Offline software for Phase I (2018) heavy-ion reco

Frontier development recipe (i.e., instantly out of date)

CMSSW setup

cmsrel  CMSSW_10_3_0_pre4
cd  CMSSW_10_3_0_pre4/src

Reco cfgs

Latest customizations and mult-threading options may be found here: /afs/

cmsDriver commands

See the RelVal workflows for HI reco and pp reco: -l 150 -n -e -l 158 -n -e  

The workflow can be quickly validated with a similar command: -l 158 --useInput all -t 4 

These workflows run peripheral Hydjet events, but of course you can change the generator to whatever you want, e.g., Hydjet_Quenched_MinBias_5020GeV_cfi

2018 PbPb MC (contact: Cole Lindsey)

HI pull requests

PR# Status RequesterSorted ascending Description
18646 Green led Austin CA quad-seeding for HI reco
19083 Green led Austin Full track primary vertex
19486 Green led Austin Limit pixel pair to region around dead area
20303 Green led Austin Bugfix for detached step
21930 Green led Kong Displaced tracking for HI reco
19943 Green led Kurt DQM for CS jets
20482 Green led Kurt Fixing ptMin behavior for PU jets
19537 Green led Marta Add constituent-subtracted jets
22226 Green led Marta remove all zero pT CS candidates
18684 Green led Matt Cleanup of Vs jets and conditions to get HI reco running from driver
18721 Green led Matt Keep nuclear gen info, e.g., npart
19089 Green led Matt HI phase I relVal
19475 Green led Matt Update of vertex smearing
19927 Green led Matt PF relinking
20024 Green led Matt Bugfix for embedded workflows
21667 Green led Matt Updated HI reco relval for 2018 detector (was 2017)

Pull requests specifically related to HI processing with pp era

PR# Status Merged into Requester Description
21861 Green led 10_1_X Matt Era setup for pp reco on AA for 2018
23371 Green led 10_2_X Matt Remove OOT photons
23404 Green led 10_2_X Ran Raise SC thresholds, and remove tracker-driven electrons
23443 Green led 10_2_X Geonhee Move tracker muon threshold to 800 MeV
23510 Green led 10_2_X Austin Several tracking and primary vertex speed-ups
23520 Green led 10_2_X Ran Reduce phi window for GED super-clusters
24199 Green led 10_3_X Ran Do not drop genParticles after GEN step
24201 Green led 10_3_X Matt Keep centrality info
24224 Green led 10_3_X Matt Drop taus, conversions, inclusive vertices & PF MET
24257 Green led 10_3_X Austin Add pixel tracks
24339 Green led 10_3_X Cesar Read Hybrid format tracker data
24349 Green led 10_3_X Stepan Switch to HI jet algos
24365 Orange led 10_3_X Kaya Exclude flagged rechits from island clusters
24413 Green led 10_3_X Ran raise threshold on strip-seeded electrons
24450 Green led 10_3_X Quan Keep ZDC digis w/ new QE10 format
24466 Green led 10_3_X Austin Raise cluster limit threshold
- Red led 10_3_X Austin track MVA selection

Contacts (Please update if out of date)

  • Tracking: Austin Baty
  • Jets: Stepan Obraztov & Yi Chen (ex: Chris McGinn, Kurt Jung)
  • Egamma: Inna Kucher & Ran Bi (ex: Kaya Tatar)
  • Muons: Geonhee Oh (ex: Emilien Chapon)
  • Global Observables: Javier Martin Blanco
  • Validation: Quan Wang
  • MC: Cole Lindsey & Laurent Forthomme (ex: George Stephans)


  • Pull request should now always be made to the master branch

Meetings (Google docs linked from indico)


-- MatthewNguyen - 2017-05-11

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