Tier-0 Overview

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Overview CompOpsTier0Overview Overview of Tier-0 project
Tier-0 documentation CompOpsTier0Documentation Detailed description about techincal aspects of the Tier0
Tier-0 web pages Tier0WebPages A list of Tier0 pages, dashboards, tables, plots online
Policies CompOpsTier0Policies Project description and Policies
Tier-0 WMStats Monitoring CompOpsTier0TeamWMStatsMonitoring How to quickly get useful information from WMStats
Tier-0 Monitoring CompOpsTier0TeamMonitoring How to quickly get useful information from Tier-0 monitoring sites
Team Weekly Meeting Tier0CoordinationWeeklyMeeting Tier-0 weekly team meeting
CompOps Meeting Report CompOpsMeetingT0 Tier-0 section in the weekly computing operations meeting
T0AST T0AST Information and detais of Tier0 releases

Tier-0 Operator instructions

We are in the process of changing our documentation. The new document can be found at CMS Tier-0 Operator Manual
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Tier-0 Cookbook CompOpsTier0TeamCookbook Recipes on how to fix common issues
Tier-0 Operator Setup CompOpsTier0NewOperator Instructions for a new Tier-0 operator
Tier-0 Operator Checklist CompOpsTier0TeamOpsShift Basic Tier-0 operator responsibilities
Tier-0 Data for Replays CompOpsTier0TeamReplayGoodRuns Good Runs for validation replays
Tier-0 Jira Project conventions Tier0JiraProjectConventions Detailed description of the conventions use when opening, following-up , closing and reopening tickets in Jira

Instructions for external people

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CMSSW configuration used for PromptReco at T0 SWGuidePromptReco Reproducing the CMSSW configuration used for Prompt Reconstruction at Tier-0
CSP Shifter Instructions Tier0CSPShifterInstructions Instructions for the CSP Shifter related to the Tier-0
HLT Menu Update Instructions Tier0HLTMenuUpdateInstructions Instructions and time windows to update HLT menu configuration in the Tier-0
Log Access for DQM Team CompOpsLogAccessDQM Links for DQM team to find logs quickly
Reharvest One DQM Job CompOpsReHarvJob A guide to reharvest one DQM job
Tier0 Configuration Wrappers Tier0ConfigrationWrappers A guide to use wrappers to recreate configuration files.


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Run 1 reports CompOpsTier0TeamRun1Reports Archived Run 1 twiki pages, reports, etc.
Run 2 reports CompOpsTier0TeamRun2Reports Archived Run 2 twiki pages, reports, etc.

Work in progress:

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Jenkins replays CompOpsTier0JenkinsReplays Detailed description and instructions about managing Jenkins automation for replays.

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