Vector Boson Scattering: Analysis Details


Links Of Important Analysis Steps

LPC standart PAT and NTuples link

The full list of products can be found in the following pages: Validated Version of CMSSW : here

DataSet Naming Convention : here

Analysis Details

LHE File Details

MadGraph aMCatNLO production page on twiki : link

How To Generate LHE File using aMC@NLO

  1. Download it form MadGraph5_aMC@NLO web page
  2. Just Extract the package and start working
  3. But Before working we should also install following packages:
    1. ExRootAnalysis : It converts various output in the root format (to install it download the package from here and then extract it and go inside the folder and do make)
    2. MadAnalysis : It draws automatically some histograms which is linked to the event generation
    3. pythia-pgs : This package contains Pythia and PGS. Pythia is able to shower and hadronize the events while PGS is a fast detector simulation
    4. Delphes : This package allows faster detector simulation in place of PGS.
  4. To install above packages use the following
    1. Go to the Madgraph directory
    2. ./bin/mg5
    3. install PackageName

and follow the tutorial or mail by Ilya.

generate p p > W+ W- j j [QCD=0]
output filename

After generating output dierectory we should exit and edit the param_card and only then launch, otherwise if we first generate the lhe then it may have wrong parameters.

Edit run_card.dat (set parameters according to need)

    1. = ebeam1
      6500 = ebeam2</span>
      20.0 = ht2min # sum of the transverse momenta of two leading hadrons

launch filename -i

Now the Events p p > W+ W- j j generated but till now W's is not decayed.
So, now use MadSpin (inside aMC@NLO) to decay them.</span>
A good reference for MadSpin is on this link.
The technical information is on slide 17

import filename/Event/run_01/events.lhe.gz
decay W+ > l+ vl
decay w- > j j

To propagate the polarization from before decay lhe file to after decay polarization see the link

Some MadGraph Tutorials
  1. Madgraph School 2013 Beijing: link
  2. Madgraph Lecture : link
  3. or mg5_tutorial.pdf
  4. Tasi Lecture: Tutorial_TASI2013.pdf
  5. McCodes: link

Read LHE file

To read lhe file we need a header file of LHEF.h, and it can be found here

source /cvmfs/
scram list CMSSW_7_4
setenv SCRAM_ARCH slc6_amd64_gcc491
cmsrel CMSSW_7_4_0_pre2
cd CMSSW_7_4_0_pre2/src
scramv1 b
git clone
c++ -o anaPhantom `root-config --glibs --cflags` anaPhantom.cpp
./anaPhantom <InputFile.lhe> <OutPutFile.root>

Now we will get tree with 6 branches corresponding to each particle in final state. So, first we run code Analyze_LHE.C (before running change the name of input root file name) and then to get the comparision plot run CompareAdvanced.C macro.

Few Angular Variables to Plot

  1. Variables to plot: theta_v, Theta*, sqrt(S_{vv}) ; Ref: here or here2

Full Detector Simulation

Generation and Simulation Details:


source /cvmfs/
scram list CMSSW_7_4
setenv SCRAM_ARCH slc6_amd64_gcc491
cmsrel CMSSW_7_4_0_pre2
cd CMSSW_7_4_0_pre2/src
scramv1 b gensim -s GEN,SIM --conditions MCRUN2_71_V0::All --eventcontent RAWSIM --datatier GEN-SIM -n 10 --no_exec --mc --fileout qqwwjj_GENSIM.root --filein run_01_unweighted_events.lhe --filetype LHE
scramv1 b

GEN-SIM Analysis
cmsrel CMSSW_7_3_2_patch4
cd CMSSW_7_3_2_patch4/src/
scramv1 b -j 10
mkdir GEN-SIM
mkedanlzr GenSimAnalyzer
cd GenSimAnalyzer
scramv1 b -j 10


RAW-SIM Analysis


AOD-SIM Analysis


  1. Twiki : Mini-AOD Analysis Documentation
  2. email : link

Few CRAB3 Links

Some General Analysis Related Links

  1. Compute Uncertainty from pdf : link
  2. Merge EDM Files : link

Generation Details

Published Dataset Details

Sample Parent Dataset Events in Parent Submitter Type of Dataset Path of Dataset Events Storage Location Remarks
ppTowLwLqq_WlepWHad_aMCatNLO_13TeV LHE file 100k Ramkrishna GEN-SIM /qqToqqWlWl/rasharma-GEN-SIM_qqToqqWlWl_wpHadwmLep-ee0d1d3e2917dea5d373131778a9a001/USER 93000 /store/user/rasharma/WWScattering/Full_Simulation_Data/Gen_Sim/qqToqqWlWl/GEN-SIM_qqToqqWlWl_wpHadwmLep This sample is not only for the case wpHadwmLep as name suggest. It is for both case wpHadwmLep and wpLepwmHad

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