Running Monet

As np04daq user on one of the np04 online machines run:

Note the server and port to connect and copy to your browser. Accessible from inside CERN only for now.


Monet was originally written by LHCb. We are using a fork with some modifications. The ProtoDUNE fork lives at . If you need write access, ask Philip Rodrigues.

To install your own copy for development or debugging, assuming you don't have superuser privileges on the machine you're working on:

  1. Make sure ROOT (including pyroot) is installed. Monet depends on it, and it won't be automatically installed in the steps below.
  2. Clone the ProtoDUNE version of the git repository:
       git clone ssh:// monet
       cd monet
  3. If on the np04-srv-* machines, set a proxy so the machine can talk to the outside world:
       export http_proxy=
       export https_proxy=
  4. In the monet directory, set up the monet config and run pip to install monet and all its dependencies:
       export MONET_CONFIG=`pwd`/configs/
       pip install --user -e  .  # If you are superuser just do: pip install -e .
    (This will take a while and install a large number of dependencies. If you do a lot of other python development, you may want to use a virtualenv to sandbox monet and its dependencies from the rest of your python packages.)

After the installation you need to set the PYTHONUSERBASE and PYTHONPATH variables depending on where pip installed the various libraries:

export PYTHONUSERBASE=/nfs/home/np04daq/.local
export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/nfs/home/np04daq/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/

You can then start Monet with

python -m

In the current implementation on /nfs/sw/om/Monet you can add new pages to the Dune Test Folder. Each page can only contain one plot. There are 2 test files used to define the list of pages and what plots they contain

The first one "/nfs/sw/om/Monet/Dune_page_file" defines the available pages, one line per page, with the format "FolderName/PageName" for example

* Dune Test Folder/Dune Test Page 00:

To add a new page simply edit the file and add a new line with the format above

The second file "/nfs/sw/om/Monet/Dune_histo_file" defines which plot are shown in the pages, one line per plot, with the format "/FolderName/PageName %%% HistoPath" where PageName is the same as the name in the Dune_page_file (note the extra / compared to the page file in front of the folder name) and HistoPath is the full path of the plot in the ROOT file excluding the file name, for example

* /Dune Test Folder/Dune Test Page 00: %%% foo/bar/plot

The %%% is used as separator. Again to add the the plot which will be shown in the new page edit the file with this format.

Once you have updated the 2 files you need to hit the Reload button on top left of Monet to reload the folder structure.

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