Run Number Ranges

SiW ECal: Silicon-Tungsten EM Calorimeter
SciW ECal: Scintillator-Tungsten EM Calorimeter
tile HCal: Scintillator-Steel Tile Had Calorimeter
TCMT: Scintillator-Steel Tail Catcher and Muon Tracker
DHCAL: RPC digital hcal
D-TCMT: TCMT stack instrumented with RPCs

# range Location Campaign SetupSorted descending
32xxxx CERN 2006 tile HCal, TCMT
35xxxx CERN 2007 tile HCal, TCMT
52xxxx FNAL spring/summer 2008 tile HCal, TCMT
55xxxx FNAL fall 2008 tile HCal, TCMT
58xxxx FNAL 2009 tile HCal, TCMT
205xxx DESY 2008 tile HCal, LED calibrations only
62xxxx FNAL 2010 TCMT
30xxxx CERN 2006 SiW ECal, tile HCal, TCMT
33xxxx CERN 2007 SiW ECal, tile HCal, TCMT
50xxxx FNAL spring/summer 2008 SiW ECal, tile HCal, TCMT
56xxxx FNAL 2009 SiW ECal, tile HCal, TCMT
63xxxx FNAL 2011 SiW ECal, DHCAL, D-TCMT
31xxxx CERN 2006 SiW ECal
34xxxx CERN 2007 SiW ECal
51xxxx FNAL spring/summer 2008 SiW ECal
57xxxx FNAL 2009 SiW ECAL
64xxxx FNAL 2011 SiW ECal
53xxxx FNAL fall 2008 SciW ECal, tile HCal, TCMT
40xxxx DESY 2007 SciW ECal
54xxxx FNAL fall 2008 SciW ECal
20xxxx DESY 2006  
22xxxx DESY 2006  
23xxxx DESY 2006  
24xxxx DESY 2006  
25xxxx DESY 2007  
60xxxx FNAL 2010 DHCAL, TCMT
61xxxx FNAL 2010 DHCAL, D-TCMT
65xxxx FNAL 2011 DHCAL, D-TCMT

-- DanielJeans - 21 Nov 2013

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