CMS Electroweak Public Physics Results

Plots and Results

Sigma_v0.png Electroweak Cross Sections (pdf, png). Simplified version (pdf, png).

lep.png Ratio CMS/Theory, 2010 (36 pb-1) and 2011 (1.1 fb-1 data) (pdf, png).

Latest CMS electroweak results

Date CADI (restricted) Analysis Luminosity Approved Plots CDS Document Notes
NEW December 2011 EWK-11-003 Measurement of the weak mixing angle with the Drell-Yan process 1.1 fb-1   CMS-EWK-11-003 Phys. Rev. D 84, 112002 (2011)
NEW November 2011 EWK-10-007 Measurement of the Drell-Yan Cross Section 36 pb-1   CMS-EWK-10-007 J. High Energy Phys. 10 (2011) 007
NEW November 2011 EWK-10-005 W and Z inclusive cross sections 36 pb-1 link CMS-EWK-10-005 J. High Energy Phys. 10 (2011) 132
NEW October 2011 EWK-10-010 Measurement of the Rapidity and Transverse Momentum Distributions of Z Bosons 36 pb-1 link CMS-PAS-EWK-10-010 arXiv:1110.4973 Accepted for publication in PRD
NEW October 2011 EWK-10-012 Jet Production Rates in Association with W and Z Bosons 36 pb-1 link CMS-EWK-10-012 arXiv:1110.3226 Accepted for publication in JHEP
September 2011 EWK-10-008 Measurement of W-γ and Z-γ Production 36 pb-1 link CMS-EWK-10-008 Phys. Lett. B 701 (2011) 535–555
August 2011 EWK-10-013 Inclusive Z Cross Section via Decays to Tau Pairs 36 pb-1 link CMS-EWK-10-013 J. High Energy Phys. 08 (2011) 117
August 2011 EWK-11-005 Update of the muon charge asymmetry 234 pb-1   CMS-EWK-11-005 LP preliminary, muon channel
July 2011 EWK-11-010 WW, WZ and ZZ cross sections 1.1 fb-1   CMS-PAS-EWK-11-010 EPS preliminary, leptonic modes
July 2011 EWK-11-013 W + charm production 1.1 fb-1   CMS-PAS-EWK-11-013 EPS preliminary, first measurment
July 2011 EWK-10-014 Polarization of W Bosons with Large Transverse Momenta in W+Jets Events 36 pb-1 link CMS-EWK-10-014 Phys. Rev. Lett. 107 (2011) 021802
April 2011 EWK-10-006 Lepton charge asymmetry in inclusive W production 36 pb-1 link CMS-EWK-10-006 J. High Energy Phys. 04 (2011) 050
March 2011 EWK-10-009 Measurement of W+W- and Search for the Higgs Boson 36 pb-1 link CMS-EWK-10-009 Physics Letters B 699 (2011)
March 2011 EWK-10-011 Forward-Backward Asymmetry of DY pairs and measurement of weak mixing angle 36 pb-1 link CMS-PAS-EWK-10-011 Moriond preliminary
March 2011 EWK-10-015 Z plus b-jet(s) 36 pb-1 link CMS-PAS-EWK-10-015 Moriond preliminary
March 2011 EWK-11-002 W to τν 18 pb-1 link CMS-PAS-EWK-11-002 Moriond preliminary
December 2010 EWK-10-002 First Measurement of Inclusive W and Z Cross Sections 2.9 pb-1   CMS-EWK-10-002 J. High Energy Phys. 01 (2011) 080

