The following theses have been written using CALICE data. These should NOT be regarded as official CALICE results, but are the responsibility of the students concerned.

Ph.D. Theses

  • Phi Chau Optimierung von hochauflösenden Sampling-Kalorimetern mit szintillatorbasierter SiPM-Auslese (Mainz U.; 2022)

  • Daniel Heuchel Particle Flow Studies with Highly Granular Calorimeter Data (Heidelberg U.; 2022)

  • Shubham Pandey Performance of High Granularity Calorimeter prototypes for the CMS HL-LHC upgrade in beam test experiments at CERN (IISER, Pune; 2022)

  • Olin Lyod Pinto Shower Shapes in a Highly Granular SiPM-on-Tile Analog Hadron Calorimeter (Hamburg U.; 2022)

  • Amine Elkhalii Analog Hadronic Calorimeter for a Future Linear Collider (Wuppertal U.; 2020)

  • Yuan Zhenxiong A Low-Power Silicon-Photomultiplier Readout ASIC for the CALICE Analog Hadronic Calorimeter (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.; 2020)

  • Christian Graf Towards Precision Time and Energy Measurements in Highly Granular Hadronic Calorimeters (Munich, Tech. U.; 2020)

  • Sascha Christian Krause Studies of the Response of Silicon Photomultipliers and Testbeam Data Analysis of a Highly Granular Analog Hadron Calorimeter Prototype (Mainz U.; 2020)

  • Bing Liu Study of semi-digital hadronic calorimeter and study of physics channel e^+e^- \to \nu_e \bar \nu_ee H(H->W+W-->qqqq) in the Circular Electron Positrion Collider of \sqrt s = 240GeVGeV (Lyon, IPN; 2020)

  • Tom Coates Data acquisition software development and physics studies for future lepton colliders (Sussex U.; 2019)

  • Yasmine Israeli Energy Reconstruction in Highly Granular Calorimeters for Future Electron-Positron Colliders (Munich, Tech. U.; 2019)

  • Kostiantyn Shpak Development and optimization of highly granular silicon tungsten electromagnetic calorimeter for the International Linear Collider (LLR, École polytechnique, January 2018)

  • Eldwan Brianne Time development of hadronic showers in a Highly Granular Analog Hadron Calorimeter (DESY; 2018)

  • Ambra Provenza Calibration and Analysis of Data taken with the Technological Prototype of the Analog Hadron Calorimeter (AHCAL) for a Detector at the International Linear Collider (DESY; 2018)

  • Sviatoslav Bilokin Hadronic showers in a highly granular silicon-tungsten calorimeter and production of bottom and top quarks at the ILC (LAL and Université Paris Sud, Université Paris Saclay; July 2017)

  • Aliakbar Ebrahimi Jet Energy Measurements at ILC:Calorimeter DAQ Requirements and Application in Higgs Boson Mass Measurements (Hamburg U.; 2017)

  • Rémi Été Développement d’un algorithme de suivi de particules pour l’ILC : outils de surveillance de qualité de données en ligne (Lyon, IPN; 2017)

  • Coralie Neubüser Comparison of Two Highly Granular Hadronic Calorimeter Concepts (U. Hamburg, Dept. Phys.; 2016)

  • Oskar Hartbrich Scintillator Calorimeters for a Future Linear Collider Experiment (Hasylab, DESY; 2016)

  • Heath J. LeFevre Analysis of an integrated readout layer for use in a highly granular analog hadron calorimeter (Northern Illinois U.; 2016)

  • Benjamin Hermberg Measuring Hadronic Jets at the ILC - From Particle Flow Calorimetry to the Higgs Self-Coupling (U. Hamburg, Dept. Phys.; 2015)

  • Jorge Berenguer Antequera Calorimetría hadrónica con lectura semidigital basada en cámaras de planos resistivos de vidrio para experimentos en colisionadores lineales e+e (Madrid U.; 2015)

  • Clemens Günter Comparison of Iron and Tungsten Absorber Structures for an Analog Hadron Calorimeter (U. Hamburg, Dept. Phys.; 2015)

  • Yacine Haddad A highly granular semi-digital hadron calorimeter for a future linear e + e − collider and a model independent Higgs boson measurement in the ZH→qq+X channel (École polytechnique; October 2014)

  • Jérémy Rouëné Calorimètre électromagnétique silicium-tungstène hautement granulaire - Production du quark top à l'International Linear Collider (LAL and Université Paris Sud; June 2014)

  • Tony Price Digital calorimetry for future e+e linear colliders and their impact on the precision measurement of the top Higgs Yukawa coupling (University of Birmingham; August 2013)

  • Lars Weuste Mass Measurement of Right-Handed Scalar Quarks and Time Measurement of Hadronic Showers for the Compact Linear Collider (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik & LMU München; June 2013)

  • Christian Soldner The time development of hadronic showers and the T3B experiment (Munich U.; 2013)

