Overview of vacations / absences

Who When (inclusive dates) Contact channel
Paul 20.08 - 30.08 Mobile (only if really necessary)
Cristóvão 26.08 - 30.08 CERN phone/email
Markus 27.08 - 06.09. CERN phone
Sarah 27.08. - 21.09. None
Cristóvão 05.09 - 06.09 CERN phone/email
Cristóvão 16.09 - 20.09 CERN phone/email
Paul 18.09 - 23.09 Mobile (only if really necessary)

Overview of actions

ID Who What Deadline Status Details
1 Cristóvão Find a GEANT4 expert asap Done J. Apostolakis contacted and some feedback received. Cristóvão is in contact with John Apostolakis
2 Paul Send the technical drawings of the telescope rails / brackets to Markus asap Done -
3 Paul Manufacture supports for the absorbers asap almost done The attachment to the tripod will have to be done at DESY
4 Markus Order absorbers asap Received -
5 Markus Find scintillators asap Done do we want to ship the big block to DESY?
6 Paul Material for the dark box asap Done PVC (or similar polymers) can temporarily be used in the beam area
7 Markus Build the dark box asap Done  
8 Paul Check if we have to use the BRM or if a smaller magnet is available asap Done. No other magnet will be available.
9 Cristóvão Send pictures of ISOTDAQ scintillators to Paul asap Done  
10 Markus look for 5 more MMFE8 cards asap Arizona contacted. Not looking good so far Right now we have 4 cards.
11 Markus build more MicroMegas ventilator assemblies asap Done  
12 Cristóvão Estimate the amount of MicroMegas gas needed in August and October asap Done ~900 l in August; ~1700 l in October; gas mixture 93% Argon, 7% CO2
13 Paul Order MicroMegas gas for August / October asap Done Ordered ~3000 l of Ar:CO2 93:7 (delivered) and >800 liters of Ar:CO2 70:30
14 Paul Check the DESY Lead glass calorimeter asap Done Tested one calo, it works well. Statistical analysis by a student ongoing. More calos available, but with incompatible cables -> replacement ongoing
15 Cristóvão prepare the spare SBC asap Done  
16 Cristóvão contact the USA team and give them homework (e.g. calculation of synchrotron radiation, MMFE8 temperature read out asap Sent synchrotron radiation question, sent synchrotron radiation impact to send MM temperature monitor coding  
17 Paul contact the NED team and give them homework asap Started discussions and questions on showers and the setup  
18 Markus Plan the transport of the material (in particular MMs) to DESY asap Done  
19 Cristóvão Finish integrating the MM into TDAQ asap Done but missing state machine implementation  
20 Cristóvão Set up the EduSWAN accounts September to be done  
21 Sarah Coordinate the production of the banner October Ongoing Barbara ordering them
22 Paul Organise safety half day asap Ongoing Confirmations (w/o fixed time) from cryo, fire and computing for Friday, 18.10.
23 Cristóvão Test and get to run the "Split DAQ" (GUI running on PC but rest on the SBC) asap Done Thanks to Louis' help
24 Cristóvão/Markus Fix the busy logic during the TDAQ configuration steps August to be done  
25 Markus Find a VMEbus ADC August Postponed to 2020  
26 all define microMegas and MMFE8 configuration for the DESY setup asap TBD -
27 Markus, Jorgen equip a chamber with fans and the MMFE8 that we got on loan on Friday asap Done -
28 Jorgen, Markus get a CAEN HV power supply from the pool asap Done Jorgen/Cristovao: Specify the type of PSU. Markus: Rent the device
29 Jorgen, Markus install in RD51, test electronics and calibrate asap TBD -
30 Jorgen, Cristóvão test with vmmChamber monitor program asap TBD -
31 Jorgen, Cristóvão (re) install online graphical monitoring of currents in the microMegas (spike detection) asap Done -
32 Jorgen, Cristóvão understand noise events asap TBD -
33 Cristóvão monitoring of temperatures in the VMMs asap Ongoing/Done Fallback solution of using oscilloscope/multimeter. Must focus on other points first before looking into automated temperature monitoring
34 Jorgen, Cristóvão define/develop method on testing VMM threshold settings asap TBD -
35 Jorgen, Cristóvão adapt event display to VMM based readout asap TBD -
36 Jorgen, Cristóvão adapt tracking monitor asap TBD -
37 Jorgen, Cristóvão make UDP fragment format RCD compatible (GetNextFragment and RCDRawEvent) asap Done -
38 Paul, all low energy calurimeter 2020 TBD Contact E. Auffray re. old crystals of L3 and PANDA
39 Markus, Cristóvão, Paul Discuss and complete the shipping list End of July https://espace.cern.ch/project-blfs/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/project-blfs/Launch%202019/shipping%20list.docx&action=default  
40 Markus Buy 5 Lemo cables (100 ns) asap ordered -
41 Paul Measure the magnetic field inside of the dark box when the BRM is on asap Done See Mail from 05.09. "PMT and magnetic field"
42 Paul Provide long (5m) HDMI cables for the MMS (or ask Markus to buy them) asap Done Five pieces ordered and delivered
43 Cristóvão Contact Sune re. influence of magnetic fields on PMTs asap Waiting for reply from Sune -
44 Paul, Markus Send the MM box and the malfunctioning DWC to CERN asap Ongoing Box is packed and closed. Markus will prepare a shipping request in EDH
45 Cristóvão, Markus To be shipped to DESY: HV-PSU, 6 channels, 2000V, 2mA with GECO monitoring, Screws for the MMFE8, cotton gloves asap TBD -
46 Markus Make aluminium rails for mounting the DWC to the MM frame asap TBD -
47 Cristóvão, Markus Clean the zebra connector, order more if necessary asap TBD -
48 Markus, all Order thinner tungsen slabs if required asap Done 15 slabs of 2 x 50 x 50 mm ordered
49 Markus, all Take care of Facebook page during Sarah's absence Ongoing Markus to approve requests with answered questions, Paul and Cristóvão to answer questions; check once per day
50 Paul Expert electron therapy asap TBD Look for a specialist for electron therapy as a cancer cure at DESY
51 Paul Room(s) for data analysis asap Done Booked for the whole programme. Guest office in Bldg 1d, Ground floor.
52 all Alternative for webcams asap TBD Discuss video options, organise laptop or alternative, Paul to check with Carsten Portion
53 Paul, Markus Volunteers for data analysis asap Ongoing Paul and Marcel to create list of people at DESY, Markus to help/check with online schedule
54 Markus DAI San Diego after receiving invoice TBD Please submit DAI with invoice and take care of payment
55 Markus New BL4S flyer after receiving modified version from Ewa TBD Please forward the flyer to DESY and LNF as well as Sascha for collecting comments/signing it off