EWK results presented at the Poster Session of the LHCC, March 23, 2011

Recent presentations at Conferences

Date Title Speaker Conference
November 2011 V+jets @ ATLAS/CMS Benjamin Trocme HCP2011
November 2011 W/Z Properties @ ATLAS/CMS Javier Santaolalla HCP2011
November 2011 Diboson Results @ CMS A. Martelli/T. Bose HCP2011
November 2011 Diboson studies Jeff Klukas USLUO
November 2011 EWK Results from CMS Jamila Butt USLUO
September 2011 WZ Production and Search for WZ Resonances Srecko Morovic BSM 2011
September 2011 CMS Standard Model Results Vuko Brigljievic BSM 2011
August 2011 W/Z and Diboson Production Sara Bolognesi PIC 2011
August 2011 W/Z Properties Alex Melnitchouk PIC 2011
August 2011 W,Z + jets Production Sandro Gonzi PIC 2011
August 2011 W,Z + jets Production Michael Cutajar QCD@LHC 2011
August 2011 Production of EW Bosons at Colliders Matthias Mozer Lepton Photon 2011
August 2011 Precision EW Meas. at Colliders Jan Stark (D0) Lepton Photon 2011
August 2011 Electroweak Physics Michael Schmitt DPF 2011
August 2011 Meas. of Z Diff. Cross-Sections Joseph Gartner DPF 2011
August 2011 Meas. of Drell-Yan Cross-Section Stoyan Stoynev DPF 2011
August 2011 W and Z Production and Asymmetries Ji Yeon Han DPF 2011
August 2011 W,Z + jets Production Kira Grogg DPF 2011
August 2011 Study of Diboson Production Kalanand Mishra DPF 2011
July 2011 WW, W+gamma and Z+gamma Production Rahmat Rahmat PANIC 2011
July 2011 Higgs Searches with Taus Michail Bachtis PANIC 2011
July 2011 Electroweak Physics Juan Alcaraz EPS 2011
July 2011 Diboson Production Matthieu Marionneau EPS 2011
July 2011 DY Cross Section and W Charge Asymmetry Dimitri Bourilkov EPS 2011
July 2011 W and Z in Association with Jets Monika Grothe EPS 2011
July 2011 Dimuon results in PbPb and pp collisions Mihee Jo EPIC@LHC
July 2011 V+jets and V+gamma Emanuele Di Marco LISHEP 2011
July 2011 Electroweak and jet measurements Jeremy Mans PDF4LHC
July 2011 W/Z and W/Z+jets Production Efe Yazgan SM Benchmarks at Hadron Colliders
April 2011 CMS results in electroweak physics Juan Alcaraz Joint EP/PP/LPCC CERN Seminar
April 2011 Results of V+jets Lukas Vanelderen SM@LHC 2011 Duhram
April 2011 W/Z cross-sections and asymmetries Uta Klein (ATLAS) SM@LHC 2011 Duhram
April 2011 W/Z cross-sections, dibosons Jeremy Mans LPCC EWK Workshop
April 2011 AFB and the Weak Mixing Angle Andrei Gritsan LPCC EWK Workshop
April 2011 W/Z plus jets Matthias Mozer LPCC EWK Workshop
March 2011 Results on W and Z plus jets Vitaliano Ciulli Moriond QCD 2011
March 2011 Standard Model Measurements Phil Harris Moriond EWK 2011
March 2011 Higgs and Z to tau tau Christian Veelken Moriond EWK 2011
March 2011 Measurement of the W Lepton Charge Asymmetry Josh Bendavid Moriond EWK 2011 -- YSF
March 2011 Study of W+gamma events Devdatta Majumbar Moriond EWK 2011 -- YSF
March 2011 Study of Z to ll polarisation Nahn Tran Moriond EWK 2011 -- YSF
March 2011 W to tau nu observation Abdollah Mohammadi Moriond EWK 2011 -- YSF

W and Z boson production cross sections with 2.9 pb-1 at √s = 7 TeV

Event displays

W → μν candidate

Run number: 133875, Event number: 1228182, Luminosity block: 16


W → eν candidate

Run number: 133874 Event number: 21466935, Luminosity block 301


Z → μμ candidates

Run number: 135149 Event number: 125426133 , Lumi Section : 1345


Run number: 136087 Event number: 39967482 , Lumi Section : 314


Z → ee candidate

Run number: 133877 Event number: 28405693 , Lumi Section : 387


Major results

In the following table are briefly described the most recent EWK public results based on data and Monte-Carlo studies.

