HCAL Trigger Primitive Generator Offline Software

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This page describes the offline software for HCAL TPG emulation.

List of Packages

HCALTPG-specific Packages:

Other packages including code used by HCAL-TPG:

List of Example Codes and Configurations

HCAL-TPG codes for DQM:

HCAL-TPG example codes:

Current implementation

The HcalTrigPrimProducer class takes HBDataFrame, HEdataFrame and HFdataFrame and collections and constructs an HcalTriggerPrimitiveDigi for each trigger tower found. The software design aims at reflecting the hardware as far as possible.


*The HCAL trigger emulation is run by default during "digitization". The main driving configuration fragment included in hcaltpdigi_cfi.py is below:


*In order to run the emulation by yourself include the above line in your cfg and add this module to the path.


The default configuration of hcalTriggerPrimitiveDigis assumes running over HCAL unsuppressed digis.

*In order to run on HCAL suppressed digis (on real data) add the following lines to your cfg:

process.inputLabel = cms.VInputTag(cms.InputTag('hcalDigis'),cms.InputTag('hcalDigis'))

A full list of configurable parameters can be obtained from hcaltpdigi_cfi.py.

* In order to read the XML LUTs, add these two lines to your configuration file:

process.HcalTPGCoderULUT.read_XML_LUTs = cms.bool(True)

process.HcalTPGCoderULUT.inputLUTs = cms.FileInPath('Physics2011v4c.xml')

See the instrunction on how to download XML LUTs

Example Code

To get the collections of emulated TP:

edm::Handle emulTPs;

iEvent.getByLabel(emulLabel_, emulTPs);

Once you have the collections of emulTP, you can access, for instance, compressedEt() and other variables of interest. See HcalTriggerPrimitiveDigi.h


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