This page lists the trigger related CSC notes. Below you find notes which are either purely trigger or will have a significant part dedicated to trigger issues. Obviously many of the physics notes will have a section on trigger performance included. The complete list of CSC notes can be found in the CSC note wiki.



  • Editor(s): Cristobal Padilla

Calorimeter notes

L1 calorimeter trigger performance

  • Editor(s): Alan Watson and Fabienne Ledroit
  • Referees: John Parsons, Su Dong

Calorimeter Data Preparation for the HLT

  • Editor(s): Denis Damazio, Cibran Santamarina
  • Referees: Monika Wielers, Hong Ma

Tracking trigger performance

HLT track Reconstruction

Slice performance trigger notes

Overall Trigger strategy for the Electron and Photon Selection

  • Editor(s): Teresa Fonseca-Martin, Valeria Perez-Reale
  • Referees: Xin Wu, Tom Le Compte

b-tagging trigger performance

Muon trigger performance

  • Editor(s): Michaela Biglietti
  • Referees: Thorsten Wengler, Andrew Haas

Tau slice performance and strategy

  • Editor(s): Stefania Xella, Pilar Casado
  • Referees: Tetiana Hryn'Ova, Nikos Konstantinidis
  • Access to the text

Jet slice performance and strategy

  • Editor(s): Brigitte Vachon, Cibran Santamarina-Rios
  • Referees: Erric Torrence, Peter Watkins

B-Physics trigger notes

Di-muon triggers for B-physics

Low pT muons for b-physics

  • Editor(s): Tarem Schlomit, Alessandro di Mattia, Takanori Kondo
  • Referees: John Baines, Stefania Spagnolo
  • Abstract & Contents

Level-1/Level-2 muons and calorimeter trigger for b-physics

Triggers and strategies for hadronic b decays

  • Editor(s): Brigitte Epp, Wolfgang Walkowiak
  • Referees: Paula Eerola, Alan Watson
  • Abstract & Contents

Physics notes mainly based on trigger

Top T5: Trigger for top events

  • Editor(s): David Berge
  • Referees: Dominique Pallin, Anne-Isabelle Etienvre
  • Abstract & Contents

Current Drafts


Trigger Content in Physics CSC notes

The TriggerInPhysicsCSCNotes page contains a list of notes to make the trigger sections of physics CSC notes more uniform.

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