Search for direct production of a pair of bottom squarks

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Abstract : This report presents a search for direct production of bottom squark pairs in proton-proton collision events at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV collected by the CMS experiment at the LHC in 2012. The data used correspond to an integrated luminosity of 19.4 fb-1. This search is performed in a final state of two jets, at least one of which is tagged as originating from a b-quark, accompanied by large missing transverse momentum, as well as large transverse mass and contransverse mass calculated from the jets and missing transverse momentum. The observed data in the signal region are consistent with the standard model backgrounds predicted using data control samples. The results are interpreted in terms of a simplified model production of a pair of bottom squarks with each bottom squark decaying to a bottom quark and a weakly interacting stable neutral particle. The production of bottom squarks with mass up to 700 GeV is excluded at 95% confidence level for neutralino masses less than 50 GeV.


Tables Plots in the PAS

Figure/Table Links Description
pdf, png Figure 1: Bottom squark pair production with the bottom squark decaying into a bottom quark and neutralino.
pdf, png Table 1: Definition of eight exclusive search regions.

(a) pdf, png,
(b) pdf, png,
(c) pdf, png,
(d) pdf, png
Figure 2: The MCT and ETmiss distributions in data and MC for baseline selected events, with Nb-jets=1 and Nb-jets=2.The distributions of MCT and ETmiss for two signal points, one with mb = 750 GeV and LSP mass of 50 GeV and the second point with mb = 300 GeV and LSP mass of 150 GeV, are shown by hatched lines.
pdf, png Table 2: Event yields, normalized to the integrated luminosity, from MC simulation after applying all preselection and baseline cuts in the signal region with one b-jet.
pdf, png Table 3: Event yields, normalized to the integrated luminosity, from MC simulation after applying all preselection and baseline cuts in the signal region with two b-jets.
pdf,png Table 4: Jet, lepton, b-jet, the CSV working points (Loose or Medium WP) and kinematic requirements for the signal regions and all control samples.
(a) pdf, png,
(b) pdf, png
Figure3: The MCT and ETmiss distributions in data and MC for mu+jets events, with Nb-jets=0.
pdf, png Table 5: Predicted event yields for Z(vv)+jets background in the MCT and b-jet multiplicity bins.
pdf, png Table 6: Systematic uncertainties on the predicted numbers of Z(vv)+jets events for various search regions.

(a) pdf, png,
(b) pdf, png,
(c) pdf, png,
(d) pdf, png
Figure4: The MCT and ETmiss distributions in data and MC for mu+jets events, with Nb-jets=1 and Nb-jets=2.
pdf, png Table 7: Predicted event yields for Top+W(lv)+jets background in the MCT and b-jet multiplicity bins.
pdf, png Table 8: The uncertainties on the predicted top and W(`n)+jets background are shown for all MCT and Nb-jets bins. TF stands for the translation factor.
pdf, png Table 9: Predicted event yields for QCD background in the MCT and b-jet multiplicity bins.
(a) pdf, png,
(b) pdf, png
Figure5: Comparison of data and predicted backgrounds in the various MCT and b-jet multiplicity bins.
pdf, png Table 10: Predicted event yields for the different background contributions are compared with data in each search region. The uncertainties on predicted background yields are the quadratic sum of the systematic and statistical uncertainties.
pdf, png ,C Figure 6: Combined 95% CL exclusion limits on the bottom squark cross sections. The cross sections are determined at NLO in the strong coupling constant and include the resummation of soft gluon emission at the accuracy of next-to-leading-log (NLL) level. The plot shows the expected limit as a red dashed line. The observed limit is shown as a black solid line. The dashed red (solid black) lines represent the expected (observed) exclusion contours at 95% CL. The total experimental uncertainty is shown around the expected limit contour as dashed red lines, and the theoretical uncertainty is shown around the observed limit contour as thin black lines.

Additional materials

Figure/Table Links Description
pdf, png Figure 7: The signal efficiency times acceptance after applying baseline cuts for the events with one b-jet.
pdf, png Figure 8: The signal efficiency times acceptance after applying baseline cuts for the events with two b-jets.
pdf, png Figure 9: The search region with the best expected sensitivity for each signal point.
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