Contributions Beam Wire Scanners Upgrade

2009_06 M. Koujili, B. Dehning, J. Koopman, D. Ramos, M. Sapinski, J. De Freitas. Fast and High Accuracy Wire Scanner . DIPAC’09 Conference – 25-27 May 2009 /Basel-CH
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2012_04 B. Dehning, J. Emery, J. Herranz Alvarez, M. Koujili, J.L. Sirvent Blasco, Vacuum Actuator and Controller Design for a Fast Wire Scanner. 2012 Beam Instrumentation Workshop (BIW12) April 15-19, Newport News, Virginia (EE.UU)
2012_10 R. Veness, N. Chritin, B. Dehning, J. Emery, J. Herranz Alvarez, M. Koujili, S. Samuelsson, J.L. Sirvent. Design of a High-Precission Fast Wire Scanner for the SPS at CERN . International Beam Instrumentation Conference, IBIC2012, Tsukuba, Japan, Oct 1-4, 2012
2014_10 B. Dehning, J. Emery et al., A fast and accurate wire scanner instrument for the CERN accelerators to cope with high environmental constraints and increasing availability demand, 2014 IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control. Antibes/Nice (France)
2014_10 J.L. Sirvent, B. Dehning, J. Emery and A. Dieguez, Secondary Particle Acquisition System for the CERN Beam Wire Scanners Upgrade, ( Poster here) TWEPP 2014 Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics.22-26 September 2014. Aix-en-Provence (France)
2015_09 J.L. Sirvent, B. Dehning, J. Emery, A.Dieguez, High Dynamic Range Diamond Detector Readout System for the CERN´s Beam Wire Scanners Upgrade , ( Poster here). IBIC2015, International Beam Instrumentation Conference 2015. 13-17 September 2015. Melbourne (Australia)
2015_09 J. Herranz, B. Dehning, J. Emery, A. Guerrero, C. Pereira, A. Barjau, Wire Scanners and Vibrations - Models and Measurements ( Poster here). IBIC2015, International Beam Instrumentation Conference 2015. 13-17 September 2015. Melbourne (Australia)
2015_09 R. Veness, W. Andreazza, B. Dehning, J. Emery, D. Gudkov, P. Magagnin, E. Piselli, S. Samuelsson, Experience from the Construction of a New Fast Wire Scanner Prototype for the CERN-SPS and its Optimization for Installation in the CERN-PS Booster ( Poster here). IBIC2015, International Beam Instrumentation Conference 2015. 13-17 September 2015. Melbourne (Australia)
2015_09 J. Sirvent, B. Dehning, J. Emery, A. Dieguez, High Dynamic Range Diamond Detector Acquisition System for Beam Wire Scanner Applications ( Poster here) TWEPP 2015 Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics.28Sept-2Oct 2015. Lisbon (Portugal)
2016_04 A.Barjau, J.Herranz, B.Dehning. Dynamical models of a wire scanner . ASME. J. Vib. Acoust. 2016; ():. Doi: 10.115/1.4033568.
2017_04 R.Veness, P.Andersson, W.Andreazza, N.Chritin, B.Dehning, J.Emery, A.Goldblatt, D.Gudkov, F.Roncarolo, J.L. Sirvent, J. Tassan-Viol. Installation and Test of Pre-Series Wire Scanners for the LHC Injector Upgrade Project at CERN ( Poster here). IPAC 2017 International Particle Accelerator Conference, 14-19 May 2017 Copenhagen (Denmark)
2017_05 J. Emery. A. Barjau, B.Dehning, J.Herranz, J.P. Lapray, M. Macchini. Design and validation methodology of the control system for a particle beam size measurement instrument at the CERN laboratory . 2017 IEEE American Control Conference (ACC). Seattle, WA, USA.
2017_08 J.L. Sirvent, L.Garcia, G.Trad, J.Emery, P.Andersson, F.Roncarolo, W.Andreazza, D.Gudkov, R.Veness, B.Dehning. Performance Assessment of Pre-Series Fast Beam Wire Scanner Prototypes for the Upgrade of the CERN LHC Injector Complex ( Poster here). IBIC 2017 International Beam Instrumentation Conference, 20-24 August 2017 Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).
2018_11 A.Mariet, R.Veness. Selection of Wires for the New Generation fo Fasat Wire scanners at CERN . IBIC2018 International Beam Instrumentation Conference, 9-13 Sept 2019, Shangai, China.
2019_04 E. Senes, J.Emery, M. Fraser, A.Guerrero, A.Huschauer, F.Roncarolo, J.L.Sirvent, P. Skowronski, F. Tecker, V.Forte. Transverse Emittance Measurement in the CERN Proton Synchrotron in View of Beam Production for the High-Luminosity LHC . IPAC 2019 International Particle Accelerators Conference, 19-24 May 2019 Melbourne, Australia.

