Trajectory Filtering Algorithm

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SWGuideTrajectoryFiltering from Combinatorial Track Finder

The CkfTrajectoryBuilder (and the GroupedCkfTrajectoryBuilder) used to use TrajectoryFilter and hard coded selection to control the Trajectory that needs to be continued during pattern recognition.

TrajectoryFilter has been made configurable in CkfTrajectoryBuilderBase so that the user can specify different filter and write its own filters. The TrajectoryFilter are accessible using a PluginFactory of the Event Setup.

TrajectoryFilter has two principal member functions

  • toBeContinued(...) which decide if a given trajectory should be used at the next step of the combinatorial Kalman trajectory builder.
  • qualityFilter(...) which decide where a stop trajectory should be kept as a good trajectory.

Available TrajectoryFilter

  • CompositeTrajectoryFilter:
    Is a fully configurable TrajectoryFilter which toBeContinued decision will be false if any of the component filter toBeContinued function returns false. qualityFilter follows the same rule.

  • MaxHitsTrajectoryFilter:
    Stops the trajectory building if the number of found hits has reach a given number.
    Does not contribute to qualityFilter.

  • MaxLostHitsTrajectoryFilter:
    Stops the trajectory building if the number of lost hits on the trajectory has reach a given number.
    Does not contribute to qualityFilter.

  • MaxConsecLostHitsTrajectoryFilter:
    Stops the trajectory building if the number of consecutive lost hits on the trajectory has reach a given number.
    Does not contribute to qualityFilter.

  • MinPtTrajectoryFilter:
    Stops the trajectory building if the estimation of pT on the last measurement of the trajectory is below a given pT cut, at a given number of sigma times the error on pT.
    1/pT - nsigma*inversepT_error > 1/pTmin
    Does not contribute to qualityFilter, which means trajectory with pT less than the cut could end up it the final step of trajectories if no other filter rejects it.

  • MinHitsTrajectoryFilter:
    Does not contribute to toBeContinued.
    Keeps the trajectory if it has a minimun of number of hits attached.

  • ChargeSignificanceTrajectoryFilter:
    Filters on the internal consistency of a candidate concerning sign(q/p). If among the TrajectoryMeasurements of a candidate there are significantly negative and positive q/p estimates the building will be stopped and and the candidate will not be added to the result.

  • ThresholdPtTrajectoryFilter:
    Stops the trajectory building if the number of hits is above a given cut AND the estimation of pT on the last measurement of the trajectory is above a given pT threshold, at a given number of sigma times the error on pT:
    1/pT + nsigma*inversepT_error < 1/pTthreshold
    This filter does contribute to the qualityFilter: trajectory will be "kept" (however might be rejected by other filters) if it was stopped by this filter.

  • ClusterShapeTrajectoryFilter:
    stops the trajectory building if the geometrical shape of one of the pixel hits or the width of one of the strip hits is incompatible with the local direction of the trajectory.

How to in 18X-on

disclaimer The following instructions are indicators of what to do and might not work out of the box in the future due to version synchronization and code development.

If you need a dedicated TrajectoryFilter you should write a class which inherits from TrajectoryFilter and which overload the virtual member functions of TrajectoryFilter.

Putting a TrajectoryFilter in the EventSetup

Using the PluginFactory

If the constructor of your TrajectoryFilter as only a edm::ParameterSet in argument, you should declare your filter to the TrajectoryFilterFactory with

#include "FWCore/PluginManager/interface/ModuleDef.h"
#include "FWCore/Framework/interface/MakerMacros.h"
#include "FWCore/Framework/interface/ModuleFactory.h"
#include "FWCore/Framework/interface/ESProducer.h"

#include "TrackingTools/TrajectoryFitering/interface/TrajectoryFilterFactory.h"
#include "myCleaner.h"

DEFINE_EDM_PLUGIN(TrajectoryFilterFactory, myFilter, "myFilter");

You can then use the generic TrajectoryFilterESProducer with

es_module myFilterESproducer = trajectoryFilterESProducer from "TrackingTools/TrajectoryFiltering/data/TrajectoryFilterESProducer.cfi"
replace myFilterESproducer.ComponentName = "myFilterName"
replace myFilterESproducer.filterPSet = { 
      string ComponentType = "myFilter"
      string dummy = "myFilterParameter"

Using dedicated ESProducer

If your TrajectoryFilter has more elaborate constructor, then you have to write a dedicated ESProducer to put your filter in TrajectoryFilter::Record, which the user is not supposed to be aware the concrete type of (TrackingComponentsRecord for the time being).

