JetResolution class: Software Guide


The JetResolution class provides a CMSSW software interface to jet resolutions. The user passes jet eta, PT and number of pileup to the function and retrieves the resolution e.g. 0.09 -> 9% uncertainty of the jet pT. The results have been obtained from a fit done using a double sides crystal ball function with the Gaussian cores 1 sigma as resolution. The jet pT eta nd the number of truth pileup has been used as studied bins. The pileup was separated in several bins from 0 to 50 pileup truth, the jet pT was studied from 20-1200GeV in 29 abs eta bins from 0 to 5. A fit function of the form: sqrt(C^2 + S^2/pT + N^2/pT^2 + sign(PU)*PU^2/pT^2) is used to parametrize the dependency of the resolution. Pythia Tune Z2Star CMSSW 5_3_X ak5PF & ak5PFCHS Jets (L1L2L3 Corrected) with the Summer12S10 pileup distribution applied are available.


To checkout the code from github, compile it, and run a simple demonstration, do:

cmsrel CMSSW_5_3_5
cd CMSSW_5_3_5/src/
git cms-addpkg CondFormats/JetMETObjects
git remote add jetResolution53 -t JetResolution53
git pull jetResolution53
scram b -j5
cd CondFormats/JetMETObjects/test/
root -l TestJetResolution.C 


Please see the TestJetResolution.C file for usage.

-- Arne-Ramsus Draeger - 15-Aug-2014

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