Overview of vacations

Who When (inclusive dates) Contact channel
Jorgen 20.09 - 01.10  
Theo 20.08 - 30.08  
Oskar 24.08 - 31.08  

Ove view of actions

ID Who What Soft deadline Hard deadline Status Details
1 Not defined We have to test if the NIM/ECL V538 VMEbus module can be used as a 1->3 ECL fan out. - - Done cannot be done there is another way..
2 Oskar Plan cabling of T9 - 1 September Done ExperimentalSetups (Action 1 below.)
3 Oskar List HV connections - 1 September Done ExperimentalSetups (Action 2 below.)
4 Sasho have a look at tripods in the EP/ESE workshop and adapt the MRPC frames is required now - Done -
5 Sasho follow up on the production of the HV cables for the MRPCs - September Done -
6 Markus organize two scintillators, 1x1 cm - ASAP Done R. Dumps will build two scintillators
7 All Plan the cleaning up of T9 and the storage and return of the material ASAP   Done  
8 Sasho testing of large scintis     Done  
9 Markus / Theo reply to Andre Henriques re. gas release ASAP   Done  
10 All Get limestone for tests     Done This limestone will be used for tests to define the time for each measurement with the pyramid hunters
11 Markus ECL cables ASAP   Done  
12 Markus update drivers to tdaq611 on lnxpool47 - - Done -
13 Oskar install lnxpool47 in T10 and to update the OS now - Done -
14 Markus take a 1290 to the SMD workshop for modification asap - Done 1290 delivered to T10
15 Oskar & Jorgen Git management of the TDAQ repo ASAP 28/7 Done  
16 Markus produce ECL cables asap - Done See Action 3 below
17 Markus look for a safe way of mounting the stones - 13 September Done support structure built
18 All Build two scintillator support structures - 13 September Done See Action 4 below
19 Sasho and Theo Try to repair the third MRPC - September Low priority spare chamber
20 Markus take care of the order of the stones for the pyramid - 13 September (delivery) Mostly done DAI done. progress to be monitored
21 Oskar Talk to J. Tagg (NI) about updating the event viewer August - Done Oskar to check output of data from TDAQ system in the format required by the event viewer. J. Tagg to be kept up to date
22 Markus Follow up on the installation of the gas supply to T9 September - D. Jaillet contacted -
23 Oskar Add and connect Vistar app to the TDAQ.   1 September ongoing 90% Run a vistar provider as a TDAQ monitoring application.
24 Oskar Extract the rawdata related classes from RCDMonitor into separate library.   1 August Done This step will allow monitoring programs as well as analysis code to use the same code for reading events from a file or directly from TDAQ
25 Theo / Jorgen Analyse T10 data immediately   ongoing  
26 Sasho long screws for blue cables 10/8/2016 20/8/2016   to screw the cables firmly to the adaptor cards.
27 Theo organise test run with limestone in T9 ASAP   Done  
28 Theo specify MRPC connectors ASAP   Done Specify the MRPC connectors to be used for the MRPC gas system in T9. Can D. Jaillet start with the pipework already from now?
29 Sasho / Theo documentation on MRPC     Done / waived  
30 Sasho / Theo DWC test and calibration ASAP   5/8/2016  
31 All Monitoring and analysis     20/8/2016 make monitoring programs for each experiment and set up an analysis framework for the students
32 All Define VME crate setup(modules) for T9 - cabling   15/8   Required to do code development.
33 Theo / Jorgen V1290 synchronisation ASAP 7/8   In lab.40 finish the V1290 sync studies wit external PG and V1290m
34 Sasho Scintillator testing 15/8 1/9   find HV, measure efficiency and noise, inventory
35 Oskar Test NFS based solution for TDAQ installation ASAP 1/9 Done Check if the NFS can be used instead of AFS -> Success! TDAQLocalInstallation
36 Oskar Understand Cherenkov ASAP   Done Check how to setup Cherenkov, how fast signals are
37 Oskar coordinate the preparation of the analysis rooms 510-R-2 and 510-R-10 - 13 September ongoing 99% N/W infrastructure to be checked
38 Oskar, Theo, Sasho Prepare slides for the introduction - 13 September - -
39 Markus Find volunteers for data analysis - 13 September - Confirmed:
Dominik Derendarz
Stella Orfanelli
Also available: Barbara Alvarez Gonzales and Sarah Aretz
Markus to organize a meeting
40 Theo / Oskar Provide documentation of the data analysis volunteers - 13 September - We also have to organize a meeting with them
41 Theo / Oskar Prepare shift instructions - 13 September - -
42 Oskar Install web cameras - 13 September Done -
43 Markus Return the V1190 to CAEN if we are not going to use it - ASAP - -
44 Markus Get the CAEN CFD from the Pool - ASAP - -
45 Markus Do we need any other equipment from the Pool? - ASAP - -
46 Cenk, Theo improve the access to the physics data (C++ program with access to Root) - ASAP - -
47 Markus Rent 1 NIM crate from the Pool - ASAP - -
48 Markus Ask the crane men about their flexibility - ASAP - https://edh.cern.ch/Document/SupplyChain/TransportRequest/6501117
49 Markus Check with the current user if access to the zone is possible on 7.9. for gas installation - ASAP - T. Gys contacted
50 Markus Find 20 8ns LEMO cables - ASAP - SCEM, CHF 10.2 for 8 ns, in stock
51 Cenk, Oskar We will, in first instance, record data locally. A system has to be setup that copies data to the BL4S workspace or EOS if the HDD or the daquser space are full - ASAP - -
52 Sasho, Markus, Theo Specify (Theo) and build (Sasho, Markus) supports for the very large scintillators - ASAP - -

Action 1

We have to plan the installation of cables inside of T9 and from T9 to the control room and back for the experiments in September. I suggest we set up a table (Excel, Twiki; whatever you prefer) that allows us to describe every cable with all relevant details. This table has to be kelp up to date and will serve us from now until the end of the experiments. For each cable we have to know (at least):

  • Starting point
  • End point
  • Length (approximatively)
  • Type of cable (HV, signal, etc.)
  • Purpose (e.g. connecting scintillator 1 to channel 3 of the NIM discriminator)
  • Cable identifier (number or other label)

Action 2

Related to the cabling we need to list the HV connections:

  • Number of channels
  • Max. voltage
  • Max. current
From that we can derive a shopping list for the Pool. We have to be able to remote control all HV channels from the counting room. If possible we should use Ethernet controlled mainframes and avoid CAENET (which is not supported anymore)

Action 3

We need the following cables (not for T10 but for the test of 1290mod when it is ready in the lab + for the future).

I separate them in two categories fast and long term Fast:

  • 1 x 34 pin flat cable to connect from NIM to VME crate (~130cm) we have already one which was moved to T10. Done
  • 2 x bunch of 8 cables (coming from PCs I think) note: the ‘channel 0’ has a 3 pin connector. We will need this exact channel by bad luck. A quick mode would be as Markus suggested to cut the connector part that is sticking out. Done

Long term:

  • 5 x 2pin ECL cables 15 cm Done
  • 5 x 2pin ECL cables 100 cm Theo to comment if the cables made by Markus are OK

Action 4

Instead of using DWC for the Pyramid we can make two structures where we could put two isotdaq scintillators in coincidence but with an adjustable area of coincidence from say 5x5 cm to 20x20 cm such that we can increase or decrease the size of the resulting counter depending on the rate and/or the level of detail we want. The support structure has to be slim because there is not much space between the absorber and the stone. This structure also has allow for the two 1x1 cm scintillators to be positioned one behind the other.
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