Visualization Tutorial: How to use IGUANA Control Centre

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Basic concepts

IGUANA Control Centre is a GUI for hosting control categories which provide ways to customize various display/print properties of your iguana application. Based on your currently selected view (3D, 2D, Lego, RPhi, RZ etc.), control centre will show you only those control categories which are valid for that view. Currently there are different control categories available which help you to control lighting, clip planes, slicers, view points, animations, application display/print properties and Open Inventor node manipulations.

Getting started

Once you have started your iguana application, you can access IGUANA's control centre by either clicking on the control centre toolbar icon ControlCentre on the IGUANA tool bar


OR File->Control centre menu item OR directly go to the control category (clip planes, lights, slicers etc.) using the View->Category menu item.


Depending of your currently selected view (3D, 2D, Lego etc.), control centre will show you the available categories valid for that view.



On control centre you will see the following buttons
  • Back: This allows you to go back to parent category.
  • Apply: This allows you to apply the changes you have made on a category. Mostly the changes are automatically applied if the control category has no Track changes checkbox OR if it has the checkbox and its checked.
  • Revert: This allows you to revert the changes you have made but not yet applied.
  • Help: It opens the control centre help page in your browser. The detail control centre and its categories help page is available here.
  • Close: To close the control centre.

Double clicking on a control centre category will show you the available control options for that category. Right clicking on any part of control centre and then selecting "What's This?" menu item from the popped up menu will display a help message about that control. Lets go through these different control categories one by one

3D Control Centre Category

This category allows you to control GUI display/print properties, 3D ligthing, clip planes, slicers, animators, 3D scene graph, view points and Open Inventor node manipulation.


View Properties

This control category is available for nearly all the views (3D, 2D, Lego, RPhi, RZ). It is sub-divided in five different control categories. Double clicking on View Properties category will show you the available sub-categories of it.

Examiner Viewer
This category allows you to control the 3D examiner viewer properties (mostly for experts).


For all range control fields on any category e.g. Seek Time in the Examiner Viewer category,


you can adjust the small/long step size, minimun/maximum range and its precision by right clicking on any range control field button and then clicking the Edit menu item on the popped up menu

GL Render
This allows you to control the 3D GL rendering properties (experts only).

Scene Manager
This allows you to control the 3D scene manager properties.

Qt Application
This allows you to control you GUI properties.

GL2PS Printing
This allows you to control GL2PS printing options.


View Points

This 3D category allows you to control the camera position. It allows you to add new view points which you can save on disk for later use too. Using + and x buttons (after the view point name), you can add/remove view points. e.g. using the "Current Viewpoint" move the camera and once you are happy with it position click on the + button add a new view point. It will ask you the name of this viewpoint. You can save these view points in a file using the Export viewpoints button and load these using Import viewpoints button. Please note that Current viewpoint is a special viewpoint which always represents the current properties of the camera and you can not delete it.



This 3D category allows you to control the lights (type, position, color etc). It also allows you to add/remove new lights. Please note that Head Light is a special light which you can not delete or change its type. (You need to be in "Pick/Select" mode PickMode in order to use the 3D manipulator directly.)



Clip Planes

This 3D category allows you to enable/disable and control clip planes. It also allows you to add/remove clip planes. (You need to be in "Pick/Select" mode PickMode in order to use the 3D manipulator directly.)




This 3D category allows you to enable/disable and control slicers. It also allows you to add/remove slicers. (You need to be in "Pick/Select" mode PickMode in order to use the 3D manipulator directly.)




This 3D category allows you to start/stop an animator and also allows you to add/remove animators. Currently there is only one very simple animator available which rotate your scene 360 degree in X, Y and Z directions.


Open Inventor Node Manipulator (Changing Material Color)

This category allows you to directly adjust the properties of a Open Inventor shapes e.g. its Material (color, transparency, shininess etc.). Before opening the Node Manipulator you need to first select the twig either by clicking the twig in tree browser


OR changing to Pick/Select mode (by clicking the Pick/Select Mode toolbar icon PickMode) and clicking on the 3D shape directly on the view browser.


Under Node Type/Name list, you will see all the Open Inventor nodes available under the selected twig. Clicking on each node under this list will populate the right side of this category with that nodes properties. e.g. selecting material in the Node Type/Name list will populate the category right side with the material properties.


and to change the diffuse color, click on the small button available in front of diffuseColor. It will pop up the "Select color" dialog box.


Now selecting a new color and clicking "OK" on the "Select color" box will apply the new color of the selected node.


If there was no controllable field for the selected Open Inventor node (or no node selected) then Node Manipulator category will look like the following


Field Plane (Magnetic Field)

This category is used to control Field plane (especially magnetic field) properties. (You need to be in "Pick/Select" mode PickMode in order to use the 3D manipulator directly.)


Magnetic field with Jet Color Map


Magnetic field with Winter Color Map


2D Control Category

Beside the standerd View Properties category, 2D control category also provides control for views.


View Properties

Same as 3D View Properties.

2D Views

This control category could you used to align the camera along X, Y OR Z axis.


Lego/RPhi/RZ Control Category

Beside the standerd View Properties category, Lego/RPhi/RZ control category also provides controls for views and ligths.


View Properties

Same as 3D View Properties.


Same as 3D Lights.

Lego/RPhi/RZ Views

Same as 2D Views.


How to change the background color of 3D/2D/Lego/RPhi/RZ view/window?

First select the window (by clicking on the window) for which you want to change the back ground color and then open the control centre. Go to View Properties->Scene Manager category. There you will see background color option. Click on the Select button, select the new color, click Ok.

Can I configure printing options?

Yes but only for vector postscript printing done using the GL2PS library. See GL2PS printing category for the options you can change.

I want to add a view point OR load view points from a already save file but when I open control centre then there is no View Points category shown. Whats wrong with it?

One reason for this could be that your currently selected view is not a 3D view/window. As View Points category is only available for 3D views/windows, so you should just click on the 3D window first and come back to control centre. This should up date the control centre automatically with available categories.

But if your currently selected view is indeed a 3D view/window then there is a chance that control centre is currently showing a different category. In this case, just use the Back button on the control centre to go to the top level category and then double click the View Points category.

How to change the color of a 3D shape/object?

You need to use the Node manipulator category which is only available for 3D views/windows. See details here.

How to add a Clip plane/Slicer/Animator/Light?

Please see the Clip Planes, Slicers, Animators and Lights categories for more detail.

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