Simulation - Public Results


In this page you can find links to the public papers and notes written to describe the ATLAS simulation, along with a number of papers, notes, and plots documenting its performance. For comments, feel free to contact the conveners, Heather Gray and John Chapman.

There are also a number of interesting simulation plots available from the Software and Computing public plots page.


Papers Ref Code Publication Date
ATLAS Papers
The ATLAS Simulation Infrastructure SOFT-2010-01 20 May 2010
Modelling $Z\to\tau\tau$ processes in ATLAS with $\tau$-embedded $Z\to\mu\mu$ data HIGG-2014-09 18 June 2015
Performance of the ATLAS detector using first collision data PERF-2010-01 15 Sept 2010
A measurement of the material in the ATLAS inner detector using secondary hadronic interactions PERF-2011-08 22 Oct 2011
Single hadron response measurement and calorimeter jet energy scale uncertainty with the ATLAS detector at the LHC PERF-2011-05 8 March 2012
Jet energy measurement with the ATLAS detector in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV PERF-2011-03 29 Dec 2011
Readiness of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter for LHC Collisions 0912.2642 14 Dec 2009
Drift Time Measurement in the ATLAS Liquid Argon Electromagnetic Calorimeter using Cosmic Muons 1002.4189 23 Feb 2010
ATLAS Computing TDR (Simulation Chapter) Computing-TDR-26 July 2005
Test Beam Papers
Study of the Response of the Hadronic Barrel Calorimeter in the ATLAS Combined Test-beam to Pions of Energies from 20 to 350 GeV for Beam Impact Points from 0.2 to 0.65 ATL-TILECAL-PUB-2009-007 14 April 2009
Response and Shower Topology of Pions with Momenta from 2 to 180 GeV Measured with the ATLAS Barrel Calorimeter at the CERN Test-beam and Comparison to Monte Carlo Simulations ATL-CAL-PUB-2010-001 6 May 2010
Study of the response of the ATLAS central calorimeter to pions of energies from 3 to 9 GeV Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A607 (2009) 372-386 Aug 2009
A Layer Correlation Technique for ATLAS Calorimeter Calibration at the 2004 ATLAS Combined Test Beam 0911.2639 13 Nov 2009

PUB notes

PUB Note Ref Code Publication Date
General Simulation
Final Report of the Simulation Optimization Task Force ATL-SOFT-PUB-2008-004 15 Dec 2009
First Report of the Simulation Optimization Group ATL-SOFT-PUB-2008-004 7 April 2008
Validation of the GEANT4-Based Full Simulation Program for the ATLAS Detector : An Overview of Performance and Robustness ATL-SOFT-PUB-2005-002 11 March 2005
Fast Simulation
The new Fast Calorimeter Simulation in ATLAS ATL-SOFT-PUB-2018-002 10 July 2018
Deep generative models for fast shower simulation in ATLAS ATL-SOFT-PUB-2018-001 10 July 2018
Performance of the Fast ATLAS Tracking Simulation (FATRAS) and the ATLAS Fast Calorimeter Simulation (FastCaloSim) with single particles ATL-SOFT-PUB-2014-001 17 March 2014
Tracking Results and Comparison to Monte Carlo simulation at $\sqrt{s} = 900$~GeV ATLAS-CONF-2010-011 11 March 2010
dE/dx measurement in the ATLAS Pixel Detector and its use for particle identification ATLAS-CONF-2011-016 17 March 2010
Particle Identification Performance of the ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker ATLAS-CONF-2011-128 18 Aug 2011
Measurement of delta-rays in ATLAS silicon sensors ATLAS-CONF-2013-005 26 Jan 2013
Tracks interacting and stopping in SCT ATL-COM-SOFT-2011-026 29 Sept 2011
Basic ATLAS TRT performance studies of Run 1 ATL-INDET-PUB-2014-001 3 March 2014
Single Hadron
A measurement of single hadron response using data at sqrt(s)=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector ATL-PHYS-PUB-2014-002 16 March 2014
Tau CP Group
Performance of the Fast ATLAS Tracking Simulation (FATRAS) and the ATLAS Fast Calorimeter Simulation (FastCaloSim) with single particles ATL-SOFT-PUB-2014-001 17-Mar-2014
Letter of Intent for the Phase-II Upgrade of the ATLAS Experiment CERN-LHCC-2012-022 29 Dec 2012
ATLAS Insertable B-Layer Technical Design Report CERN-LHCC-2010-013 15 Sept 2010
New Small Wheel Technical Design Report CERN-LHCC-2013-006 3 June 2013

