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ProtoDUNE detectors are hosted in the EHN1 extension (Lausanne side of building 887) in the Prevessin CERN site. Offices for ProtoDUNE collaborators are also located in the Prevessin area: building 892, second floor, B corridor, right in front of the detector building (you can check the building location using this interactive CERN map).

If you don't have a car or bike, the free CERN shuttle #2 runs from CERN Meyrin to CERN Prevessin Monday to Friday until 6pm, stopping in front of building 892: https://smb-dep.web.cern.ch/en/ShuttleService/Circuit2 In addition, the CERN shuttle #3 is a "shifter" shuttle, arriving at building 892 (from CERN Meyrin) every day a few minutes before the start of each shift and leaving from building 892 towards CERN Meyrin about 15 minutes after the end of each shift: https://smb-dep.web.cern.ch/en/ShuttleService/Circuit3

EHN1 is classified as a construction area. This means that helmet, safety shoes and long trousers are required at all times in the building. We will provide helmets to people coming to work for ProtoDUNE, while you should bring your own safety shoes if possible.

How to access EHN1:

Here the instructions on how to gain access to the NP hall and pit.


First of all, the team leader of your group has to pre-register you BEFORE your arrival at CERN: http://usersoffice.web.cern.ch/new-registration In case you need a visa to work here, you also have to contact the CENF secretary Simona Kriva (cenf.secretariat@cernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch) to receive the invitation letter necessary for the visa application. Visa application needs to be done at least a month before your arrival (the earlier the better), or your visa may not be ready on time.

Not sure whether you need a visa? Check here and here to find it out or ask Simona Kriva.

Once the pre-registration is completed, go to the USER office as you arrive at CERN (location and opening hours here) to complete the registration and obtain CERN badge and computing account. With these in hands, you can move to the next step.


Now that you have a computing account:

giving a justification for why you are requesting access (something like "participation to NP04 run"). If you are not familiar with the procedure, go to the website, click on "Go to”, then “request access" then “search permission” and search for the access zones listed above one at the time.

  • go to the SIR website (https://sir.cern.ch/sir/f?p=106:1:210811606425238) and pass the following on line trainings:
    • Safety at CERN
    • Electrical Awareness
    • Neutrino Platform Hall - Installation Phase
    • Neutrino Platform Hall - Cryogenics
    • RP Training for CERN Supervised Radiation Areas

The last training (RP training) is required in order to obtain a dosimeter. If you WILL NOT be at CERN between August 24th 2018 and the end of the year, you don't need a dosimeter, hence you can skip the RP training and what mentioned so far is all that you need to access EHN1. If you will instead spend some time at CERN during the beam run period, then read below.

How to get a dosimeter

According to the duration of your presence at CERN, you will have to request a temporary or permanent dosimeter:

  • If you will spend less than 60 days at CERN between the day you'll request the dosimeter and the end of the year (most of the shifters and off site experts), you can apply for a temporary dosimeter. In this case, you need to pass the RP training mentioned in the previous section and present a request to the dosimetry office in Building 55 R-004 between 8:30 and 12:00, Monday to Friday (request form available in the office).

  • If you will spend more than 60 days at CERN, you will have to apply for a permanent dosimeter. In this case, in addition to passing the RP training, you'll have to bring to the dosimetry office at the moment of the request this certificate signed by the responsible in matter of radiation protection at your home institution.

In both cases, the dosimeter will be given to you immediately. If you leave CERN even for a short amount of time, you can return the dosimeter and get it back during your next visit. For temporary dosimeters, these days in which you won't have the dosimeter will not count towards the 60 days time limit.

The full procedure of obtaining a badge, following the trainings, getting access permission and dosimeter takes a minimum of 2-3 days, possibly more. If you are coming for ProtoDUNE shifts, make sure you arrive early enough to sort out all the bureaucracy AND have time for shadow shifts before your own shift starts!

Key Links

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