The MNP17 magnet has a gap of high, wide and long. The maximum current () gives a field of . You can control it freely from the EBCR control room, not from the T9 one, including its polarity.


0.51 T.m for a yoke length of 40 cm i.e. field strength of 1.275 Tesla.


Radius of orbit in magnetic field:

E.g. the MNP17 magnet has a field, of , so for a particle with elementary charge, , and a momenta, of ,

The aperture of the MNP17 magnet is long, so a particle will exit the field well before entering an orbit. The angle of deflection will be given by,

For a particle, the deflection angle is around . To find the linear displacement of the particle from the point it exits the magnet, over a distance of, say, ,

There is also a displacement in the magnetic field of,

giving a total displacement of . Repeating this at gives


Since , and ignoring the displacement in the field; we can approximate the deflection by

at , or at ;


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