Agent tweaks

UPDATE wmbs_location SET state=(SELECT id from wmbs_location_state where name='Normal') WHERE state!=(SELECT id from wmbs_location_state where name='Normal');
UPDATE wmbs_location SET running_slots=2000, pending_slots=1000;
UPDATE rc_threshold SET max_slots=2000, pending_slots=1000;
  • Set maxRetries to 0 ==> OK
  • Run PhEDExFix ==> NOPE

Jobs in Condor

[cmsdataops@cmsgwms-submit1 current]$ condorq
[cmsdataops@cmsgwms-submit1 current]$ 

Jobs ordered by status

SQL> select, count(*)
from wmbs_job
join wmbs_job_state on (wmbs_job.state =
group by wmbs_job.state,;
| name     | count(*) |
| cleanout |   114604 |
1 row in set (0.51 sec)

Workflows in the System

MariaDB [wmagent]> SELECT DISTINCT name from wmbs_workflow;
| name                                                                            |
areinsvo_SUS-RunIISpring16MiniAODv2-Backfill-00012_00005_v0__160607_211355_6889		completed
fabozzi_HIRun2015-HIFlowCorr-02May2016_758p4_160621_231354_90		completed
fabozzi_HIRun2015-HIForward-02May2016_758p4_160502_172635_5523		completed
fabozzi_HIRun2015-HIHardProbes-02May2016_758p4_160621_231330_3074		completed
fabozzi_HIRun2015-HIMinimumBias5-02May2016_758p4_160502_172625_4322		completed
fabozzi_Run2016B-2-DisplacedJet-01Jul2016_8013p1_160701_191254_5347		completed
fabozzi_Run2016B-2-DoubleEG-01Jul2016_8013p1_160701_191421_8281		completed
fabozzi_Run2016B-2-DoubleMuonLowMass-01Jul2016_8013p1_160701_190445_4332		completed
fabozzi_Run2016B-2-JetHT-01Jul2016_8013p1_160701_191500_2542		completed
fabozzi_Run2016B-2-MuOnia-01Jul2016_8013p1_160701_190912_1916		completed
fabozzi_Run2016B-2-SingleElectron-01Jul2016_8013p1_160701_190809_6571		completed
prozober_ACDC_task_TOP-RunIISpring16DR80-00013__v1_T_160517_161850_4319		announced
12 rows in set (0.00 sec)

and what matters is only, well, they are ALL at least in complete status.


Workflows not fully injected

MariaDB [wmagent]> select distinct name from wmbs_workflow where injected = 0;  
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Their status in workqueue is as follows:

cmst1@vocms0310:/data/srv/wmagent/current $ python BLAH

Subscriptions not finished

SQL> select distinct AS wfName
   FROM wmbs_subscription
   INNER JOIN wmbs_fileset ON wmbs_subscription.fileset =
   INNER JOIN wmbs_workflow ON = wmbs_subscription.workflow
   where wmbs_subscription.finished = 0 ORDER BY;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

and they are all either aborted or announced. So let's switch their subscription to finished:

MariaDB [wmagent]> UPDATE wmbs_subscription SET finished=1 WHERE finished=0;
Query OK, 77 rows affected (0.04 sec)
Rows matched: 77  Changed: 77  Warnings: 0

Files available in WMBS (waiting for job creation)

MariaDB [wmagent]> select subscription,count(*) from wmbs_sub_files_available group by subscription;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Checking workflows with files still available:

SQL> SELECT, count(wmbs_sub_files_available.subscription), count(wmbs_sub_files_available.fileid)
  FROM wmbs_sub_files_available
  INNER JOIN wmbs_subscription ON wmbs_sub_files_available.subscription =
  INNER JOIN wmbs_workflow ON wmbs_subscription.workflow =
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Files acquired or acquired in WMBS (waiting for job to finish)

MariaDB [wmagent]>  select subscription,count(*) from wmbs_sub_files_acquired group by subscription;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Files and Blocks in Phedex and DBS

Blocks open in DBS

MariaDB [wmagent]> SELECT * FROM dbsbuffer_block WHERE status!='Closed';
Empty set (0.07 sec)

Files not updated DBS

MariaDB [wmagent]> SELECT * from dbsbuffer_file where status = 'NOTUPLOADED';
Empty set (0.87 sec)

Files not injected in Phedex, with parent block id (can be recovered)

SQL> SELECT * FROM dbsbuffer_file
WHERE in_phedex=0
AND block_id IS NOT NULL
AND lfn NOT LIKE '%unmerged%'
AND lfn NOT LIKE 'MCFakeFile%'
AND lfn NOT LIKE '/store/user%';
Empty set (0.88 sec)

Files not in phedex without parent block id (cannot be recovered) Possible input files.

SQL> SELECT count(*) FROM dbsbuffer_file
WHERE in_phedex=0
AND block_id IS NULL
AND lfn NOT LIKE '%unmerged%' 
AND lfn NOT LIKE 'MCFakeFile%'
AND lfn NOT LIKE '/store/backfill/%'
AND lfn NOT LIKE '/store/user%';
| count(*) |
|   552551 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

So we run fix Phedex to update the files not in phedex

cmst1@vocms0303:/data/srv/wmagent/current $ curl >
cmst1@vocms0303:/data/srv/wmagent/current $ python
Shutting down PhEDExInjector...
Checking 4 dataset in both PhEDEx and DBS ...
100/6024 files processed
6000/6024 files processed
Found 17623 out of 17623 files that are already registered in PhEDEx            but buffer doesn't know
Fixing them now, it may take several minutes ...
Rows were successfully updated! Good job!
Starting PhEDExInjector now ...

started with pid 2081529

And we check afterwards

SQL>SELECT lfn FROM dbsbuffer_file
WHERE in_phedex=0
AND block_id IS NULL
AND lfn NOT LIKE '%unmerged%' 
AND lfn NOT LIKE 'MCFakeFile%'
AND lfn NOT LIKE '/store/backfill/%'
AND lfn NOT LIKE '/store/user%';
no rows selected

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