Vector Boson Scattering: Analysis Details


Links Of Important Analysis Steps

LPC standart PAT and NTuples link

The full list of products can be found in the following pages: Validated Version of CMSSW : here

DataSet Naming Convention : here

Analysis Details

LHE File Details

MadGraph aMCatNLO production page on twiki : link

Install MadGraph

1. First Install LHAPDF:

tar xf LHAPDF-6.1.5.tar.gz
cd LHAPDF-6.1.5
./configure --prefix=$PWD/..
make -j20
make install

2. Download MadGraph:

tar xf MG5_aMC_v2.2.3.tar.gz
cd MG5_aMC_v2_2_3

3. Interface LHAPDF with MadGraph

cd MG5_aMC_v2_2_3/input

Edit file mg5_configuration.txt

lhapdf = <path_to_lhapdf-config> (something like /gridgroup/cms/brochet/HTT/SL6/LHAPDF-6.1.5/lhapdf-config)

4. Improtant Things To keep in Mind

1. Note while submitting the jobs in many terminal from LXPLUS that every pc should be different.
2. Also remember to change the seed everytime you run. Because if the seed is same then it will generate exactly same lhe files

How To Generate LHE File using aMC@NLO

  1. Download it form MadGraph5_aMC@NLO web page
  2. Just Extract the package and start working
  3. But Before working we should also install following packages:
    1. ExRootAnalysis : It converts various output in the root format (to install it download the package from here and then extract it and go inside the folder and do make)
    2. MadAnalysis : It draws automatically some histograms which is linked to the event generation
    3. pythia-pgs : This package contains Pythia and PGS. Pythia is able to shower and hadronize the events while PGS is a fast detector simulation
    4. Delphes : This package allows faster detector simulation in place of PGS.
  4. To install above packages use the following
    1. Go to the Madgraph directory
    2. ./bin/mg5
    3. install PackageName

and follow the tutorial or mail by Ilya.

generate p p > W+ W- j j [QCD=0]
output filename

After generating output dierectory we should exit and edit the param_card and only then launch, otherwise if we first generate the lhe then it may have wrong parameters.

Edit run_card.dat (set parameters according to need)

    1. = ebeam1
      6500 = ebeam2</span>
      20.0 = ht2min # sum of the transverse momenta of two leading hadrons

launch filename -i

Now the Events p p > W+ W- j j generated but till now W's is not decayed.
So, now use MadSpin (inside aMC@NLO) to decay them.</span>
A good reference for MadSpin is on this link.
The technical information is on slide 17

import filename/Event/run_01/events.lhe.gz
decay W+ > l+ vl
decay w- > j j

To propagate the polarization from before decay lhe file to after decay polarization see the link

Some MadGraph Tutorials
  1. Madgraph School 2013 Beijing: link
  2. Madgraph Lecture : link
  3. or mg5_tutorial.pdf
  4. Tasi Lecture: Tutorial_TASI2013.pdf
  5. McCodes: link

Read LHE file

To read lhe file we need a header file of LHEF.h, and it can be found here

source /cvmfs/
scram list CMSSW_7_4
setenv SCRAM_ARCH slc6_amd64_gcc491
cmsrel CMSSW_7_4_0_pre2
cd CMSSW_7_4_0_pre2/src
scramv1 b
git clone
c++ -o anaPhantom `root-config --glibs --cflags` anaPhantom.cpp
./anaPhantom <InputFile.lhe> <OutPutFile.root>

Now we will get tree with 6 branches corresponding to each particle in final state. So, first we run code Analyze_LHE.C (before running change the name of input root file name) and then to get the comparision plot run CompareAdvanced.C macro.

Few Angular Variables to Plot

  1. Variables to plot: theta_v, Theta*, sqrt(S_{vv}) ; Ref: here or here2

Full Detector Simulation

Generation and Simulation Details:


source /cvmfs/
scram list CMSSW_7_4
setenv SCRAM_ARCH slc6_amd64_gcc491
cmsrel CMSSW_7_4_0_pre2
cd CMSSW_7_4_0_pre2/src
scramv1 b gensim -s GEN,SIM --conditions MCRUN2_71_V0::All --eventcontent RAWSIM --datatier GEN-SIM -n 10 --no_exec --mc --fileout qqwwjj_GENSIM.root --filein run_01_unweighted_events.lhe --filetype LHE
scramv1 b

GEN-SIM Analysis
cmsrel CMSSW_7_3_2_patch4
cd CMSSW_7_3_2_patch4/src/
scramv1 b -j 10
mkdir GEN-SIM
mkedanlzr GenSimAnalyzer
cd GenSimAnalyzer
scramv1 b -j 10


RAW-SIM Analysis


AOD-SIM Analysis


  1. Twiki : Mini-AOD Analysis Documentation
  2. email : link

Few CRAB3 Links

Some General Analysis Related Links

  1. Compute Uncertainty from pdf : link
  2. Merge EDM Files : link

Generation Details

Published Dataset Details

Sample Parent Dataset Events in Parent Submitter Type of Dataset Path of Dataset Events Storage Location Remarks
ppTowLwLqq_WlepWHad_aMCatNLO_13TeV LHE file 100k Ramkrishna GEN-SIM /qqToqqWlWl/rasharma-GEN-SIM_qqToqqWlWl_wpHadwmLep-ee0d1d3e2917dea5d373131778a9a001/USER 93000 /store/user/rasharma/WWScattering/Full_Simulation_Data/Gen_Sim/qqToqqWlWl/GEN-SIM_qqToqqWlWl_wpHadwmLep This sample is not only for the case wpHadwmLep as name suggest. It is for both case wpHadwmLep and wpLepwmHad


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