004-019)
    K.Cranmer, Y.Fang, B.Mellado, S.Paganis, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

  • A Study of the ttbar+jets Background at LHC (ATL-PHYS-2004-035)
    Y.Fang, B.Mellado, S.Paganis, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

Combination of Limits

  • Statistical Methods to Assess the Combined Sensitivity of the ATLAS Detector to the Higgs Boson in the Standard Model (ATL-PHYS-2004-034)
    K.Cranmer, B.Mellado, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

Global Analysis of MSSM Higgs (MSSM scans)

  • Investigation of the discovery potential for Higgs bosons of the minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model (MSSM) with ATLAS (hep-ph/0410112, .eps files)

H -> gamma gamma

  • Photon/jet separation with DC1 data (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2005-018) Fullsim
    M.Escalier, F.Derue, L.Fayard, M.Kado, B.Laforge, C.Reifen and G.Unal

  • Analysis of the inclusive $H \to \gamma\gamma$ channel with DC1 samples (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2006-016) Fullsim
    M.Bettinelli, L.Carminati, M.Consonni and G.Tartarelli

  • Photon identification in gamma-jet events with Roe layout simulation and background to $H \to \gamma\gamma$ (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2006-025) Fullsim
    L.Fayard and G.Unal

  • Search for a SM Higgs decaying to two photons with the ATLAS detector (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2007-013)
    M.Bettinelli, L.Carminati, M.Consonni, G.Tartarelli, L.Fayard, M.Kado, I.Koletsou, C.Reifen, M.Escalier, F.Derue, B.Laforge and G.Unal

H -> Z Z

  • Prospects for Light Higgs Observation in the H-->ZZ-->bbee(mm)channel at the LHC (ATL-PHYS-2003-001)
    G.Martinez, E.Gross, G.Mikenberg and L.Zivkovic

  • Application of K Factors in the $H\rightarrow ZZ^\star\rightarrow 4l$ Analysis at the LHC (ATL-PHYS-2003-025)
    K.Cranmer, B.Mellado, W.Quayle, S.L.Wu and H.Zobernig

H -> tau tau

  • Search for Higgs Boson Decay $H \rightarrow \tau^+\tau^- \rightarrow l^+l^- \sla{p_t}$ Associated with One High $P_T$ Jet at the LHC (hep-ph/0406095 Phys. Lett. B611,60,2005)
    B.Mellado, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

H -> WW

  • SM Higgs Searches for $H\rightarrow WW^{( * )}\rightarrow l^+\nu l^-\nu$ with a Mass between 150-190~GeV at LHC (ATL-PHYS-2000-015)
    K.Jakobs and T Trefzger

  • Les houches physics at TeV colliders 2005, standard model and Higgs working group: Summary report (hep-ph/0604120 p 156)
    B.Mellado, W.Quayle and S.L.Wu

t tbar H (->b bbar)

  • The ATLAS discovery potential for the channel ttH, H to bb (ATL-PHYS-2003-024)
    J.Cammin and M.Schumacher

t tbar H (->WW)

  • Search for the standard model Higgs Boson in the ttH, H->WW channel (ATL-PHYS-2002-019)
    J.Leveque, J.B de Vivie, V.Kostioukhine and A.Rozanov

MSSM A/h/H -> tau tau

  • Study of heavy MSSM-Higgs bosons A/H in hadronic tau-decays in ATLAS (ATL-PHYS-2003-003)

  • Extension of the Study of A/H to tau-tau to lepton-hadron in the high mA region (ATL-PHYS-2003-009)
    D.Cavalli and G.Negri

  • Study of associated $bbH, H \to \tau\tau$ channel : lepton-lepton and lepton-hadron final state (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2006-010)

MSSM A/H -> mu mu

  • Combined Analysis of A/H to mu+mu- Events from Direct and Associated bbA Production (ATL-PHYS-2000-001)
    D.Cavalli, P.Bosatelli

