L1 Trigger Tags

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The tags listed on this page are either bugfixes that are awaiting inclusion in a (pre-)release of CMSSW, or new development that has been backported to a particular releases series for use in trigger studies with existing MC data.

(Note that this page does not include development tags queued for a release during the open development phase of the release cycle).

Tags for use with 21X series

Tags on top of 219

CSC TPG bugfixes & cleanup

cvs co -r V03-01-01 CondFormats/CSCObjects
cvs co -r V00-09-11 L1Trigger/CSCTriggerPrimitives
cvs co -r V00-00-09 L1TriggerConfig/L1CSCTPConfigProducers

GCT HF minbias classes

cvs co -r V04-08-01 CondFormats/DataRecord
cvs co -r V00-28-01 CondFormats/L1TObjects
cvs co -r V02-08-01 DataFormats/L1CMS.GlobalCaloTrigger
cvs co -r V00-10-01 EventFilter/GctRawToDigi
cvs co -r V01-15-00 L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalCaloTrigger
cvs co -r V00-04-00 L1TriggerConfig/GctConfigProducers

Bugfix for L1CaloRegion ctors

cvs co -r V01-05-01 DataFormats/L1CaloTrigger
cvs co -r V00-05-00 L1Trigger/TextToDigi

Fix for CSC TPG emu-data comparison

cvs co -r V01-03-07 L1Trigger/HardwareValidation

CondFormats development tags

These tags contain updates to CondFormats/L1TObjects and dependent code. Will be included in a 21X release, tbd.

cvs co -r V00-04-06      CalibMuon/RPCConnectivity
cvs co -r V00-04-03      CondCore/RPCPlugins                                               
cvs co -r V03-01-00      CondFormats/CSCObjects                           
cvs co -r V04-08-00      CondFormats/DataRecord                           
cvs co -r V00-27-00      CondFormats/L1TObjects                           
cvs co -r V01-02-01      CondFormats/RPCObjects                           
cvs co -r V01-14-00      CondTools/L1Trigger                              
cvs co -r V00-09-01      CondTools/RPC                                    
cvs co -r V11-05-01      DataFormats/L1CMS.GlobalTrigger                      
cvs co -r V03-04-00      EventFilter/L1GlobalTriggerRawToDigi             
cvs co -r V00-13-00      L1Trigger/Configuration                          
cvs co -r V00-14-02      L1Trigger/CSCCommonTrigger                       
cvs co -r V00-15-03      L1Trigger/CSCTrackFinder                         
cvs co -r V00-09-08      L1Trigger/CSCTriggerPrimitives                   
cvs co -r V00-03-11      L1Trigger/DTBti                                  
cvs co -r V00-02-10      L1Trigger/DTSectorCollector                      
cvs co -r V00-02-10      L1Trigger/DTTraco                                
cvs co -r V00-04-08      L1Trigger/DTTrigger                              
cvs co -r V00-02-09      L1Trigger/DTTriggerServerPhi                     
cvs co -r V00-02-09      L1Trigger/DTTriggerServerTheta                   
cvs co -r V00-03-05      L1Trigger/DTUtilities                            
cvs co -r V01-14-13      L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalCaloTrigger                      
cvs co -r V10-08-00      L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalTrigger                          
cvs co -r V00-13-00      L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalTriggerAnalyzer                  
cvs co -r V01-01-02-03   L1Trigger/HardwareValidation                     
cvs co -r V00-02-13      L1Trigger/RegionalCaloTrigger                    
cvs co -r V00-11-01      L1Trigger/RPCTrigger                             
cvs co -r V01-00-00      L1Trigger/Skimmer                                
cvs co -r V00-03-02      L1TriggerConfig/CSCTFConfigProducers             
cvs co -r V00-02-00      L1TriggerConfig/DTTPGConfig                      
cvs co -r V00-01-15      L1TriggerConfig/DTTPGConfigProducers             
cvs co -r V01-01-00      L1TriggerConfig/DTTrackFinder                    
cvs co -r V00-02-02      L1TriggerConfig/GctConfigProducers               
cvs co -r V01-02-03      L1TriggerConfig/GMTConfigProducers               
cvs co -r V00-00-07      L1TriggerConfig/L1CSCTPConfigProducers           
cvs co -r V02-05-01      L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers              
cvs co -r V00-02-00      L1TriggerConfig/L1ScalesProducers                
cvs co -r V00-00-21      L1TriggerConfig/RCTConfigProducers               
cvs co -r V00-02-01      L1TriggerConfig/RPCTriggerConfig