Accessing a TrajectoryFilter

TrajectoryFilter object are put in the Event Setup in the record TrajectoryFilter::Record TrajectoryFilter can be retrieved from the EventSetup using
    std::string trajectoryFilterName = conf_.getParameter<std::string>("TrajectoryFilter");
    edm::ESHandle<TrajectoryFilter> trajectoryFilterH;
    es.get<TrajectoryFilter::Record>().get(trajectoryFilterName, trajectoryFilterH);

Or if your are using the CkfTrajectoryBuilder (or GroupedCkfTrajectoryBuilder)

     replace CkfTrajectoryBuilder.trajectoryFilterName = "myFilterName"

Configuring the CompositeTrajectoryFilter

For "simple" TrajectoryFilter"

The configuration of the CompositeTrajectoryFilter is as follows
es_module myCompositeTrajectoryFilterESProd = TrajectoryFilterESProducer 
     string ComponentName = "myCompositeFilterName"
     PSet filterPset = 
            string ComponentType = "CompositeTrajectoryFilter"
            VPSet filters =
                 string ComponentType = "MinPtTrajectoryFilter"
                 double minPt = 1.0
                 double nSigmaMinPt = 5.0
                 int32 minHitsMinPt = 3
                      string ComponentType = "ThresholdPtTrajectoryFilter"
                 double thresholdPt = 10.0
                 double nSigmaThresholdPt = 5.0
                 int32 minHitsThresholdPt = 4

To configure a TrajectoryFilter that will stop trajectories below 1.0 GeV and above 10.0 GeV. Only trajectories above 10.0 GeV (at 5 sigma) will be kept in the final collection of trajectory, which might be interesting for HLT oriented algorithms.

For more complex TrajectoryFilter

You can also configure a CompositeTrajectoryFilter as follows, in case the filters you want to combine have constructor different than the base constructor (with a parameterSet).

es_module myCompositeTrajectoryFilterESProd = CompositeTrajectoryFilterESProducer 
     string ComponentName = "myCompositeFilterName"
     vstring filterNames = { "ckfBaseTrajecotyFilter", "myOtherFilter" }

To combine the CkfBaseTrajectoryFilter and another filter. NOTE: ESProducer must be configured for both of "ckfBaseTrajectoryFilter" and "myOtherFilter" in addition, since CompositeTrajectoryFilterESProducer retrieves them from the TrajectoryFilter::Record itself.


The changes made to the tracking code is very likely to have broken your configuration files and/or your code. Here is a recipe to adapt to those unavoidable backward incompatibilities. In case of any problem with the implementation of these changes, please contact me (jean-roch vlimant) with Boris Mangano and Steve Wagner in Cc. I will help you as much as I can to make the transition in the smoothest way.

List of package with a critical need to adapt their configuration files

How to adapt your configuration file

Your configuration file usually looks like
es_module myCkfTrajectoryBuilder = CkfTrajectoryBuilder from RecoTracker/CkfPattern/data/CkfTrajectoryBuilderESProducer.cfi"
replace myCkfTrajectoryBuilder.ComponentName = "myCkfTrajectoryBuilder"
replace myCkfTrajectoryBuilder.ptCut = 2.0
replace myCkfTrajectoryBuilder.maxLostHit = 4
replace myCkfTrajectoryBuilder.alwaysUseInvalidHits = false

module myckfTrackCandidates = ckfTrackCandidates from "RecoTracker/CkfPattern/data/CkfTrackCandidates.cfi"
replace myckfTrackCandidates.TrajectoryBuilder = "myCkfTrajectoryBuilder"
and should look like
es_module myCkfTrajectoryFilter = trajectoryFilterESProducer from "TrackingTools/TrajectoryFiltering/data/TrajectoryFilterESProducer.cfi"
replace myCkfTrajectoryFilter.ComponentName = "myCkfTrajectoryFilterName"
replace myCkfTrajectoryFilter.filterPset.minPt = 2.0
replace myCkfTrajectoryFilter.filterPset.maxLostHits = 4

es_module myCkfTrajectoryBuilder = CkfTrajectoryBuilder from "RecoTracker/CkfPattern/data/CkfTrajectoryBuilderESProducer.cfi"
replace myCkfTrajectoryBuilder.ComponentName = "myCkfTrajectoryBuilder"
replace myCkfTrajectoryBuilder.trajectoryFilterName = "myCkfTrajectoryFilterName"
replace myCkfTrajectoryBuilder.alwaysUseInvalidHits = false

module myckfTrackCandidates = ckfTrackCandidates from "RecoTracker/CkfPattern/data/CkfTrackCandidates.cfi"
replace myckfTrackCandidates.TrajectoryBuilder = "myCkfTrajectoryBuilder"

For your convenience here is listed the parameters of the trajectorybuilder, for which no change has to be made

int32  maxCand
double lostHitPenalty
bool intermediateCleaning
bool   alwaysUseInvalidHits
double foundHitBonus
bool   lockHits
bool   bestHitOnly
bool   requireSeedHitsInRebuild
int32  minNrOfHitsForRebuild

For your convenience, here is the list of parameters that define the filtering, which are no longer to be defined to the TrajectoryBuilder but to the TrajectoryFilter instead

int32  maxLostHit (to be replaced by maxLostHits)
int32  maxConsecLostHit (to be replaced by maxConsecLostHits)
int32  minimumNumberOfHits
double ptCut (to be replaced by minPt)
int32  maxNumberOfHits
double chargeSignificance

List of package with a critical need to adapt their code

How to adapt in the code

The only change is in the constructor of the CkfTrajectoryBuilder, GroupedCkfTrajectorBuilder and BaseCkfTrajectoryBuilder, which now takes one more argument "const TrajectoryFilter *"

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