ATLAS Sensitivity Prospects for Higgs Boson Production at the LHC Running at 7 TeV

This page contains approved plots and results as they appear in the ATL-PHYS-PUB-2010-009 note. Only the note contains all the relevant information and should thus be consulted if one of the plots is used. Click on an image to download in eps format. Please contact the HSG Documentation manager if you find any errors on this page.


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Figure 1: Representative leading order diagrams of Standard Model Higgs boson production. Note: Usual eps image linked to above is very large (19MB). Alternative pdf file is available.

Figure 2: Production cross-sections of the SM Higgs boson in $pp$ collisions as functions of $M_H$ for centre-of-mass energies of 7, 10 and 14 TeV.

Figure 3: Relative NLO cross-sections from MCFM [12] as functions of $\sqrt{s}$ for the signal ($M_H$ = 160 GeV) and main background processes.

Figure 4: Tree-level Feynman diagrams for the neutral MSSM Higgs boson production via (a) gluon fusion and (b) the associated production with _b_-quarks

Figure 5: $H\rightarrow ZZ \rightarrow 4\mu$ signal selection efficiency as a function of the selection step for the luminosity scenario B, as defined in Table 3. The open boxes correspond to the case without pile-up and cavern background. The dark solid circles correspond to the sample with pile-up and cavern background, with a track isolation requirement along the lines of the reference analysis at $\sqrt{s}$ = 14 TeV. The pale circles correspond to the pile-up case with the improved track isolation requirement.

Figure 6: Expected 95% CL upper limits on $\sigma_H \times {\mathcal B}(H\to WW)$ in pb. The left plot shows the conservative systematic uncertainty assumptions for different integrated luminosity scenarios. The right plot has green and yellow bands representing the range in which we expect the limit will lie, depending upon the data and lines showing conservative and optimistic uncertainty scenarios. The Standard Model cross-section is shown a red dotted line.

Figure 7: Expected 95% CL upper limits of the Higgs boson production cross-section normalized to the cross-section predicated by the Standard Model. Left: for different integrated luminosity scenarios at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV and conservative systematic uncertainty assumptions. Right: the green and yellow bands represent the range in which we eexpect the limit will lie, depending upon the data, normalised to the SM cross-section for an integrated luminosity of 1 fb-1. The effect of conservative and optimistic systematic uncertainties is indicated.

Figure 8: Comparison of the lepton $p_T$ and $\eta$ distributions from $H \rightarrow ZZ^{(*)}\rightarrow 4 \ell$ decays, with $M_H$ = 130 GeV, at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV. Similar agreement is observed for the sub-leading leptons.

Figure 9: Left plot: distributions of the maximum impact parameter significance of the signal and the $Zb\bar{b}$ background in the $H \rightarrow 4 \mu$ channel. Right plot: invariant mass resolution for the $H \rightarrow 4 \mu$ channel as function of the Higgs mass, before and after applying the $Z$ mass constraint.

Figure 10: Expected 95% CL upper limits on the Standard Model Higgs boson production in the $H \rightarrow ZZ^{(*)} \rightarrow 4\ell$ channel as a function of the Higgs mass, for the 7 TeV centre-of-mass energy. The bands indicate the range in which we expect the limit will lie, depending upon the data. These limits were obtained with the CLs method used in LEP and Tevatron experiments [35].

Figure 11: Examples of Feynmandiagrams of photon pair production, at the lowest order (LO) in terms of $\alpha_s$.

Figure 12: Invariant mass of hte two candidate photons from MC samples simulating the production of a Higgs boson with $m_H$ = 120 GeV through all production channels, normalised to L = 1 fb-1 at 7 TeV. Also shown is the distribution when at least one photon is converted according to the Monte Carlo truth.

Figure 13: Expected di-photon invariant mass distribution at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV for an integrated luminosity of 1 fb-1. The left-hand plot has the signal contribution enhanced by a factor 10.

Figure 14: The estimated number of Standard Model signal cross-section excluded at 95% CL as a function of the Higgs mass for an integrated luminosity of 1 fb-1. The Frequentist limit shown allows the observed upper limit to be zero (top plot). For comparison, on the bottom plot, we show the limit with the CLs method used at LEP and Tevatron experiments [35]. The green and yellow bands represent the range in which we expect the limit with lie, depending upon the data.

Figure 15: The expected upper bound on the Higgs boson production cross-section after collecting 1 fb-1 of integrated luminosity in 7 TeV collisions with the ATLAS detector: on the top plot, the limit is normalised to the NLO prediction of the SM cross-section and on the bottom plot, it is normalised to an absolute cross-section. The green and yellow bands represent the rane in which we expect the limit will lie, depending upon the data. Only the $H \rightarrow WW \rightarrow \ell\ell\nu\nu$, $H \rightarrow ZZ \rightarrow 4 \ell $ and $H \rightarrow \gamma\gamma$ channels are included in these plots. It is expected that in the low mass region, the addition of $H \rightarrow b \bar{b}$ and $H \rightarrow \tau \tau$ will improve this result. The expected limit in high mass region above $M_H$ ~ 200 GeV is obtained from the $H \rightarrow ZZ \rightarrow 4 \ell$ only as shown in Fig. 10; the limit in the high mass region will be improved with the addition of the $H \rightarrow ZZ \rightarrow \ell \ell b b$ and $H \rightarrow ZZ \rightarrow \ell \ell \nu \nu$ channels.

Figure 16: Left: the normalised di-jet mass templates directly reconstructed from the two untagged jets. Right: the improved, normalised di-jet mass templates using the fitter.

Figure 17: Comparison of the $cos \theta^{*}_{\ell}$ distribution on the $H^+$ side in the SM case (dashed line) and as obtained when assuming $m_{H^+}$ = 130 GeV together with ${\mathcal B}(t \to b H^+)$ = 17% (filled histogram). All selection cuts are applied, except the one on $cos \theta^*_\ell$.

Figure 18: Expected 95% CL upper limits in early data ( with L = 1 fb-1) at $sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV) versus the charged Higgs boson mass assuming ${\mathcal B}(H^+ \to \tau^+ \nu)$ = 1 (left) or ${\mathcal B}(H^+ \to c \bar{s})$ = 1 (right). The green and yellow bands correspond to the range in which we expect the limit will lie, depending upon the data.

Figure 19: Transverse momentum distributions of the generated $b$-quarks in the $bbA$ signal events, shown for three different centre-of-mass energies.

Figure 20: The tanβ balues needed for an exclusion of the neutral MSSM Higgs bosons shown as a function o fthe Higgs boson mass $m_A$, separately for teh (left) analysis mode with 0 $b$-jet and (right) analysis mode with at least on $b$-jet. An integrated luminosity of 1 fb-1 and $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV are assumed. Dashed lines represent the results assuming zero uncertainty on the signal and background, while the full lines correspond to the results with both signal and background uncertainty taken in to account.

Figure 21: The pseudo-rapidity distribution of the leading jet in QCD di-jet events at 10 TeV (black) and at 7 TeV using PDF re-weighting (red) and using a dedicated, fully simulated sample of Monte Carlo events generated with a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV and using the same PDF set as the 10 TeV sample (blue).

Figure 22: A comparison of the expected (median) limits for $H \to WW$ using PDF re-weighting and using cross-section rescaling, for an integraed luminosity of 1 fb-1.

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