Date Analysis Main Results Documentation
Sept 2010 Data: Study of tau reconstruction algorithms using pp collisions data collected at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV Proton–proton collision events collected with the CMS experiment at LHC at a center–of–mass energy of sqrt(s) = 7 TeV in 2010 are used to commission the algorithms for reconstruction and identification of tau lepton hadronic decays. Four different types of algorithms are considered: three based on particle–flow event reconstruction and one based on combinations of tracks and calorimeter clusters. Probabilities for quark and gluon jets to pass the tau identification criteria of the different algorithms are measured in data dominated by QCD multi–jet events and compared to predictions of Monte Carlo simulations. PAS PFT-10-004
July 2010 Data: Measurement of the W and Z inclusive production cross sections at sqrt(s)=7 TeV with the CMS experiment at the LHC We present the first measurements of inclusive W and Z production cross sections in muon and electron decay channels at sqrt(s)=7 TeV , obtained using 198 nb-1 of pp collisions in the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The measured inclusive cross sections are sigma(pp -> W+X -> lnu+X)=9.22 +/- 0.24(stat) +/- 0.47(syst) +/- 1.01(lumi) nb, and sigma(pp -> Z+X -> lnu+X)=0.882 +0.077 -0.073(stat) +0.042 -0.036(syst) +/- 0.097(lumi) nb, limited to the di-lepton invariant mass range [60 - 120] GeV PAS EWK-010-002
July 2009 Monte Carlo: Study of the ratio of W+jets to Z+jets at 10 TeV Simulation study of the ratio of W+jets to Z+jets in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 10 TeV and feasibility of measurements of the ratio up to four inclusive jets with O(100) pb-1 of early CMS data at the LHC. These measurements allow early understanding of W+jets and Z+jets production at the LHC, since several detector effects and theoretical uncertainties cancel out. They also provide means of implementing a data-driven normalization of the W+jets and Z+jets backgrounds important to Standard Model processes (e.g. top quark) and new physics searches. PAS EWK-09-006
July 2009 Monte Carlo: Study of Z production in association with jets at 10 TeV Simulation study of Z boson production in association with jets in pp collisions at sqrt(s)= 10 TeV and feasibility of significant measurements up to four inclusive jets with O(100) pb-1 of early CMS data at the LHC. QCD predicts a constant ratio of Z+n jets over Z+(n+1) jets yields while several new physics models are expected to produce an excess of events at high jet multiplicity. We present the measurement of this ratio in the dielectron+jets and dimuon+jets final states using tracker-based, calorimetry-based, and Particle Flow jet definitions. We discuss the Z+jets sample as a ’candle’ for both physics and detector commissioning. PAS EWK-08-006
July 2009 Monte Carlo: Study of the Z to ee differential cross section as a function of Z rapidity at 10 TeV Estimates for measurement of the shape of the rapidity distribution for Z bosons produced in proton-proton collisions with the CMS detector at sqrt(s)=10 TeV. We consider integrated luminosity scenarios from 10 to 100 pb-1. The results of this measurement will provide input to constrain the parton density function of the proton at the LHC for many measurements and searches. PAS EWK-09-005
July 2009 Monte Carlo: Towards a Measurement of the Inclusive W to enu and γ*/Z->e+e cross sections at 10 TeV Methods for an early measurement of the inclusive W and γ*/Z production cross sections in the electron decay channel, assuming 10 pb-1 of pp collision data at sqrt(s) = 10 TeV. A simple and robust electron selection is used. This selection is intended to anticipate imperfections in calibration and alignment of the CMS detector in early data. Data driven methods have been used to measure the selection efficiencies, to tune the selection cuts, and to subtract the background in the W case. The electroweak boson signal yields can be measured with a statistical precision of less than 2.0% in each case, while the systematic biases in our methods have been estimated from simulation studies to be 4.0% and 2.4% for W and Z, respectively. Initial precision in the integrated luminosity measurement of 10% is expected to dominate the precision of the cross section measurements. PAS EWK-09-004
June 2009 Monte Carlo: Muon differential cross section and charge asymmetry in inclusive pp to W(mu-nu) + X production at 10 TeV Inclusive pp to W(mu-nu) +X production at the LHC has a large cross section, of the order of ten nanobarns. Studies of the lepton pseudorapidity distribution can provide constraints on the Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs). The differential cross section results at 10 TeV are given for an integrated luminosity of 10 pb-1. The resulting W muon charge asymmetry, at an integrated luminosity of 100 pb-1, is determined to be in the range 0.004 to 0.006 statistical accuracy in 6 measurements of asymmetry as a function of muon pseudorapidity. This is comparable to the PDF uncertainties and can be used to constrain PDF models once the systematic errors are under control. PAS EWK-09-003
June 2009 Monte Carlo: Prospects for measuring the WW production cross section at 10 TeV Analysis strategy for measuring the WW production cross section in 100 pb-1 of pp collision data at sqrt(s) = 10 TeV. Based on Monte Carlo simulations of WW and the major background processes, we explore suitable background reduction cuts and develop data-driven methods to estimate those backgrounds. We present the event yields and statistical and systematic uncertainties that we expect to achieve with this analysis strategy. We estimate a total uncertainty on the cross-section of 30% or better. PAS EWK-09-002
March 2009 Monte Carlo: Measurement of the W and Z cross sections with muons at 10 TeV We discuss and develop methods for the measurement of the cross sections pp ->W+X -> μn + X and pp -> Z + X -> μ+μ− + X with the CMS detector at the LHC, at a center-of-mass energy of 10 TeV. We assume an integrated luminosity of 10 pb−1. For the Z measurement, both the event yield and the average trigger, isolation, and reconstruction efficiencies can be extracted simultaneously from fits of the invariant mass spectrum. For the W measurement, we update results shown in the 2007/002 Physics Analysis Summary note. PAS EWK-09-001



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