Public Plots

Public Plots Reference
Simulation Group
Plots on fast simulation for NEC SIM-2019-006
Energy resolution with a GAN for Fast Shower Simulation in ATLAS SIM-2019-004
VAE studies for fast simulation SIM-2019-003
ATLAS Simulation CPU Performance SIM-2019-002
G4 Performance Optimization Plots SIM-2019-001
MC+MC Pile-up Overlay Performance Plots SIM-2018-002
FastCaloSim Performance Plots SIM-2018-001
e/gamma CP Group
Comparison of the response of the ATLAS detector to electromagnetic processes in data at 8 TeV and simulation using different GEANT 4 setups ATL-PHYS-PUB-2014-003
Photon Shower Shapes Data/MC Comparisons from Z+gamma events ATL-COM-PHYS-2013-600
Data/MC Comparison for Calorimeter Shower Shapes of High Et Electrons ATL-COM-PHYS-2011-1299
Position Resolution of Photon Conversions ATL-COM-PHYS-2011-1305
Calorimeter Energy Response with Pi0->gamma gamma ATL-COM-PHYS-2011-1308
Photon conversion plots for Summer conferences 2011 ATL-COM-PHYS-2011-120
Tau CP Group
In situ Tau Energy Scale plots ATL-COM-PHYS-2014-154
Tau Identification plots ATL-COM-PHYS-2014-153
Muon CP Group
Muon high pile up backgrounds data to MC comparison ATL-COM-MUON-2014-011
Muon Spectrometer radiation plots ATL-COM-MUON-2014-014
G4 Cavern Background Simulation plots ATL-COM-MUON-2014-018
Muon Z Data/MC for high and low pile up ATL-COM-MUON-2014-021
Tracking CP Group
Pixel Clusters Properties in 2012 ATL-COM-INDET-2014-010

