1 Install EPICS

mkdir /tmp/epics

cd /tmp/epics

wget http://www.aps.anl.gov/epics/download/base/baseR3.14.8.2.tar.gz

tar xvzpf baseR3.14.8.2.tar.gz

cd base-

export EPICS_HOST_ARCH=linux-x86


2 install XERCES

Downloading and building instructions at: http://xerces.apache.org/xerces-c/build-winunix.html#UNIX In the main XERCES directory execute to compile:

cd src/xercesc/;

./runConfigure -plinux -cgcc -xg++ -minmem -nsocket -tnative -rpthread

3 install xview

Downloading and read building instructions inside the package at:


ignore error message as long as it installs include, lib and bin directories; edit CONFIG file to add xview/include installation directory, need to change Build script for that. E.g, one can install XView by a xview.script:

#! /usr/local/bin/tcsh -f

date > make.output

bash Build-XView.bash libs instlibs clients instclients >>& make.output

date >> make.output

ls install

4 install DOOCS

4.1 set the environment

export DOOCSROOT=/unix/lc/bartsch/doocs_nw

export DOOCSARCH=Linux

export ROOTSYS=/unix/lc/products/ilc_installation/root/root/


export XVIEW=/unix/lc/products/xview/xview-3.2p1.4-19c/install/


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/unix/lc/bartsch/doocs/Linux/lib

export PATH=$ROOTSYS/bin:$PATH:$DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib

export CVSROOT=:pserver:doocs@doocs.desy.de:/doocs


mkdir doocs

cd doocs

cvs checkout Linux

compile the clientlib

cvs co source/clientlib

cd $DOOCS_ROOT/source/clientlib


cp $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/obj/clientlib/libDOOCSapi.so.5.5.20 $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib

cp ../clientlib/pktrclntlib/*.h $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib/include/

cp ../clientlib/*.h $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib/include/

cp $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/obj/clientlib/libDOOCSapi.so.5.5.20 $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib

cd $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib

ln -s libDOOCSapi.so.5.5.20 libDOOCSapi.so

compile the serverlib

cvs co source/serverlib

cd $DOOCS_ROOT/source/serverlib


cp $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/obj/serverlib/libEqServer.so.4.9.15 $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib

ln -s $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib/libEqServer.so.4.9.15 $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib/libEqServer.so

cp *.h $DOOCS_ROOT/Linux/lib/include/

4.2 cvs checkout all packages needed


cvs checkout source/fsmlib

cvs checkout source/senderlib

cvs checkout source/daq

cvs checkout source/devguide_libs/

cvs co source/example/server/singenerator

cvs co source/clients/ttf/rpc_test/

4.3 compile all packages by hands after checking out

set the EPICS environment in $DOOCSARCH/CONFIG

# EPICSINC = EPICS_path/base-

# EPICSLIB = EPICS_path/base- EPICS_path/base-

# XERCES = XERCES_path/include/

# change in source/daq/slcollector

# magnet_err_rpc_server.cc and slcollector_rpc_server.cc to either

# static time_t walltime;

# or

# extern time_t walltime;

cd ../fsmlib

make localinstall

cd ../example/server/singenerator/

make -f Makefile.singenerator

cd ../../../daq/fsm

make localinstall

cd ../../daq/bm

make localinstall

cd ../../daq/XML_tools

make localinstall

cd ../../daq/evb/TTFClasses

make localinstall

cd ../../../daq/RfReader

make localinstall

cd ../../senderlib

make localinstall

cd ../daq/evb/RingBuffer

make localinstall

cd ../../../daq/evb/DataLink

make localinstall

cd $DOOCS_ROOT/source/devguide_libs/devguide-libs-

make -f makefile.linux

cd $DOOCS_ROOT/source/devguide_libs/devguide-libs-

* Important: set OPENWINHOME directory in Makefile or set it anywhere else)

make -f makefile.linux

edit dddlib Makefile

# CPPFLAGS += -I$(DOOCSROOT)/source/devguide_libs/devguide-libs-

# CPPFLAGS += -I$(DOOCSROOT)/source/devguide_libs/devguide-libs-

# LDFLAGS += -L$(DOOCSROOT)/source/devguide_libs/devguide-libs-

# LDFLAGS += -L$(DOOCSROOT)/source/devguide_libs/devguide-libs-

# LDFLAGS += -L$(DOOCSROOT)/source/devguide_libs/devguide-libs-

# OPENWINHOME=/unix/lc/products/xview/xview-3.2p1.4/build

# LDFLAGS += -L$(OPENWINHOME)/../lib/libxview/

# LDFLAGS += -L$(OPENWINHOME)/../lib/libolgx/

# LDFLAGS += -L/usr/X11R6/lib/

make all

cvs co source/utillib

cd source/utillib/



cvs co source/clients/ttf/doocstools/

cd source/clients/ttf/doocstools/


cd source/clients/ttf/rpc_test/

change files according to attached files

make all


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/unix/lc/products/xerces/xerces-c-src_2_8_0/lib/

Install some more daq packages

cvs co source/daq/distributor

cvs co source/daq/evb

# before making both packages comment out the following line from the Makefile:

#$(CCDEP) -r -I../bm > $(OBJDIR)/.depend_temp

# there are one or two changes of changing abs to fabs in the *.cc if there are error during compilation

# for the distributor: distributor_rpc_server.cc needs to have "#include <sys/fcntl.h>" included otherwise

# it does not compile in my environment

cd source/daq/distributor

make install

cd -

cd source/daq/evb

cd ../RootFile


make localinstall

cd ../RingBuffer/


make localinstall

cd ../DataLink/


make localinstall

cd ../TTFClasses/


make localinstall

cd ../ROOTmodule/


make localinstall

cd ..


make localinstall

make install

4.4 An example file of setting environment variables

This is an example file of setting environment variables to install DOOCS: doocs.cshrc by tcsh syntax.
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