Tenma 72-2540 low voltage power supply remote control syntax

Serial port settings

  • Baud rate: 9600
  • Parity bit: None
  • Data bit: 8
  • Stop bit: 1
  • Data flow control: None

Command format

  • COMMAND<X>:<NR2>
  • COMMAND<Boolean>

  • <X> Output channel (always 1 in case of a single channel supply 72-2540)
  • <NR1> Digits with an implied decimal point assumed at the right of the least-significant digit. Example: 273 (Integer number)
  • <NR2> Digits with an explicit decimal point. Examples: .273, 0.273
  • <Boolean>: Boolean value 1 or 0.

List of commands


  • Description: Sets the output current
  • Response time: 50ms
  • Example: ISET1:2.225 Sets the CH1 output current to 2.225A


  • Description: Returns the output current setting
  • Example: ISET1? Returns the CH1 output current setting.


  • Description: Sets the output voltage.
  • Example: VSET1:20.50 Sets the CH1 voltage to 20.50V.


  • Description: Returns the output voltage setting.
  • Example VSET1? Returns the CH1 voltage setting.


  • Description: Returns the actual output current.
  • Example IOUT1? Returns the CH1 output current.


  • Description: Returns the actual output voltage.
  • Example VOUT1? Returns the CH1 output voltage.


  • Description: Turns on or off the beep.
  • <Boolean>: 0=OFF, 1=ON.
  • Example: BEEP1 Turns on the beep.


  • Description: Turns on or off the output.
  • <Boolean>: 0=OFF, 1=ON.
  • Example: OUT1 Turns on the output.


  • Description: Returns the POWER SUPPLY status.
  • Contents 8 bits in the following format:
    • bit 0: CH1 mode: 0=CC, 1=CV
    • bit 1: N/A
    • bit 2: N/A
    • bit 3: N/A
    • bit 4: Beep: 0=Off, 1=On
    • bit 5: Lock: 0=Lock, 1=Unlock
    • bit 6: Output: 0=Off, 1=On
    • bit 7: N/A


  • Description: Returns the device identification.
  • Example: *IDN? Returns manufacturer, model name, serial number: TENMA 72-2540 SN:xxxxxxxx Vx.xx


  • Description: Recalls a panel setting.
  • <NR1>: Memory number 1 to 5.
  • Example: RCL1 Recalls the panel setting stored in memory number 1.


  • Description: Stores the panel setting.
  • <NR1>: Memory number 1 to 5.
  • Example: SAV1 Stores the panel setting in memory number 1.


  • Description: Over current protection.
  • <Boolean>: 0=OFF, 1=ON.
  • Example: OCP1 Turns on the OCP


  • Description: Over voltage protection.
  • <Boolean>: 0=OFF, 1=ON.
  • Example: OVP1 Turns on the OVP

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