Review of C++ statics Accessed by Modules

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Purpose of Page

This is meant to collect all known C++ statics which are accessed by cmsRun modules during Event processing.

Issued found by Tool

The following table contains the statics which can affect modules while processing Events. This was abstracted from

Class with static Package Comments
CocoaAnalyzer Alignment/CocoaApplication ALIUtils::debug and ALIUtils::report are being accessed in a static way, and are also modified by static functions, it should be implemented a mutex in the functions that are involved with these variables
Model Alignment/CocoaModel Model::theOptOList, Model::theOpticalAlignments, Model::theMeasurementVector, Model::theCocoaStatus and Model::theEntryVecto are also accessed in a static way, and are also modified by static functions, it should be implemented a mutex in the functions that are involved with these variables
SurveyInputDummy Alignment/SurveyAnalysis test code
TSFit CalibCalorimetry/EcalLaserAnalyzer
LaserSorter CalibCalorimetry/EcalLaserSorting
SiStripDetCabling CalibFormats/SiStripObjects
SiStripFecCabling CalibFormats/SiStripObjects
DTTTrigSyncTOFCorr CalibMuon/DTDigiSync the variables theVPropWire and theTOFCorrType are members of the class and are not static
EcalMipGraphs CaloOnlineTools/EcalTools edm::Service<> should not be assigned to a static
DTConfigPluginHandler CondCore/DTPlugins
DTBufferTree<int>*> CondFormats/DTObjects in CondFormats/DTObjects/interface/DTBufferTree.icc defaultContent, defaultContent is set in a static way and then is used to initialize bufferContent
L1TriggerKey CondFormats/L1TObjects
FebLocationSpec CondFormats/RPCObjects
SiStripFedCabling CondFormats/SiStripObjects
L1MuGMTReadoutCollection DataFormats/L1GlobalMuonTrigger
reco::PFCluster DataFormats/ParticleFlowReco documented here
DDName DetectorDescription/Core
CommissioningTask DQM/SiStripCommissioningSources
Benchmark DQMOffline/PFTau affects PFMETDQMAnalyzer
MatacqProducer EventFilter/EcalRawToDigi
FBaseSimEvent FastSimulation/Event fixed by lveldere
HcalRecHitsMaker FastSimulation/CaloRecHitsProducer
FastL1Region FastSimulation/L1CaloTriggerProducer
TGeoMgrFromDdd Fireworks/Geometry
gen::Cascade2Hadronizer GeneratorInterface/CascadeInterface const char* Cascade2Hadronizer::classname() const returns a string literal, is it ok as it is now?
CosmicGenFilterHelix GeneratorInterface/GenFilters
vpp_generated_2010_01_22 L1Trigger/CSCTrackFinder wrap function uses statics to store data between each call and is designed to be called serially
  statics could be made member data but code is generated and requires changing the model
vpp_generated_2012_01_31 L1Trigger/CSCTrackFinder same as above
CSCTFPtMethods L1Trigger/CSCTrackFinder has static vpp_generated_* members that can't be made const
CSCTFSPCoreLogic L1Trigger/CSCTrackFinder
CSCAnodeLCTAnalyzer L1Trigger/CSCTriggerPrimitives test code
CSCCathodeLCTAnalyzer L1Trigger/CSCTriggerPrimitives test code
CSCCathodeLCTProcessor L1Trigger/CSCTriggerPrimitives test code
CSCTriggerPrimitivesReader L1Trigger/CSCTriggerPrimitives
L1GtAlgorithmEvaluation L1Trigger/GlobalTrigger
L1MuGMTConfig L1Trigger/GlobalMuonTrigger static data members set to default and then set to input parameters
  can't have concurrent instances with different input parameters
WriteVHDL L1TriggerConfig/RPCTriggerConfig test code
magfieldparam::poly2d_base MagneticField/ParametrizedEngine class is meant to be instantiated once, MFProducer which instantiates needs to be global
JetPlusTrackCorrector RecoJets/JetPlusTracks
PileupJetIdAlgo RecoJets/JetProducers
GeneralBinFinderInPhi RecoMuon/DetLayers fixed already
L1MuonPixelTrackFitter RecoMuon/TrackerSeedGenerator
CSCHaloAlgo RecoMET/METAlgorithms
PFClusterAlgo RecoParticleFlow/PFClusterProducer
CaloTauSelectorDefinition RecoTauTag/TauTagTools
MeasurementTrackerEventProducer RecoTracker/MeasurementDet
SimpleVertexTree RecoVertex/KalmanVertexFit
EcalSelectiveReadout SimCalorimetry/EcalSelectiveReadoutAlgos
EcalSelectiveReadoutProducer SimCalorimetry/EcalSelectiveReadoutProducers
DTDigitizer SimMuon/DTDigitizer
GaussNoiseProducerFP420 SimRomanPot/SimFP420
MaterialAccountingGroup SimTracker/TrackerMaterialAnalysis fixed already
TrackerHitProducer Validation/TrackerHits

Review of Issues

In this section we provide the reasons a particular issue could not be trivial fixed and offer suggestions for how it might be changed.

-- ChrisDJones - 31 Oct 2013

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