  • Analysis of the process pp->bbh/A->bbmumu in the MSSM with mA < 125 GeV (ATL-PHYS-2002-021)
    S.Gonzalez, E.Ros and M.Vos

  • Search for supersymmetric neutral Higgs h in the decay -> mumu in ATLAS detector (ATL-PHYS-2003-013)
    S.Gentile, M.Paniccia and P.Violini

  • Data based method for $Z \to \mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ background subtraction in ATLAS detector at LHC (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2006-019)
    Gentile, S; Bilokon, H, Chiarella, V, Nicoletti, G

  • Discovery potential for the MSSM H/A->mu+mu- decays from direct and associated H/A production (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2006-030)
    C.Kourkoumelis, D.Fassouliotis, K.Nikolopoulos and M.Milosavjevic

  • Search for MSSM neutral Higgs bosons decaying to a muon pair in the mass range up to 130 GeV (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2007-001)
    S.Gentile, H.Bilokon, V.Chiarella and G.Nicoletti

  • The ATLAS discovery potential for MSSM neutral Higgs bosons decaying to a $\mu^+ \mu^-$ pair in the mass range up 130 GeV (SN-ATLAS-2007-063 arXiv:0705.2801)
    S.Gentile, H.Bilokon, V.Chiarella and G.Nicoletti

Invisible Higgs

  • Observing an invisibly decaying Higgs boson in ATLAS via vector boson fusion (ATL-PHYS-2003-006)
    L.Neukermans and B.Di Girolamo

  • Prospects for observing an invisibly decaying Higgs boson in the t anti-t H production at LHC (ATL-PHYS-2003-028)
    B.Kersevan, M.Malawski and E.Richter-Was

  • Study of the discovery potential for an invisibly decaying Higgs boson via the associated ZH production in the ATLAS experiment (ATL-PHYS-PUB 2006-009)
    F.Meisel, M.Duhrssen, M.Heldmann and K.Jakobs

Charged Higgs

  • The hadronic tau decay of a heavy charged Higgs in ATLAS (ATL-PHYS-2000-031) Superseded
    K.Assamagan and Y.Coadou

  • Determination of the charged Higgs mass and of tan(beta) with ATLAS (ATL-PHYS-2001-017) Superseded
    K.Assamagan and Y.Coadou

  • Prospects for the determination of the charged Higgs mass and tan(beta) with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider (Acta Phys.Polon.B33:1347-1360,2002)
    K.Assamagan and Y Coadou

  • Charged Higgs search in top quark decays with the ATLAS detector (ATL-PHYS-2003-038)
    C.Biscarat and M.Dosil

  • The ATLAS discovery potential for a heavy Charged Higgs boson in a large mass splitting MSSM scenario (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2005-017)
    B.Mohn, N.Gollub and K.Assamagan

  • ATLAS discovery potential for the Charged Higgs Boson in $H^{+} \to \tau \nu$ decays (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2007-006) Fullsim
    B.Mohn, M.Flechl and J.Alwall

Measurement of Couplings

  • Prospective Analysis of Spin- and CP-sensitive Variables in $H \to ZZ \to l^{+}l^{-}l^{+}l^{-}$ with ATLAS (Eur Phys J C32,209,2004 SN-ATLAS-2003-025)
    C.P.Buszello, I.Fleck, P.Marquard and J.J. van der Bij

  • Prospects for the measurement of Higgs boson coupling parameters in the mass range from 110 - 190 GeV (ATL-PHYS-2003-030)

  • Prospects for the Measurement of the Structure of the Coupling of a Higgs Boson to Weak Gauge Bosons in Weak Boson Fusion with the ATLAS Detector (Eur.Phys.J.C51:385-414,2007 SN-ATLAS-2007-060)
    C.Ruwiedel, M.Schumacher and N.Wermes

  • ttH-->tt-tautau: Toward the Measurement of the top-Yukawa Coupling (SN-ATLAS-2007-061)
    L.Zivkovic and E.Gross

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