L1 Global Trigger Event Setup

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The configuration of the L1 Global Trigger via EventSetup is presented in the following table. The software is located in:

Record Class Trivial producer Tester program Obs.
L1GtStableParametersRcd L1GtStableParameters L1GtStableParametersTrivialProducer L1GtStableParametersTester
L1GtParametersRcd L1GtParameters L1GtParametersTrivialProducer L1GtParametersTester
L1GtPrescaleFactorsRcd L1GtPrescaleFactors L1GtFactorsTrivialProducer L1GtFactorsTester < 2_0_0
L1GtTriggerMaskRcd L1GtTriggerMask L1GtFactorsTrivialProducer L1GtFactorsTester < 2_0_0
L1GtPrescaleFactorsAlgoTrigRcd L1GtPrescaleFactors L1GtPrescaleFactorsAlgoTrigTrivialProducer L1GtPrescaleFactorsAndMasksTester 2_0_X
L1GtPrescaleFactorsTechTrigRcd L1GtPrescaleFactors L1GtPrescaleFactorsTechTrigTrivialProducer L1GtPrescaleFactorsAndMasksTester 2_0_X
L1GtTriggerMaskAlgoTrigRcd L1GtTriggerMask L1TriggerMaskAlgoTrigTrivialProducer L1GtPrescaleFactorsAndMasksTester 2_0_X
L1GtTriggerMaskTechTrigRcd L1GtTriggerMask L1TriggerMaskTechTrigTrivialProducer L1GtPrescaleFactorsAndMasksTester 2_0_X
L1GtTriggerMaskVetoAlgoTrigRcd L1GtTriggerMask L1TriggerMaskVetoAlgoTrigTrivialProducer L1GtPrescaleFactorsAndMasksTester 2_0_X
L1GtTriggerMaskVetoTechTrigRcd L1GtTriggerMask L1TriggerMaskVetoTechTrigTrivialProducer L1GtPrescaleFactorsAndMasksTester 2_0_X
L1GtBoardMapsRcd L1GtBoardMaps L1GtBoardMapsTrivialProducer L1GtBoardMapsTester  
L1GtTriggerMenuRcd L1GtTriggerMenu L1GtTriggerMenuXmlProducer L1GtTriggerMenuTester  

For the record definition, in addition to the object classes presented in the table, some auxiliary classes located in CondFormats/L1TObjects are also used.

The default values are defined in the corresponding cfi files from L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers/data, where cff files are also available. The full L1 Global Trigger event setup can be obtained by including the file L1GtConfig.cff.

All L1 Global Trigger classes from the event setup directories have the names starting with L1Gt.

Running the corresponding tester with the corresponding cfg from L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers/test, one can get the description of the record and the actual values of the parameters.

L1 Trigger Menu as EventSetup

CondFormats description

The L1 Trigger Menu is implemented in the L1GtTriggerMenuRcd record. The main class in CondFormats is L1GtTriggerMenu. The following classes are used for the L1 trigger menu:

Trivial producer for L1 GT Menu

The trivial producer of the L1 GT Menu L1GtTriggerMenuXmlProducer take as input a def.xml file and a vme.xml file, which are parsed by L1GtTriggerMenuXmlParser (class independent of CMSSW framework, used also in the L1 Trigger Supervisor) in order to produce the record.

Various menus exists in the directory L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers/data/Luminosity/

Tester for L1 GT Menu

A L1GtTriggerMenuTester analyzer can be used to print the actual trigger menu.

In the "test" directory of L1TriggerConfig/!L1GtConfigProducers/, run

  cmsRun L1GtTriggerMenuTest.cfg

Usage of a trigger menu in CMSSW

Starting with release CMSSW_2_0_0, the default prescale factors are set to 1 for each of the 128 possible algorithms and for the 64 technical trigger algorithms, see files l1GtPrescaleFactorsAlgoTrig.cfi and l1GtPrescaleFactorsTechTrig.cfi

Setting the values to 1 make them appropriate for each menu defined. They are also the values which must be used when running the L1 GT emulator online, in the EF farm, to get the L1 GT object maps.

[ Note: changing the default parameters was postponed for 2_1_X, to allow more time for modifying the RelVal scripts. In 2_0_X, the default values are theose for L1Menu2007. The usage of a trigger menu via L1Menu.cff is already implemented and usable in 2_0_X for all available menus.]

The trigger masks for algorithm triggers and technical triggers are set by default to 0 for all eight DAQ partitions (0x00). The trigger veto masks are also set to 0 for all DAQ partitions. Please note that veto masks for algorithm triggers are not used in the hardware and, consequently, not used in the emulator.

The actual values of the prescale factors for a given menu and of the trigger masks are given in the same directory as the def.xml file. One has the following set of files for a given menu with name (key) L1Menu:

  • L1Menu.xml - def.xml file
  • L1Menu_Vme.xml - VME file
  • L1Menu_PrescaleFactorsAlgoTrig.cff - prescale factors for algorithm triggers
  • L1Menu_PrescaleFactorsTechTrig.cff - prescale factors for technical triggers
  • L1Menu_TriggerMaskAlgoTrig.cff - trigger mask for algorithm triggers
  • L1Menu_TriggerMaskTechTrig.cff - trigger mask for technical triggers
  • L1Menu_TriggerMaskVetoTechTrig.cff - veto trigger mask for technical triggers

Except def.xml file, some of the above files can be missing, the default values being taken then. More sets of cff files for prescale factors and trigger masks can be defined - all start with the names given above, a qualifier being added before the ".cff" suffix.

In order to simplify the usage of a menu, more cff files can be pre-defined for a given menu grouping the xml files and the cff files for prescale factors and trigger masks. They use "replace" instruction for each included parameter.

Usually, L1Menu.cff is the default cff file for that menu, with the prescale factors and trigger masks associated by default to this menu, as requested by the TSG group, see L1 GT Available Menus.

Other frequently used set can be pre-defined, for example all bits un-prescaled, except zero bias and minimum bias triggers (L1Menu2007_Unprescaled.cff).

In order to use a menu in CMSSW, please include the following two "include" in your cff/cfg files (only GT part is given here)

    include "L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers/data/L1GtConfig.cff"
    include "L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers/data/Luminosity/lumi1x1032/L1Menu2007.cff"
where the second "include" is the actual cff for the menu (L1Menu2007 as example).

If you use cff files for the full L1 Emulator chain from L1Trigger/Configuration, the L1GtConfig.cff is already included in the respective cff files, one only needs the inclusion of the cff file for the menu you use.

   include "L1Trigger/Configuration/data/L1Emulator.cff"
   include "L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers/data/Luminosity/lumi1x1032/L1Menu2007.cff"

As the CMSSW framework does not allow replacing replaced parameters, one has always to include a full L1Menu.cff whenever needed.

If a user wants to change some of the parameters, she/he must copy the corresponding parameter cff file, rename it and modify it with desired "replace" values, and produce a L1Menu_mySettings.cff file (name it as you like), similar to the L1Menu.cff, which can be included afterwards in the cff/cfg files:

   include "L1Trigger/Configuration/data/L1Emulator.cff"
   include "L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers/data/Luminosity/lumi1x1032/L1Menu_mySettings.cff"

L1Menu_mySettings.cff being located in the user local area.

-- VasileGhete - 01 Oct 2007

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