DAQ & Detector meeting are held every Wednesday at 16:00 in room 1/1-025. They are listed as part of the Student Beamline Indico category.


  • General issues from Markus * Safety day organised * Radio protection training last, by which time the dosimetry office will be closed - need to find a way to get dosimeters for the students ahead of time. * Computing - Need to prepare table of all computers needed for the data taking period * Flights booked for both teams (see Indico page) * VIP meeting * May have to take the whole council (for sandwiches) in T9 * BL4S last item on council agenda (Cristoph will give a talk)
  • Discussion points from Jorgen -
    • Extra scintillators to be built - Will meet RaphaelDumps of 2015-07-20 to discuss
    • Plans for the beam training 2015-07-16 - Will go for training and look to arrange time on the beam for testing
    • Crystal simulation results - Discussed practically of using LeadGlassCalorimeter for photon measurement in the CrystalUndulator experiment

2015-07-10 CrystalUndulator meeting

  • Got simulation document from Frankfurt group
  • Honing in on 600nm 4 period Boron doped diamond
  • Typical radiation energy of e.g. 240 MeV with 4 GeV incident positrons
  • Have options of BGO calorimeters from Aarhus and Mainz, or NaI from University of Johannesburg


  • General issues from Markus
  • CrystalUndulator - Mostly awaiting simulation results to move forward


  • General issues from Markus
  • WebcamDetector
    • Need information about the Peltier element - how is heat removed from it? Sergio notes that water cooling with plastic piping would cause less scattering than a metallic heatsink.
    • Need to look at integration with TimePix data.
    • Should move forward with constructing the TimePix/Webcam sandwich.
  • CrystalUndulator
    • Still waiting on SimonHConnell for some updates - will ask about status
    • Discussed with SergioBallestrero about what we can expect to measure with the students, requirements of the beam, the crystal alignment procedure
    • Sergio notes we may be able to increase the sensitivity of the LeadGlassCalorimeter using a shaping amplifier


  • Covered organisational issues with Markus
    • T-Shirt designs
    • Updates to Indico page
    • SA team looking to land at 9am on 10th of September
  • T9 free 8-27 July & 11-30 August - possible preliminary data taking?
  • CrystalUndulator
    • Should have a Diamond and a Si-Ge crystal
    • UJ will provide LabView controlled Goniometer
    • Frankfurt (Solvyev et al) will help with crystal simulation
    • Aarhus has a BGO photon calorimeter that may be much better than the LeadGlassCalorimeter
  • WebcamDetector
    • Now capturing images without MJPEG compression
    • Noticed hot pixels are a thermal effect - they build up over time as camera is active


  • Went over slides for BL4S general meeting on Friday
  • Discussed plans for Students during data taking
  • Plan to recommission DWCs with Cenk - Have a selection of Gas fittings
  • Setting up VideoStreaming servers - have ROS Gen-II PCs, new HDDs ordered
  • Working on enclosures for MRPCs

2015-06-11 Meeting for CrystalUndulator

  • Discussed issues listed on CrystalUndulator Page
    • Crystal need to be aligned by some kind of rotateable stage
    • Need to understand and calibrate LeadGlassCalorimeter - 10 GeV / (3800 - 100pedistal) counts = 2.7 MeV / count
    • Magnet for deflecting charged particles needs to be understood. What Bl do we expect? - May be used to measure particle momenta (PID using momenta vs energy?)
  • Also discussed MRPC - need to work with Russians to build gas enclosures
  • Should upload TechnicalReport2014 to EDMS
  • Visiting Student next week
  • Slides for general meeting 2015-06-19
  • Need webcams for video of the control room + experimental zone (+ bunker?)
  • Contact people in charge of fixed display vistars


Indico page
  • Discussion of Atlas.TrtTestBeam
    • PMG agent crashing during long runs in the ROD Crate DAQ configuration
    • Tim's RCD Monitor package was not de-randomising data from the QDC - now understood and fixed
  • Jorgen raised the code organisation - hope to split all TRT code and database into a new repository. Unfortunately the SVN name trtdaq is taken.
  • Cadan got a TCP and UCP client/server example running - hope to prove feasibility in RCD using skeleton package from Markus.


Indico page
  • Discussed second stage proposal evaluation - priority on feasibility of attaining a result
  • Hope to call a general BL4S meeting, Tim & Candan to prepare a status summary talk to focus meeting around
  • Discussed TrtTestBeam status - DAQ hardware in H8 control room, should be powered up later this week
  • Talked about the ISOTDAQ school DAQ system - plan to use a more modern SBC with tdaq-05-05-00
  • TimePix - Emailed question about running Pixelman software on SLC6
  • MRPC
    • Will meet to discuss creation of a BL4S EDMS project
    • Connectors for RibbonVHDCIAdapter ordered from NI
    • Tim will prepare materials request for other components in the MRPC#BoM
    • Should proceed with PCB manufacture ASAP
  • StrawTracker
    • Analysis software working under SLC6 - should push this fix upstream to the Bonn team
    • Discussion of odd ScintillatorCounter setup and low rates
    • Need to re-cable front-ends to the readout - cables should be OK
    • Need to scan the ScintillatorCounter PMT voltage and threshold (and pulse width?)
    • Following ScintillatorCounter set-up, need to take more data to further understanding


Indico page
  • Follow on discussion from TrtTestBeam meeting
  • MRPC status
    • PCB basically ready to send for manufacture
    • Discussed VHDCI connectors
  • StrawTracker status
    • STYX software working on SLC6
    • Discussed cabling issues
    • Discussed Scintillator issues
    • Decided on a visit to SR1 to see detector status
  • TimePix status
    • Markus suggested registering BL4SDAQ1 for use of the Pixelman Software
  • LeadGlassCalorimeter
    • Suggested that Erik looks at the calorimeters using his scintillator set-up
    • Would be good to gain experience with operating the calo but perhaps not yet necessary to calibrate all blocks

-- TimBrooks - 2015-04-20

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