L1 Trigger Digis

The table below lists the L1 trigger digi collections for different versions of CMSSW. The digis may be produced in a number of ways :

  1. Running L1Emulator on simulated detector digis
  2. Running RawToDigi on raw data (real raw data, or simulated)
  3. Running L1 modules in HLT
  4. Running L1Emulator on output of RawToDigi to validate the hardware


Subsystem Data C++ Type Label (MC) Label (RawToDigi) Label (HLT) Label(Val)
ECAL Trigger Primitives     simEcalTriggerPrimitives ecalDigis    
HCAL Trigger Primitives     simHcalTriggerPrimitives hcalDigis    
CSC Trigger Primitives     simCscTriggerPrimitiveDigis cscDigis    
DT Trigger Primitives     simDtTriggerPrimitiveDigis dttfDigis    
RCT     simRctDigis gctDigis    
GCT L1 calo candidates   simGctDigis gctDigis hltGctDigis  
CSC TF     simCsctfDigis csctfDigis    
DT TF     simDttfDigis dttfDigis    
RPC     simRpcTriggerDigis gtDigis    
GMT L1 muon candidates   simGmtDigis gtDigis hltGtDigis  
GT   L1GtReadoutRecord simGtDigis gtDigis hltGtDigis  
GT L1 trigger-object map L1GtObjectMap     hltL1GtObjectMap  
GT L1 trigger bit summary L1GtRecord simL1GtRecord l1GtRecord    
L1Extra L1 Extra candidates       hltL1extraParticles  

Notes :

  • digis produced in MC simulation were re-named to allow a single workflow to be run.


Subsystem Data C++ Type Label (MC) Label (RawToDigi) Label (HLT)Sorted ascending
GCT L1 calo candidates   gctDigis gctDigis hltGctDigis
GMT L1 muon candidates   gmtDigis gtDigis hltGtDigis
GT   L1GtReadoutRecord gtDigis gtDigis hltGtDigis
L1Extra L1 Extra candidates       hltL1extraParticles
GT L1 trigger-object map L1GtObjectMap     hltL1GtObjectMap
ECAL Trigger Primitives     ecalTriggerPrimitives ecalDigis  
HCAL Trigger Primitives     hcalTriggerPrimitives hcalDigis  
CSC Trigger Primitives     cscTriggerPrimitiveDigis cscDigis  
DT Trigger Primitives     dtTriggerPrimitiveDigis dttfDigis  
RCT     rctDigis gctDigis  
CSC TF     csctfDigis csctfDigis  
DT TF     dttfDigis dttfDigis  
RPC     rpcTriggerDigis gtDigis  
GT L1 trigger bit summary L1GtRecord l1GtRecord    

Notes :

  • Digis produced by HLT renamed to allow HLT to be combined with digitisation in a single workflow.


Subsystem Data C++ Type Label (MC) Label (HLT)
ECAL Trigger Primitives     ecalTriggerPrimitives  
HCAL Trigger Primitives     hcalTriggerPrimitives  
CSC Trigger Primitives     l1CscTpgEmulDigis  
DT Trigger Primitives     l1DTTPGEmulDigis  
RCT     l1RctEmulDigis  
GCT     l1GctEmulDigis l1GctEmulDigis
CSC TF     l1CscTfEmulDigis  
DT TF     l1DttfEmulDigis  
RPC     l1RpcEmulDigis  
GMT     l1GmtEmulDigis l1GmtEmulDigis
GT L1 trigger bits L1GtReadoutRecord l1GtEmulDigis l1GmtEmulDigis
GT L1 trigger-object map L1GtObjectMap   l1GtEmulDigis
L1Extra L1 Extra candidates     l1extraParticles

Notes :

  • The GMT and GT digis produced in HLT have highly misleading names for historical reasons. Great care is required!

-- JimBrooke - 25 Feb 2008

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