Minutes of 3 June (taken by Paul)

Particle Peers

Choices to take:

  • Materials / Thicknesses of absorbers
    • Technical drawings of rails
    • Brackets available or technical drawings
  • Telescopes
    • Send around specs
    • Readout time
    • Number of planes
    • Simulation @Markus finds a G4 expert
  • Data storage
  • Analysis?


  • Analysis
    • EduSWAN (global SWAN, Jupyter notebooks)
  • Data Storage
    • Options: NAF / desycloud / CERNbox
    • What do we store?
      • Raw?
      • Root?
    • Backed up please (NAF, desycloud, CERNbox)
    • Data transmission?
    • Copy data on a daily basis / convert to ROOT
      • Script executed by students?
    • Open access data storage?


  • Maybe DESY computing accounts
  • CERN accounts?
  • Functional accounts for the students if (edu)SWAN will be used
  • 4 PCs for analysis

DESY Chain:

  • To decide:
    • Scintillation materials
      • Markus contacts experts/companies
    • PMT
      • which are the relevant wavelengths -> 400 - 550 nm for EJ-200
      • anything against the available 40 mm PMTs? -> No. Sune recommends using them
  • To design:
    • Dark box
    • Optical coupling
      • Grease? Air? Optical gel?
      • Do we need a light guide? -> not for the organic scintillators. Decision for crystal pending
  • Simulation:
    • G4 simulations: Does the scintillator (<10 cm) affect the electron beam

  • Tracking (energy measurement):
    • In case of BRM usage:
      • Setup: Black box → 2-3 planes particle tracking (alpide?) → Magnet → MicroMegas → Trigger
      • @Paul ask Norbert for Laura’s beam support (tracking before the magnet)
      • Scintillators:
        • Large tails?
        • Mechanical support?
        • @Markus sends pictures around
    • In case of another magnet materializing:
      • Difference:
      • Potential of using DWC in case of not having Alpide ready

  • Micromegas:
  • Lead glass calorimeter:
    • Check DESY calo @Paul contacts Jan/Norbert
  • VME readout:
    • SBCs:
      • One is at DESY
      • Spare will be prepared at CERN
    • Alpide:
      • Integration: @Paul contacts Yi/Lennart

  • Homework for students:
    • Calculate synchrotron radiation → does it affect the experiment?

---++ Layout of the area:

  • Challenges:
    • Moving the telescope (Monday morning it has to be reinstalled at the original position)
    • Material budget in front of the shower telescope / remove black box for shower experiment?
    • Different time slicing? Do scintillator experiment first and then the shower
    • Alternative setup: BRM → 1x MicroMegas → Shower telescope (can be moved out) → 1x MicroMegas


    • Discuss spares (mechanics, detectors)
    • Analysis volunteers:
    • Find volunteers (J.H. Arling, Lennart, Yi, Uwe, Mengqing) @Paul
    • Use of Jupyter notebooks with ROOT → C++ or python? @Cristovao/@Paul

-- MarkusJoos - 2019-06-13

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