2014_12 LHC Injectors Upgrade Technical Design Report: Volume 1 Protons. CERN-ACC-2014-0337

Contributions Operational Beam Wire Scanners

1985_10 J. Bosser, J. Camas, L. Evans, G. Ferioli, R. Hopkings, J. Mann and O. Olsen. Transverse Emittance Measurement with a Rapid Wire Scanner at the CERN SPS . Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A235 (1985) 475-480
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2011_09 B. Salvant, W. Andreazza, F. Caspers, A. Grudiev, J. Herranz, E. Metral, G. Rumolo. Simulations of the impedance of the new PS wire scanner tank . IPAC 2011 4-9 Sep 2011.
2012_04 M. Sapinski. Beam Interaction with Thin Materials: Heat Deposition, Cooling Phenomena and Damage Limits.2012 Beam Instrumentation Workshop, (Newport News, Virginia, USA)
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2014_06 G. Sterbini, B. Dehning, S. Gilardoni, A. Guerrero. Beam-Based measurements of the CPS Wire Scanner . 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Dresden, Germany
2014_09 O.E. Berring, F.Caspers, B.Dehning, J.Emery, M.Hamani, J.Kuczerowski, E.Piselli, B.Salvant, R.Sautier, R.Veness, C.Vollinger, C.Vuitton, C. Zannini. CERN-SPS Wire Scanner Impedance and Wire Heating Studies. ( Poster Here)IBIC 2014 Conference – Monterey-CA/USA from 14 to 18 September 2014
2015_09 M. Kuhn, F. Antoniou, E. Bravin, B. Dehning, V. Kain, A. Langner, Y. Papahyilippou, E. Piselli, G. Trad. First LHC Emittance Measurements at 6.5 TeV ( Talk here). Proceedings of IBIC2015, Melbourne, Australia.


2005 F.Roncarolo Accuracy of the Transverse Emittance Measurements of the CERN Large Hadron Collider
2007 S.E Forde Wire Scanner Motion Control Card
2012 M.Koujili Design and Construction of a new actuator for the LHC Wire Scanner
2012 J.L.Sirvent Design of an optical fibre based angular position sensor for wire scanners complying with ultra-high vacuum, high temperature and radiation conditions of the CERN´s accelerators
2013 S.Samuelsson Mechanical Optimization of a high-precision Fast Wire Scanner at CERN
2013 K.Henzer Resolver Data Processing for the Wire Scanner
2014 K.Florek Ethernet High Speed with a SOC Based FPGA for the Wire Scanner
2014 C.Grosjean Motor and Break Design for the Wire Scanner
2015 M.Macchini Motion Control Design of a PMSM and FPGA implementation for the Beam Wire Scanner at CERN
2016 J.Herranz Minimisation of the Wire Position Uncertainties of the New CERN Vacuum Wire Scanner
2016 M.Kuhn Transverse Emittance Measurement and Preservation at the LHC
2017 C.Vulliez Protocole Serie Point a Point Generique et modulable
2017 Y.Zhang Wire Scanner for the Large Hadron Collider (presentation here)
2017 L.Garcia Performance Assessment of pre-series Beam Wire Scanner Prototypes for the LHC Injectors Upgrade
2018 J.L. Sirvent Beam Secondary Shower Acquisition Design for the CERN High Accuracy Wire Scanner (presentation here)


DATESorted ascending REPORT
2006_03 G. Arduini, C. Carli, K. Hanke, S. Gilardoni et al., Measurement of the Transverse Beam Distribution in the LHC Injectors. Functional Specification. EDMS Id.772786
2007_03 M. Sapinski. Estimation of Wire Scanner Impact on Downstream Magnets. CERN CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
2008_04 T. Kroyer. Simulation of Wire Scanner Heating by the Electromagnetic field of a particle beam . CERN-AB-Note-2008-018
2008_07 M. Sapinkski. Model of Carbon Wire Heating in Accelerator Beam. CERN CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
2009_11 M. Sapinski. Estimation of Radiation Damage to Wire Scanner Carbon Fiber on PS Beam . EDMS 1028351
2009_09 M.Sapinski. Carbon Wire heating in PS and PS2 beams. EDMS 1020260
2009_11 E. Bravin, A. Boccardi, B. Dehning, J. Emery et al., LHC Transvers Profile Monitors Studies (MD on May 6th, 2011). CERN-ATS-Note-2011-049 MD
2012_08 M. Sapinski. SEM Observation along the C Fibre and its tip morphology after the break in SPS. EMDS 1239761
2013_03 A.Lechner. LHC Beam Wire Scanner: Dose and Particle spectra in the Vicinity of the Beam pipe. CERN CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
2014_08 P. Vester. Program development for the modelling of carbon wire heating by particle beams. CERN--Note-2014-001
2017_05 L Lacny, M. Guinchard. BWS Calibration Bench Vibration Measurements. Engineering department (EN) CERN.

Misc. Technical Documentation

DATE Document
2016_02 J.L. Sirvent. _ PSB Optical Position Sensor: Technical Specifications_. Internal Note.
2016_01 D.Glaude. Beam Wire Scanner Optical Disk 3 Alu Metrological Results. Internal Note.
2016_01 D.Glaude. Beam Wire Scanner Optical Disk 4 304L Metrological Results. Internal Note.
2015_12 J.L. Sirvent. SPS Optical Position Sensor Alignment Procedure . Internal Note.

EDMS Documentation

2019_06 J.F. Comblin. Functional Specifications for New PSB Wire Scanners. (EDMS 2172411) Functional Specifications
2019_03 W.Andreazza. New Rotatable Beam Wire Scanner Installation in the SPS Ring . (EDMS 1969742) Engineering Change Request
2018_05 W.Andreazza. New Rotatable Beam Wire Scanner Installation in the PS Ring . (EDMS 1962139). Engineering Change Request
2018_07 W.Andreazza. New Rotatable Beam Wire Scanners Installation in the PS Booster. (EDMS 1962159). Engineering Change Request
2015_10 J.Emery. Beam Wire Scanner Control, Monitoring and supplies part . (EDMS 1318827) Engineering Specification
2016_06 J.Emery. Beam Wire Scanner Data and Events Digital Link Specification . (EDMS 1701798) Technical Specification
2016_09 W.Andreazza, D.Gudkov, R.Veness. New Rotatable Beam Wire Scanner Prototype Installation in the PS Booster . PSB-BWSRA-EC-0001 (EDMS 1704838) Engineering Change Request

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