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SSH tunnel setup

Initialise Kerberos credentials kinit mycernusername@CERN.CH

Edit/Create your $HOME/.ssh/config and add the following

Host lxtunnel
        User mycernusername
        Protocol 2
        ForwardX11 no
        PasswordAuthentication no
        LocalForward 22000
        LocalForward 22001
        LocalForward 22002
        LocalForward 22003
        LocalForward 22004
        LocalForward 22005
        LocalForward 22006
        LocalForward 22007
        LocalForward 22008
        LocalForward 22009

Host np13
        Hostname localhost
        Port 22000
        User mycernusername

Add some aliases to your .bashrc

alias lxtun="ssh -N -C -f -q lxtunnel ; sleep 1 ; [[ \$(ps auxwww | grep lxtunnel | grep -c -v grep) == 1 ]] && echo ok || echo not ok"
alias lxtunkill="for i in \`ps auxww | grep lxtunnel | grep -v grep | awk '{print \$2}'\`; do echo killing \$i; kill \$i; done"

Try the tunnel

source .bashrc
should report "ok" - if not type lxtunkill and try again or check previous steps.

Try connect to np04-srv-013

ssh np13

VNC setup

ssh to np04-srv-013 and set a VNC password.

ssh np13

Create/Replace the file $HOME/.vnc/xstartup with the following


#exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
exec xfce4-session
Make sure the file is executable
chmod u+x xstartup

Start the VNC server and note the desktop number - e.g. ":1"

OUTPUT: New 'np04-srv-013:1 (mycernusername)' desktop is np04-srv-013*:1*

Connect via your favourite VNC client with the details Host = localhost Port = 22001 ... 22009 (last digit matches desktop number)

To kill vncserver

Log into np04-srv-013 and kill the relevant server:
ssh np13
vncserver -kill :1

-- KarolH - 2017-09-26

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