Overview of vacations / absences

Who When (inclusive dates) Contact channel
Markus 17 August - 17 September phone, email
Sarah 17.–31. August phone
Cristovao 19 - 30 August phone, email

Overview of trips to DESY

Who When (inclusive dates) Details
Markus 20 or 22.9. - 6 or 7.10. Room in DESY hostel to be reserved by Stephanie
Sarah 20.7. - 24.7. At DESY from 21.7. until 24.7. lunchtime
Cristóvão 23.7. - 3.8. Arrival in Hamburg: 17:00 on 23.7.

Overview of actions

Experiment Subject ID Who What Deadline Status Details
CC PMT 1 Cristóvão Contact Sune asking for details on PMT single photon operation asap DONE, waiting for a few details Does the PMT need a special amplification stage? Is there any procedure to protect PMT?
CC PMT 2 Cristóvão Re-characterize BL4S PMTs for single photon operation asap Ongoing UV sensitive PMTs done, a few other will be measured as well
CC PMT 3 Markus Find a VMEbus ADC asap Suspended CAEN V1720 returned to the Pool. CAEN and Struck have GHz ADCs but I am bit reluctant to ask them for a loan and a purchase is not possible (too expensive)
CC Radiator 4 Markus find precision stages for translation an rotation asap Done The DESY rotational stage will be inegrated into the dark box. Cable feedthrough built.
CC Radiator 5 Paul Specify a few radiator geometries asap Done Sent drawings to Markus
CC Radiator 6 Markus Contact Heraeus about radiators asap Progressing Heraeus will supply 4 radiators to us by the middle of August. The coating will be done at CERN by Thomas Schneider
CC Radiator 7 Paul Communicate with Thibaut asap Progressing Thibaut is willing to send us radiator "bars" (flat design with tilted side for photon extraction
CC dark box 8 Markus Design a shutter for the PMT asap Suspended One idea proposed. To be implemented
CC dark box 9 Paul Can DESY build the adaptor to mount the dark box on the rotational stage - TBC  
CC Students 10 Paul / Cristóvão Stay in contact with the ChDR-Cheese team - Ongoing  
CC Students 11 Markus / Paul Find a suitable absorber - Done Tungsten slabs polished. Mounting built.
CC QDC 12 Markus / Paul Do we want to ship a V792 to DESY - Done CAEN V965 QDC modules available (plus V2718 and PC as interface). Specs are similar to V792. Integration into eudaq available.
NFF MMFE8 13 Markus Look for more MMFE8 cards asap DONE We can hang on to the 4 cards until after the DESY test beam. Then they have to be sent to Dubna.
NFF MMFE8 14 Markus / Paul Shipping of MMFE8 to CERN in August asap Ongoing Paul to contact the DESY goods reception
NFF MMFE8 15 Christoph Rembser Contact NSW coordinators about MMFE8 asap DONE Some responses from Theo but the oposite of what we want to hear
NFF MM 16 Markus / Cristóvão Purchase/build hygrometers for measuring humidity of Micromegas asap Ongoing Most of the material has arrived.
NFF MM 17 Markus Keep in touch with Rui asap Ongoing MM #4 should be ready end of July
NFF MM 18 Markus Buy a stock of Zebra connectors asap Suspended 36 EUR/piece, 6 weeks lead time. No need for 2020
NFF MM 19 Cristóvão, Markus HV shielding of MM asap Ongoing The HV points are covered with tape, but some of the tape may be a bit old. Will likely replace the tape and add a HV warning sign
NFF RD51 20 Markus Clarify access to the RD51 lab asap DONE Gas: OK (Givi), Room access: OK (coordinate with Eraldo)
NFF scintillator 21 Cristóvão Specify the small scintillator & SiPM for the Foxes asap Ongoing Specifications were sent to Sune
NFF scintillator 22b Cristóvão / Markus Have 1 or 2 scintillators with a hole manufactured asap DONE hole diameter: 25 & 30 mm
NFF scintillator 22c Cristóvão / Markus Have 1 or 2 long 250 mm scintillators (39mmx150mmx2mm (material EJ 200) ) with a hole manufactured asap TBD hole diameter: 25 & 30 mm
NFF Students 23 Cristóvão / Paul Stay in contact with the Nations Flying Foxes - Ongoing  
NFF APV 24 Markus APV->Zebra - Ongoing When I cleaned up 11-R-14 I did not see the APV->Zebra adaptors. Theodoros has them
Test beam July Electronics Pool 25 Cristóvão, Paul Make a list of modules to be rented from the Pool for the test beam in August. asap Update Current list at Setup2020
Test beam July Electronics Pool 26 Markus Plan the transport of the equipment asap DONE boxes are on their way to DESY
Test beam July beam area 27 Cristóvão, Paul Make a sketch of the set-up in the beam area asap Done Sketch can be found at Setup2020
n/a TDAQ 28 Markus/Cristóvão Fix the busy logic during the TDAQ configuration steps asap TBD  
n/a TDAQ 29 Markus Order N/W switches asap DONE https://edh.cern.ch/Document/SupplyChain/MAG/8284770
n/a DCS 30 Cristóvão Look into a slow control/DCS system for monitoring voltages/currents/temperature/humidity asap TBD  
n/a Safety day 31 Paul Organize safety day asap Ongoing Fire department can't do it on Sep 24.

-- CristovaoDaCruzESilva - 2020-05-29

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