Recent public talks / posters

Conference/Workshop Talk Title Speaker Date
Simulation-Heavy Conferences
LHCC Poster session FastCaloSim Petr Jacka Feb 2018
ACAT 2017 FastCaloSim Jana Schaarschmidt Aug 2017
CCP 2017 FastCaloSim Hasib Ahmed Jul 2017
EPS 2017 FastCaloSim Matt Heath Jul 2017
LHC simulation workshop G4 & EM Physics Guillaume Unal Jun 2017
LHC simulation workshop Hadronic Physics Peter Loch Jun 2017
LHC simulation workshop Tracking Nora Pettersson Jun 2017
LHC simulation workshop Muons William Leight Jun 2017
LHC simulation workshop Pile up and overlay Tadej Novak Jun 2017
LHC simulation workshop Long-lived particles Zach Marshall Jun 2017
IEE NSS/MIC Beam backgrounds Thanos Manousos Nov 2017
CHEP 2016 FastCaloSim (PROC) Jana Schaarschmidt Oct. 2016
CHEP 2016 FastChain Artem Basalaev/Zach Marshall Oct. 2016
CHEP 2016 New Simulation Andrea Dotti Oct. 2016
CHEP 2016 Multi-threading KNL Steve Farrell Oct. 2016
CHEP 2016 Frozen Showers Ksenia Gasnikova Oct. 2016
CHEP 2016 Overlay (PROC) Andy Haas Oct. 2016
2nd LPCC Workshop ATLAS Tracking detectors (inner detector and muon spectrometer) Andreas Salzburger 18 March 2014
2nd LPCC Workshop ATLAS electromagnetic Physics Marco Delmastro 18 March 2014
2nd LPCC Workshop ATLAS Hadronic physics Zach Marshall 18 March 2014
2nd LPCC Workshop ATLAS Muon spectrometer cavern background Jochen Meyer 19 March 2014
2nd LPCC Workshop ATLAS pileup, overlay and cavern background Andy Haas 19 March 2014
2nd LPCC Workshop ATLAS Fast simulation and digitisation/reconstruction Robert Harrington 19 March 2014
1st LPCC Workshop Data and MC comparisons for inner detector tracking and vertexing Markus Juengst 6 Oct 2011
1st LPCC Workshop Data and MC comparisons for EM calorimeter, electrons and photons Olivier Arnaez 6 Oct 2011
1st LPCC Workshop Data and MC comparisons for hadronic calorimeters, jets and ETmiss Zach Marshall 6 Oct 2011
1st LPCC Workshop Data and MC comparisons for muon spectrometer, including cavern background Laura Jeanty 6 Oct 2011
1st LPCC Workshop Fast simulation, current status and plans Andreas Salzburger 7 Oct 2011
1st LPCC Workshop Overall simulation performance, including pile-up John Chapman 7 Oct 2011
Test Beam
Geant4 Hadronic Working Group Meeting Validation of Geant4 Version 10.1 with Beam-Test Data of the ATLAS Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter A. Kiryunin and P. Strizenec 21 Oct 2015
ICATPP 2011 Validation of the Local Hadronic Calibration Scheme of ATLAS with Combined Beam Test Data in the End-Cap and Forward Regions of ATLAS A. Kiryunin and P. Strizenec 4 Oct 2011
Single Hadron
Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors Single hadron response measurements in ATLAS M J Sousa Poster, 20-26 May 2012
ICHEP 2010 Single isolated hadron response and determination of the jet energy scale uncertainty with the ATLAS detector I Vivarelli Poster, 22-28 July 2010
Calor 2010 Hadron response and shower development in the ATLAS calorimeters M Simonyan 11 May 2010
Calor 2010 Response of single isolated hadrons in the ATLAS calorimeter M Simonyan 13 May 2010
ICATPP 2011 Validation of the hadronic calibration of the ATLAS calorimeter with testbeam data corresponding to the pseudorapidity range 2.5<abs(eta)<4.0 G Pospelov 5-9 Oct 2009
General Simulation
Calor 2014 ATLAS Tile Calorimeter: simulation and validation of the response J Faltova 6-11 April 2014
109th LHCC The ATLAS Integrated Simulation Framework E Ritsch Poster, 13 March 2013
TRDs for the 3rd Millenium Simulation Transition Radiation and Electron Identification Ability of the ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker E Klinkby 14-16 Sept. 2011
IEEE 2010 Simulation strategies for the LHC ATLAS experiment (PROC) A Buckley 2 Nov 2010
ICHEP 2007 ATLAS Simulation readiness for first data at LHC (PROC) A Rimoldi 2-7 Sept 2007
CHEP 2006 The ATLAS Simulation : an LHC Challenge (PROC) A Rimoldi 13 Feb 2006
CHEP 2004 The Simulation of the ATLAS Experiment : Present Status and Outlook (PROC) A Rimoldi 27 Sept - 1 Oct 2004
CHEP 2003 The full detector simulation for the Atlas experiment: status and outlook (PROC) A Rimoldi March 2003
IEEE 2013 ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade Simulation for High-Luminosity LHC I-M Gregor 27 Oct-2 Nov 2013
IEEE 2012 Simulation Studies for a new ATLAS Inner Detector for the High-Luminosity LHC N Styles 2 Nov 2012
Vertex 2012 Radiation background simulation and verification at the LHC and its upgrades I Dawson 18 Sept 2012
FCiPP 2011 Issues with Simulating Events at High Luminosity in ATLAS J Chapman 15 June 2011
Fast Simulation
ACAT 2016 Upgrading the ATLAS Fast Calorimeter Simulation (PROC) Z Hubacek 18-20 Jan 2016
CHEP 2015 The ATLAS Fast Monte Carlo Production Chain Project R Jansky 13-17 April 2015
CHEP 2013 Concepts for fast large scale Monte Carlo production for the ATLAS experiment C Debenedetti 17 Oct 2013
ACAT2013 Concepts and Plans towards fast large scale Monte Carlo production for the ATLAS Experiment (PROC) E Ritsch 18 May 2013
IEEE 2012 Atlfast-II and the Integrated Simulation Framework R D Harrington 28 Oct-3 Nov 2012
CHEP 2012 Fast simulation for ATLAS: Atlfast-II and ISF (PROC) W Lukas Poster, 21-25 May 2012
IEEE 2010 The ATLAS Fast Track Simulation Project (FATRAS) S Todorova 30 Oct-6 Nov 2010
CHEP 2010 The ATLAS fast calorimeter simulation FastCaloSim T Yamanaka Poster, 18-22 Oct 2010
ICATPP The Geant4-Based ATLAS Fast Electromagnetic Shower Simulation (PROC) Z Marshall 8-12 Oct 2007
Digitization and Pileup
CHEP 2013 Simulation of Pile-up in the ATLAS Experiment Z Marshall 15 Oct 2013
IEEE 2012 Methods and computing challenges of the realistic simulation of physics events in the presence of pile-up in the ATLAS experiment J D Chapman 28 Oct-3 Nov 2012
CHEP 2012 Simulation of physics in the presence of pile-up at the ATLAS experiment A Haas Poster, 21-25 May 2012
CHEP 2009 The ATLAS Detector Digitization Project for 2009 data taking (PROC) J DChapman Poster, 21-27 March 2009


Ref Code Thesis Title Author Date
CERN-THESIS-2013-194 Truth Seeded Reconstruction for Fast Simulation in the ATLAS Experiment R Jansky Sept 2013
CERN-THESIS-2014-371 ATLAS Detector Simulation in the Integrated Simulation Framework applied to the W Boson Mass Measurement E Ritsch Feb 2015
CERN-THESIS-2016-134 Performance Optimization of the ATLAS Detector Simulation M Errenst Sept 2016

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