Cables & Racks

Here you can find information about

  1. The cables needed for all BGV subsystems:
    • Vacuum system (sectorisation and gas injection), Detector readout and controls, and L0 Trigger
    • Cables within BY14 (the BGV electronics rack in UA43)
  2. The BGV electronics racks in the shielded zone UA43

List of cables to be installed in future Access Periods

  • Update 2015 / 09 / 01
    • None

DIC (Demande d'Installation de Cables)

Request from EN/EL to install most of the cables and connectors. This request concerns the Long Cables (i.e. 60m, see below). In the DIC, enter only the information relevant to this request. The plan is to install certain cables and connectors ourselves (e.g. cables within electronics rack, and connectors of detector data cables).

Latest version

  • 12/06/14: the final version from Gael
  • Cablotheque_LHC4G-LS13_12-06-14
    • Cablotheque: xlsx / pdf
    • Extracted summary: pdf
    • Cable orders status: pdf

Previous versions:

Long Cables Length and Path

Estimate of the needed cable length between BGV (DCUM ~9775 m) and the BY14 rack:
58.2 m (additional cable-specific lengths might be needed!).
This estimate is obtained from a cable pulled along the foreseen path (click here for more details).
The long data cables will be ordered with length of 60 m.

Path of the Long Cables

Annotated version of
pdf version

Arrangement of the Long Cables

The following info can be found in these slides
  • SciFi cabling chain (version Sept 2014)
  • Cables arrival points on the BGV side
  • Cable list indicating the cables ID and arrival point

BGV Racks

The intention is to use the electronics racks BY13 and BY14 (at UA43) for all BGV equipment.
This includes:
  • Detector LV and HV (bias) systems
  • Detector readout and control
  • HLT CPU farm
  • Other control & monitoring equipment

The vacuum-related equipment will be located in racks VY04 and VY20 (about 200 m from the BGV). No further information about it is given here. The relevant contact person is Giuseppe Bregliozzi.

Physical location of the BY13 and BY14 racks: see the drawing above.

Rack dimensions

  • They are of one of the "standard" LHC types
  • Width: 19 inch (48 cm)
  • Height: 45 units (200 cm)
  • Depth:
    • 75 cm (Distance between the front and back fixation planes)
    • 15 cm (Extension in front of the front fixation plane. Currently not installed?)

Racks organisation

Update 2014/04/14 Update 2014/04/09
  • First version, Massi, 03/2014: pdf
  • Excel variant, including the long cables: pdf / xlsx
Update 2015/01/29

Update 2015/02/10 - went to the racks to verify dimensions and available space for proposed reordering of the racks (version Rihl):

  • Space for blade (BY12)
    • Depth (from power plugs to front panel): 76 cm
    • Width: 51 cm
    • Might need to remove horizontal bars on the sides (inside the rack)
    • Might need to move the LHC timing box a few U up

  • Space in BY14
    • Depth (from LV patch panel to front panel): 71 cm
    • LV patch panel goes from the floor up to 14U
    • These two values mean that we have to check if the power plug (and cable!) of the CAEN crate can still be fitted behind the patch panel. Also, we have to make sure that the LV/HV boards are high enough to insert/extract them, so above unit 14. This means that we might have to shift the mainframe up to unit 11 or even 12.
    • Width: 51 cm
    • Potential too short depth for the TTC crate due to a power plug on the left: 66 cm

  • Tools needed when we install the TELL1 boards:
    • small ladder, panduits, cutter

  • mounting: We found some double-L structures that can be mounted in the hole-rails and can themselves serve as rails to put the respective crates on them. We would need 4 for the Blade System crate, 2 for a Keyboard-drawer, 2 for the CAEN mainframe, 2 for the TTC crate and 2 for the Ctrl PC OPC/CANBus, so 12 in total. One of these structures needs to be cut by 1 cm to fit, due to a power plug.

  • Photos: Can be found here.

Update 2015/03/12

  • The patch panel at the back of BY14 cannot be moved further down. Thus the CAEN crate must be mounted at the height of 12U. This means that there is less empty space between the switches and the TTC crate as well as the TTC crate and the CAEN crate.
  • Version Mariana: pdf / xlsx

Rack photos

Read more Link to the rack photos page

Other info

Photos of the VELO Zap-test setup:


To-do: make a table with columns rack, ethernet outlets, LHC timing input

To-do: add here the topics we discuss with Raymond (back door and 3-phase PS)

Other Information

LHC Timing signal

Beam Synchronous Time (BST) optical fibers available in racks BY12 and BY13:
  • BY12 BPM - using 6 fibers, 2 fibers are free
  • BY13 BLM - using 16 fibers, 8 are are free
  • This information needs to be confirmed in the next visit to P4

The other end of the fibers is on the surface, at SX4 (old ALEPH counting room).

To receive the BST signals, one has to plug a specific BST receiver module (BOBR) into the VME crate, and connect the optical input with a patch-cord. This information as well as a BOBR module were provided by JJ Savioz.

It is possible to get a TTL output from the BOBR with a 50 Ohm cable.

Ethernet links in BY14

The expectation is that two 1Gb links will be sufficient for transmitting the (vertex summary) data out of UA43. Each of the BY12 and BY13 racks is equipped with 2 such links (for more information, see the info from the 31-05-2013 visit at IR4). The former ones are free at the moment (but might be needed in the future), while the later ones are in use. Therefore, a request for two new Ethernet links to BY14 was made (request to

The work on the new BGV ethernet links was completed (Nov 2013)

  • Request reference: RQF0254380
  • Outlet (2xRJ45) has been installed in the BY14 rack (office 2418 RB-1908)
    • 1908/01
    • 1908/02
  • This outlet is connected to the Starpoint in UA43 on the TN switch. The links are 1 Gb (?)
  • The "uplink" between the Starpoint and the surface is shared with other devices
    • Currently its speed is limited to 1 Gb, but can be upgraded to 10 Gb

How to search for Ethernet outlets in the region of the BY12-BY14 racks in UA43:

Detector LV, Bias and Temperature

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