SAM CMS Remote Stageout test

Full name: org.cms.WN-remotestageout

Maintainer: Nicolò Magini


Verifies that it is possible to stage a file to a remote storage element via lcg-cp using WMCore libraries.


This script checks:
  • Stop that the CMS software directory is defined, existing and readable
  • Stop that the CMS software initialisation script ( exists and can be sourced without errors
  • Stop that Python 2.6 can be found
  • Stop that the stage out via lcg-cp succeeds to at least one destination site
  • ALERT! that the cleanup of the test file succeeds

Stage out logic

  • Test the site configuration
    • test that CMS_PATH exists in the environment
    • test that can load the site local configuration
    • test that the stage out command srmv2-lcg (corresponding to the lcg-cp command) is defined
  • Translate /store/user/sam/SAM/RemoteStageOutTest-pid-date into a PFN using the appropriate PFN prefix for the chosen destination SE
    • This target directory should be writable for the /cms/Role=lcgadmin role
    • The LFN2PFN conversion is hard-coded in the test code, so that we don't need to query the PhEDEx datasvc. We rely on the fact that the destination sites will not change their /store/user path without warning us.
    • The admins of the destination SEs should set up a cron job to clean up regularly files older than 2 days from the target directory. The test will try to delete the files after copying them, but the deletion is not guaranteed to succeed.
  • Test the remote stage out
    • test that a stage out implementation can be retrieved
    • test that the stage out can be performed normally to at least one of three sites
      • The current destination sites/endpoints are:
        • T2_CH_CERN:
        • T2_IT_Pisa:
        • T2_US_Nebraska:
      • The order in which the destination endpoints are selected for stageout is random. As soon as stageout to one endpoint succeeds, the test returns OK.
  • Test that the test file can be cleaned up from the remote SE
    • test that a stage out implementation can be retrieved
    • test that the file removal succeeds

Source code


Responsible: NicoloMagini

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