The following packages need to be recompiled :

addpkg Calibration/HcalIsolatedTrackReco
addpkg DQM/HcalMonitorModule
addpkg DQM/L1TMonitor
addpkg DQM/TrigXMonitor
addpkg HLTrigger/HLTanalyzers
addpkg HLTrigger/HLTfilters
addpkg HLTriggerOffline/Tau
addpkg L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalMuonTrigger
addpkg L1Trigger/L1ExtraFromDigis
addpkg L1TriggerOffline/L1ExtraFromMCTruthProd
addpkg L1TriggerOffline/L1ExtraTestAnalyzer

Tags for use with 20X series

Tags for CMSSW 208

Differences wrt CMSSW 207

cvs co -r V00-01-16      CalibCalorimetry/CaloTPG                         
cvs co -r V00-04-08      CalibCalorimetry/HcalTPGAlgos                                 
cvs co -r V00-07-02      EventFilter/GctRawToDigi                         
cvs co -r V02-03-00      L1Trigger/DTTrackFinder                          
cvs co -r V00-04-07      L1Trigger/DTTrigger                              
cvs co -r V01-13-11      L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalCaloTrigger                      
cvs co -r V01-01-09      L1Trigger/HardwareValidation                     
cvs co -r V00-02-01-01   L1Trigger/RegionalCaloTrigger                    
cvs co -r V00-04-00-01   L1Trigger/TextToDigi                             
cvs co -r V00-01-13-02   SimCalorimetry/HcalTrigPrimProducers 

CMSSW 200pre6

cvs co -r V02-05-19 DataFormats/L1CMS.GlobalCaloTrigger
cvs co -r V00-01-00 L1TriggerConfig/RPCTriggerConfig
cvs co -r V02-00-01-00 L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers
cvs co -r V00-08-05 L1Trigger/Configuration
cvs co -r V02-01-03 L1Trigger/DTTrackFinder
cvs co -r V10-03-02 L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalTrigger
cvs co -r V03-03-02 EventFilter/L1GlobalTriggerRawToDigi
cvs co -r V00-07-00 EventFilter/GctRawToDigi 
cvs co -r V01-00-03 EventFilter/DTTFRawToDigi

Tags for use with the 18X series

CMSSW 180pre9

The tag list below applies the following fixes :

  • L1 EventContent in FEVTSIMDIGI (used for RelVal samples)
  • Fixes to inclusive jet validation plots
  • New prescale for ETT60 of 100000
  • Further fix for tau eta range
  • Fix missing forward jets

cvs co -r V03-02-02 Configuration/EventContent
cvs co -r V00-07-13 L1Trigger/Configuration
cvs co -r V01-11-08 L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalCaloTrigger
cvs co -r V00-02-29 L1TriggerOffline/L1Analyzer
cvs co -r V01-01-00-03 L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers

CMSSW 180pre8

The tag list below applies the following fixes :

  • Fix eta range of tau candidates.
  • Bugfixes for CSC TF unpacker
  • GMT fix to allow reading of individual muon subdetector collections
  • New 10E32 GT menu from TSG
  • Fixes to validation job and support for re-running on 17X raw data
  • Revert to ORCA-based jet corrections in GCT (again! frown )

cvs co -r V01-04-06 DataFormats/L1CaloTrigger
cvs co -r V02-13-02  EventFilter/CSCTFRawToDigi
cvs co -r V01-03-01  L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalMuonTrigger
cvs co -r V01-01-00-02  L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers
cvs co -r V00-07-11 L1Trigger/Configuration
cvs co -r V00-01-06 L1TriggerConfig/GctConfigProducers

Tags for new release in 17X

cvs co -r V00-05-03-02 L1Trigger/Configuration
cvs co -r V08-01-01-03 L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalTrigger
cvs co -r V00-01-01-01 L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers
cvs co -r V02-02-00-01 EventFilter/L1GlobalTriggerRawToDigi

Tags for use with 17X series

These tags are mostly new development provided for trigger studies.

HF Et sums and feature bit counts

cvs co -r V02-05-12 DataFormats/L1CMS.GlobalCaloTrigger
cvs co -r V01-12-00 L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalCaloTrigger

New L1 menu

Thresholds raised to account for increased rates in jetMEt triggers.

cvs co -r V08-01-01-03 L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalTrigger
cvs co -r V00-01-01-01 L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers

GT optimization

Changes backported from CMSSW 18X to improve GT emulator timing in 17X. These may be included in a future 17X release.

cvs co -r V00-05-03-02 L1Trigger/Configuration
cvs co -r V08-01-01-02 L1Trigger/CMS.GlobalTrigger  
cvs co -r V02-02-00-01 EventFilter/L1GlobalTriggerRawToDigi


No known issues with this release!

Bugfixes for use with 16X series

To use the L1Analyzer :

cvs co -r V00-02-18 L1TriggerOffline/L1Analyzer

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