Trigger Paths for Alignment and Calibration for LHC Run 2 - 2018


Trigger bit for special runs

VdM scan/mu scan


Dataset HLT Path Change time (run) Revert time (run)

Strip full/mini high voltage bias scan

SiStripCalMinBias full scan
Dataset HLT Path Change time (run) Revert time (run)

SiStripCalMinBias mini scan

Dataset HLT Path Change time (run) Revert time (run)

List of mandatory streams // datasets // paths

Stream Dataset Path Notes
ALCALUMIPIXELS AlCaLumiPixels AlCa_LumiPixels_Random  
ALCALUMIPIXELS AlCaLumiPixels AlCa_LumiPixels_ZeroBias  
ALCALUMIPIXELSEXPRESS AlcaLumiPixelsExpress AlCa_LumiPixels_Random
ALCAP0 AlCaP0 (all)  
ALCAPHISYM AlCaPhiSym AlCa_EcalPhiSym  
Calibration TestEnablesEcalHcal HLT_EcalCalibration Will change name soon, see
Calibration TestEnablesEcalHcal HLT_HcalCalibration Will change name soon, see
DQMCalibration TestEnablesEcalHcalDQM HLT_EcalCalibration  
DQMCalibration TestEnablesEcalHcalDQM HLT_HcalCalibration  
EcalCalibration EcalLaser HLT_EcalCalibration  
Express Express HLT_Random  
Express Express HLT_ZeroBias  
Express Express HLT_ZeroBias_FirstCollisionAfterAbortGap  
Express Express HLT_ZeroBias_Alignment  
ExpressAlignment ExpressAlignment HLT_HT300_Beamspot This stream can be added only when tracking can be safely run at HLT.
ExpressAlignment ExpressAlignment HLT_ZeroBias_Beamspot This stream can be added only when tracking can be safely run at HLT.
DQMOnlineBeamspot DQMOnlineBeamspot HLT_HT300_Beamspot This stream can be added only when tracking can be safely run at HLT.
DQMOnlineBeamspot DQMOnlineBeamspot HLT_ZeroBias_Beamspot This stream can be added only when tracking can be safely run at HLT.
RPCMON RPCMonitor AlCa_RPCMuonNormalisation  

Needs for the online beamspot measurement

During 2017 we switched to a new workflow where the tracks were reconstructed at HLT with specific paths and then feed to the DQM through the streamDQMOnlineBeamspot. The DQM beamspot client (a new version as well) would just fit the vertices, without any other reconstruction. These paths and streams are needed at HLT but can run only when it is safe to enable track reconstruction, i.e. never at the start up of a new data taking year.

When this stream cannot be enabled, we need to change the DQM beamspot client enabling the old one (which was making use of the DQM stream, always present in any menu) and make sure that the proper output file is used (the name is different for the two different clients). DQM and WBM experts should be alerted!

Definition of the Express Dataset

Regular Express

Path Rate
HLT_ZeroBias 20 Hz
HLT_Random 10 Hz
HLT_Physics 10 Hz
HLT_IsoMu27(24,20) 5 Hz
HLT_Mu17_TrkIsoVVL_Mu8_TrkIsoVVL_DZ 5 Hz
HLT_Ele23_Ele12_CaloIdL_TrackIdL_IsoVL 5 Hz
HLT_ZeroBias_FirstCollisionAfterAbortGap 10 Hz
HLT_ZeroBias_IsolatedBunches 10 Hz
HLT_ZeroBias_Alignment 10 Hz

Express Alignment

Path Rate
HLT_HT300_Beamspot 60 Hz
HLT_HT450_Beamspot 0 Hz (in the shadow)
HLT_ZeroBias_Beamspot 20 Hz

Notice - the rate and paths of Beamspot may depend on the run conditions. For instance, for low pileup / VdM conditions, we could have a lower HT path (usually HT60) and a higher rate of HLT_ZeroBias_Beamspot (up to 60 Hz if the PU is around 0.1, up to 500 Hz if the PU is around 0.01). These are just guidelines - always contact the Beamspot experts!

JIRA tickets

Trigger paths in CondDB


Input from DPG/s POGs

Input from the ALCA workshops in 2017 and 2018.

Offline Beamspot

ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
TkAlMinBias ExpressAlignment* 80 Hz (not mentioned)

Pixel Calibration

ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
SiPixelCalZeroBias Express, ExpressCosmics (not mentioned) 2 MB, per lumisection

Tracker Alignment

  • No need to give them the split datasets nor the "isolated bunches".

ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
TkAlMinBias HLTPhysics, Express, Zero 10 Hz (HLTPhysics and Express), 70 Hz (ZeroBias) 150 kB (HLTPhysics, Express), 100 kB (ZeroBias)
TkAlCosmics0T Cosmics, ExpressCosmics 4 Hz 4 kB
TkAlCosmicsInCollisions NoBPTX 0.15 Hz 8 kB
TkAlMuonIsolated SingleMuon 80 Hz 6.4 kB
TkAlZMuMu DoubleMuon 5 Hz 6.5 kB
TkAlUpsilonMuMu MuOnia 1.5 Hz 5 kB
TkAlJpsiMuMu Charmonium 30 Hz 5 kB

Tracker Calibration

  • For detector ageing studies: To be able to monitor this with needed accuracy we’re going to need:
    • 100--150Hz of "SingleX" (X=muon,electron) events for the small bias scans
    • 500Hz of "ZeroBias"-like events for the full scans (SiStripCalMinBias)

ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
SiStripCalMinBias Express, ZeroBias 30 Hz 500 kB
SiStripCalMinBiasAAG Express 10 Hz 500 kB
SiStripCalZeroBias Express, ZeroBias 10 Hz ZeroBias + 10 Hz Random (Express), 30 Hz (ZeroBias) 250 kB
SiStripPCLHistos Express 10 Hz ZeroBias + 10 Hz Random (Express), 30 Hz (ZeroBias) 250 kB


  • Pedestals entered (on October 2017) the Prompt Calibration Loop
  • Plan to have also pulse-shapes / timing at PCL for 2018

ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
EcalCalPhiSym /AlCaPhiSym/*/RAW 3 kHz 1.5 kB
EcalCalPi0Calib /AlCaP0/*/RAW 6 kHz (EB), 2 kHz (EE) 1.6 kB
EcalCalEtaCalib /AlCaP0/*/RAW 2 kHz (EB), 300 kHz (EE) 1.6 kB
EcalUncalZElectron /DoubleEG/*EcalUncalZElectron*/ALCARECO 5.6 Hz 0.2 kB
EcalUncalZElectron /SingleElectron/*EcalUncalZElectron*/ALCARECO 8 Hz 0.2 kB
EcalUncalWElectron /DoubleEG/*EcalUncalWElectron*/ALCARECO 3 Hz 0.2 kB
EcalUncalWElectron /SingleElectron/*EcalUncalWElectron*/ALCARECO 40 Hz 0.2 kB
EcalESAlign /SingleElectron/*EcalESAlign*/ALCARECO 90 Hz 50 kB
  • 2018-05-04: Fixed typo in size of EcalESAlign (0.1 or 1 kB --> 50 kB)


  • HF and HO will be essentially unchanged from 2017 to 2018
  • For HE, the photodetectors and front-end electronics are upgraded:
    • HPD -> SiPM, up-to-3 depths -> up-to-7 depths
  • For HB & HE, reco algorithm will be upgraded from M2 to MAHI for offline
    • For HLT, transition to MAHI with full depth is still needed to be discussed

ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
HcalCalIsoTrk /Commissioning 3.5 Hz 1.5 MB
HcalCalIsoTrkFilter /DoubleEG , /Jet/HT 7 Hz (DoubleEG), 10 Hz (JetHT) 1.7 MB
HcalCalIsolatedBunchSelector /Commissioning Active only for special runs with isol. bunches, 100 Hz --
HcalCalIsolatedBunchFilter /JetHT Active only for special runs with isol. bunches, 100 Hz --
HcalCalIterativePhiSym /DoubleEG, /SingleElectron, /SingleMuon 70 Hz (DoubleEG), 115 Hz (SingleElectron), 245 Hz (SingleMuon) 90 kB
HcalCalMinBias /HcalNZS 8--10 Hz 25 kB
HcalCalHBHEMuonFilter /SingleMuon 90 Hz 900 kB
HcalCalHO /SingleMuon 240 Hz 1 kB
  • 2018-05-04: Fixed typo in size of HcalCalHBHEMuonFilter (90 --> 900 kB)

Muon Alignment

ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
MuAlCalIsolatedMu SingleMuon 25 Hz 50 kB

Muon Subsystems

ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
DtCalib Express, Single Muon 3 Hz (not mentioned)
DtCalibCosmics ExpressCosmics 3 Hz (not mentioned)
N/A RPCMON 400 Hz 26 kB


ALCARECO Dataset Rate Size
AlCaPCCRandom AlCaLumiPixels 1600 Hz (ZeroBias), 400 Hz (Random) 150 B (ZeroBias), 300 B (Random)
LumiPixelsMinBias Express ??? ???

TSG documentation for L1/HLT menus

Tier-0 information

Summary of Conditions Change at HLT

Rerun HLT on data with updated condition(s) with respect to online GT

Updated beamspot on run 300806

Reference tag: BeamSpotObjects_byLS_031c09_TEST, available in PREP database. Load it with:

    record = cms.string("BeamSpotObjectsRcd"),
    tag = cms.string("BeamSpotObjects_byLS_031c09_TEST"),
    connect = cms.string("frontier://FrontierPrep/CMS_CONDITIONS")

Then, just add this line to the of your file: hltOnlineBeamSpot = cms.EDProducer("BeamSpotProducer"); This will overwrite the beamspot producer and let the HLT use the beamspot from the Conditions rather than the one from the SCAL in the data stream.

Tracker alignment using week 32 update

Reference of 1-IOV tag

Reference of TK alignment reload

Config fragment

# configure the database file - use survey one for default

process.GlobalTag.toGet = cms.VPSet(

cms.PSet(record = cms.string('TrackerAlignmentRcd'),

tag = cms.string('TrackerAlignment_StartUp17_v10'),

connect = cms.string('frontier://FrontierProd/CMS_CONDITIONS')


# cms.PSet(record = cms.string('TrackerSurfaceDeformationRcd'),

# tag = cms.string('TrackerSurfaceDeformations_2015-EOY_v1_RunD'),

# connect = cms.string('frontier://FrontierProd/CMS_CONDITIONS')

# ),

# cms.PSet(record = cms.string('GlobalPositionRcd'),

# tag = cms.string('GlobalAlignment_2009_v2_express'),

# connect = cms.string('frontier://FrontierProd/CMS_CONDITIONS')

# ),

# cms.PSet(record = cms.string('TrackerAlignmentErrorExtendedRcd'),

# tag = cms.string('TrackerIdealGeometryErrorsExtended210_mc'),

# connect = cms.string('frontier://FrontierProd/CMS_CONDITIONS')

# ),



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