Skim Coordination for CSA07

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Coordinate the different skim setups for CSA07


Please, contact: Joe Incandela (coordination), Benedikt Hegner (for technical questions)

Definition of the term skim

Skims are the filters that will operate on the RECO primary datasets of the CSA07 datastreams at the Tier-1s and will produce secondary (mostly AOD) datasets at the Tier-2s (or "user data"+AOD, or "slim" AOD or "enhanced" AOD). A skim should require a definite tirgger path (or "HLT" path="L1+HLT") as will be the case when skims operate on the real data. The HLT table applicable for CSA07 will be available later in the summer but one needs to keep in mind that one needs the trigger path requirement eventually. Skims are not only operating using the trigger path. They are "loose /secondary analysis" selectors with a definate purpose. They can use even generator level information as long as there is a reasonable justification/study that the generator level selection will serve. Overlapping skims among PAGs will be evaluated and merged as neccessary and appropriate. A skim has to meet both physics and computing requirements. The primary dataset streaming is a developing project (Trigger/HLT+computing). The result of the project will be a definition of the primary datatsets/datastreams that will be transfered after prompt-reco at the Tier-0 to the participating Tier-1s. The skimming operations on the Tier-1 primary datasets will result in the secondary datastes that reside in Tier-2s. These are the generic reduced datasets that serve all CMS analyses and should be between 25-35 for all CMS. Details on the datatier distribution per Tier(1-2) will appear here soon. (written by Maria and Sarah)

Primary datasets

The current proposal of primary datasets can be found here:

Technical documentation for skim implementation

For technical details how a skim configuration has to be set up there is a twiki page: Skim configuration guidelines

There are some coding tips how to improve the quality of your skimming modules: Skim coding tips

Once the skims are ready from the technical point of view they should be put in the CMS Tag Collector and an email send to Luca Lista and Benedikt Hegner.

Proposed skims

BTagging (4) config code status config status
btagDijet config ++ in release
btagElecInJet config ++ in release
btagMuonInJet config ++ in release
btagGenBb config ++ in release

Diffractive and Forward (2) config status (code,config)
gammagammaEE config ++ / runs
gammagammaMuMu config ++ / runs

Egamma (4) config code status config status
EgammaLooseZ config ++ in release
EgammaVeryHighEt config ++ in release
EgammaZPlusEMOrJet config ++ in release
EgammaWPlusEMOrJet config ++ in release

EWK (10) config status
wToMuNu config in release
wToENu config in release
wToTauNu config in release
zToMuMu config in release
zToEE config in release
zToTauTau_DoubleTau config in release

Higgs (6) config status
heavyChHiggsToTauNu config tested by group
higgsTo2Gamma config tested by group
higgsToInvisible config tested by group
higgsToTauTauLeptonTau config tested by group
higgsToWW2Leptons config tested by group
higgsToZZ4Leptons config tested by group

CMS.JetMET (5) config status
metHigh config in release
metLow config in release
sumET config in release
onejet config in release
photonjets config in release
dijetbalance config in release

Muon config status
muonL1 cfg in release

CMS.ParticleFlow (1) config code status config status
jpsiee config + in release

QCD (5) config status
QCDHLT1jet config not tested
QCDHLT1jetPE1 config not tested
QCDHLT1jetPE3 config not tested
QCDHLT1jetPE5 config not tested
QCDHLT1jetPE7 config not tested

SuSyBSM (20) config status
final setup not yet clear tested by group in release

Top physics (5) config status data tier to run on Primary Datastream
topDiLepton2Electron config in release AODSIM PDElectron
topDiLeptonMuonX config in release AODSIM PDMuon
topSemiLepElectron config in release AODSIM PDElectron
topSemiLepMuon config in release AODSIM PDMuon
topFullyHadronic config in release AODSIM PDBJet

Physics groups skim pages and contacts

  • B Physics: Andrey Starodumov (a.i.)
  • Diffractive Physics: Antonio Vilela
    • Diffractive/inclusive W-> mu nu: Antonio Vilela
    • Diffractive/inclusive W-> e nu : Antonio Vilela
    • Diffractive/inclusive Z-> mumu, ee: Antonio Vilela, Marco Pacheco
    • Exclusive di-leptons: Xavier Rouby, Severine Ovyn, Jonathan Hollar
  • Electro-Weak: Nicola De Filippis
  • Heavy Ions
  • Higgs: Dominique Fortin
    • H→WW→2l: Ezio Torassa, Emanuele Di Marco
    • H→ZZ→4l : Dominique Fortin
    • H→γγ : Marco Pieri, Kati Lassila-Perini, Hongliang Liu
    • qqH, H→ττ : Sebastien Greder
    • H+ →τν : Sami Lehti
    • A →μμ : Giorgos Anagnostou
  • QCD
  • Top Quark: Steven Lowette (Santa Barbara)
    • topDilepton2Electron: Dmitriy Kovalskyi (Santa Barbara), Javier Fernandez (Oviedo), Jesus Vizan (Oviedo)
    • topDileptonMuonX: Dmitriy Kovalskyi (Santa Barbara), Javier Fernandez (Oviedo), Jesus Vizan (Oviedo)
    • topSemiLepElectron: Volker Adler (Brussels), Steven Lowette (Santa Barbara)
    • topSemiLepMuon: Volker Adler (Brussels), Steven Lowette (Santa Barbara)
    • topFullyHadronic: Markus Duda (Aachen)
    • topLeptonTauJet (most likely not in CSA07): Michele Gallinaro (Lisbon), Nuno Almeida (Lisbon)
  • SuSy and Beyond Standard Model: Maria Spiropulu
  • b Tagging Frank-Peter Schilling
  • Egamma
    • electron validation skim : James Jackson, Matthias Mozer, Dave Evans
    • high-EM validation skim : Matthias Mozer
    • electron background control skim from Z+jet-like events : Roberto Salerno
    • electron background control skim from W+jet-like events : Alexey Atramentov
    • photon background control skim from W+jet-like events : Alexey Atramentov
  • CMS.JetMET: Tulika Bose
    • JET skim : Jochen Cammin
    • MET skim : Koji Terashi
  • Muon : M. Vander Donckt
    • muon hlt validation skim : M. Vander Donckt, J. Alcaraz

Review status

Reviewer/Editor and Date (copy from screen) Comments
BenediktHegner - 07 Aug 2007 created page

Responsible: BenediktHegner

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