  • Katja Seidel Top quark pair production and calorimeter energy resolution studies at a future collider experiment (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik & LMU München; January 2012)

  • Alessandro Berra Silicon Photomultipliers in High Energy and Space Applications (Insubria U., Como; 2012)

  • Sebastian Weber Entwicklung eines integrierten LED-Kalibrationssystems und Studien zur Ortsauflösung für das szintillatorbasierte hadronische CALICE Kalorimeter (Wuppertal U.; 2012)

  • Philippe Doublet Hadrons in a highly granular SiW ECAL -- Top quark production at the ILC (LAL and Université Paris Sud; October 2011)

  • Nils Feege Low-energetic Hadron Interactions in a Highly Granular Calorimeter (Universität Hamburg, January 2011)

  • Klaus Alexander Tadday Scintillation Light Detection and Application of Silicon Photomultipliers in Imaging Calorimetry and Positron Emission Tomography (Heidelberg U.; 2011)

  • Ivan Marchesini Triple gauge couplings and polarization at the ILC and leakage in a highly granular calorimeter (Hamburg U.; 2011)

  • Robert Kieffer Caractérisation d'un calorimètre hadronique semi-digital pour le futur collisionneur ILC (Lyon, IPN; 2011)

  • Nils Feege Low-energetic hadron interactions in a highly granular calorimeter (Hamburg U.; 2011)

  • Kurt Francis Results of beam tests of a prototype calorimeter for a linear collider (NIU, May 2010)

  • Benjamin Lutz Hadron showers in a highly granular calorimeter (Hamburg U.; 2010)

  • Mustapha Benyamna Étude d'un prototype de calorimètre électromagnétique auprès de l'expérience CALICE dans le cadre du projet "International Linear Collider". (Clermont-Ferrand U.; 2010)

  • Marcel Reinhard CP violation in the Higgs sector with a next-generation detector at the ILC (Ecole Polytechnique; November 2009)

  • Hengne LI Higgs Recoil Mass and Cross-Section Analysis at ILC AND Calibration of the CALICE SiW ECAL Prototype (LAL & Université Paris XI; October 2009)

  • Nicola d'Ascenso Study of the Neutralino Sector and Analysis of the Muon Response of a Highly Granular Hadron Calorimeter at the International Linear Collider (DESY; January 2009)

  • Manqi RUAN A precise Higgs mass measurement at the ILC and test beam data analysis with CALICE (LAL & Tsinghua; November 2008)

  • Qingmin Zhang R&D of Digital Hadron Calorimeter Prototype with Glass RPCs

  • Marius Groll Construction and commissioning of a hadronic test-beam calorimeter to validate the particle-flow concept at the ILC (DESY; May 2007)

M.Sc. Theses

  • Aveen Mahon Track segment analysis of particle showers in the Analogue Hadronic Calorimeter engineering prototype (McGill, August 2021)

  • Isabelle Viarouge Calibration of the Digital Hadron Calorimeter using Data Track Segment Analysis (McGill, April 2018)

  • Benjamin Freund The Digital Hadron Calorimeter: analysis of the November 2011 Fermilab data (McGill, July 2015)

  • Sander Julien H Vanheule Design of a glass resistive plate chamber for the upgrade of the Compact Muon Solenoid muon system (Gent U.; 2013)

  • Daniel Trojand Novel Digital Hadron Calorimeter: Analysis and Calibration with Muons (McGill, April 2012)

  • Ching Bon Lam Interactions of Particles with Momenta of 1–10 GeV in a Highly Granular Hadronic Calorimeter with Tungsten Absorbers (Twente U. Tech., Enschede; 2012)

  • Oskar Hartbrich Commissioning and LED system tests of the engineering prototype of the analog hadronic calorimeter of the CALICE collaboration (Wuppertal U., Dept. Math.; 2012)

  • Takuma Goto Analysis of pion shower data from the CALICE prototype calorimeter for ILC (Cambridge; ?)

Diploma Theses

  • Lars Weuste: A Study of Track Segments within Hadronic Showers with a Highly Granular Hadronic Calorimeter (MPP, September 2009)

  • Christian Soldner: Scintillator Tile Uniformity Studies for a Highly Granular Hadron Calorimeter (MPP, September 2009)

  • Nils Feege Silicon Photomultipliers: Properties and Application in a Highly Granular Calorimeter (DESY; October 2008)

  • Sebastian Richter Validation of the Calibration Procedure for a Highly Granular Calorimeter with Electromagnetic Processes (DESY; September 2008)

  • Benjamin Lutz Commissioning of the Readout Electronics for the Prototypes of a Hadronic Calorimeter and a Tailcatcher and Muon Tracker (DESY; May 2006)

  • Nanda Wattimena Commissioning of an LED Calibration & Monitoring System for the Prototype of a Hadronic Calorimeter (DESY; April 2006)


  • Roman Pöschl Towards experimentation at a Future Linear Collider (LAL & Université Paris XI; October 2009)

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