9.2 Common EDM Utilities

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Goals of this page:

To let people know about all the standalone utilities available in CMSSW.


Searches through all the files in the release for a given string

 > cmsglimpse funny
// Explanation of funny syntax: since record is dependent, we are not
CondCore/DBCommon/test/testTokenBuilder.cc:     std::cout<<"funny error"<<std::endl;
#the funny sort is done so that the files are ordered 1, 2, 3, ..., 10, 11, ..., 
#and not 1,10,11,...,2,20, and so on
This is so much trickier than it sounds, it's not even funny.


Returns the Parameter Set ID for a config file. Used by the production system.

Usage: edmConfigHash <configuration file name>


Prints out a list of all the include files used by a config file, and checks for missing includes.


Finds instances of a search string in the configuration. The syntax is

EdmConfigSearch <searchstring> <configfile>


Retrieve job configuration text files (*.cfg / *.cff / *.py) from the configuration database. More documentation can be found here.


Shows which products exist in the file:

unix> edmDumpEventContent simemu100.root
L1CMS.GlobalTriggerObjectMapRecord    "hltL1GtObjectMap"      ""            "HLT."         
L1CMS.GlobalTriggerReadoutRecord      "hltGtDigis"            ""            "HLT."         
L1MuGMTReadoutCollection          "hltGtDigis"            ""            "HLT."         

More information is found here.


edmEventSize is a tool to measure the average size per event of each edm::Product present in an output file of a cmsRun job. Detailed documentation may be found here.


edmFileUtil is a general edm file utility. It can be used to get the Physical File Name (PFN) from the Local File Name (LFN):

edmFileUtil -d /store/RelVal/2007/5/31/RelVal/RelVal142SingleEPt35-1180627277/
#edit the above 2 lines to be a single line
#edit the above 2 lines to be a single line
see also: WorkBookDataSamples#IntroDuction It has many other options as well:
> edmFileUtil -h
Allowed options:
  -h [ --help ]                print help message
  -f [ --file ] arg            data file (Required)
  -c [ --catalog ] arg         catalog
  -l [ --ls ]                  list file content
  -P [ --print ]               Print all
  -u [ --uuid ]                Print uuid
  -v [ --verbose ]             Verbose printout
  -d [ --decodeLFN ]           Convert LFN to PFN
  -b [ --printBranchDetails ]  Call Print()sc for all branches
  -t [ --tree ] arg            Select tree used with -P and -b options
  --allowRecovery              Allow root to auto-recover corrupted files
  -e [ --events ] arg          Show event ids for events within a range or set
                               of ranges , e.g., 5-13,30,60-90





Lists lumi sections and total integrated luminosity of given EDM files. See Good Lumi Section Twiki for more details.


This tool is still under development. Scheduled for inclusion within the main branch in CMSSW_9_6_3.


Shows which products and producers are visible to the framework. If you've written a new plugin, this will test to see if the framework "sees" it.


To get the actual parameters edmPluginHelp . For a given module name, e.g. PoolSource, you'd do

           edmPluginHelp -p PoolSource
This will give you the exact parameters which the code validates are actually the ones used.


Refreshes the lists of products and producers visible to the framework. Sometimes necessary after creating a new plugin.


Prints out all the tracked parameters which were used to create this file.

usage: edmProvDump [options] <root-file>
--sort - sorts the resulting dump so that it can be reliably diff'd to a dump from a different file.

More information is found here.


usage: edmPythonSearch <string> <config>

Searches the specified Python config, as well as all the fragments imported, for the given string.

>  edmPythonSearch noise RecoTau_DiTaus_pt_20-420_cfg.py

    #    3 time bins noise (in ADC counts)
RecoLocalMuon.CSCRecHitD.cscRecHitD_cff (line: 37)
From RecoTau_DiTaus_pt_20-420_cfg -> Configuration.StandardSequences.Reconstruction_cff -> 
RecoLocalMuon.Configuration.RecoLocalMuon_cff -> RecoLocalMuon.CSCRecHitD.cscRecHitD_cfi

# Addition of HCAL noise by JP Chou
RecoMET.Configuration.RecoMET_cff (line: 11)
From RecoTau_DiTaus_pt_20-420_cfg -> Configuration.StandardSequences.Reconstruction_cff




Dumps a color-coded list of all the configuration fragments included by this configuration.

 > edmPythonTree CSCDigitizerTest_cfg.py
 +  CSCDigitizerTest_cfg
   +  Configuration.StandardSequences.FrontierConditions_CMS.GlobalTag_cff
     +  CalibCalorimetry.EcalLaserCorrection.ecalLaserCorrectionService_cfi
     +  CalibCalorimetry.HcalPlugins.Hcal_Conditions_forGlobalTag_cff
     +  CalibTracker.Configuration.Tracker_DependentRecords_forGlobalTag_nofakes_cff
       +  CalibTracker.SiStripESProducers.SiStripGainESProducer_cfi
       +  CalibTracker.SiStripESProducers.SiStripQualityESProducer_cfi
       +  CMS.RecoLocalTracker.SiStripRecHitConverter.SiStripRecHitMatcher_cfi
       +  CMS.RecoLocalTracker.SiStripRecHitConverter.StripCPEfromTrackAngle_cfi
         +  CMS.RecoLocalTracker.SiStripRecHitConverter.OutOfTime_cff
     +  Configuration.StandardSequences.FrontierConditions_CMS.GlobalTag_cfi
       +  CondCore.DBCommon.CondDBSetup_cfi
   +  Configuration.StandardSequences.GeometryPilot2_cff
     +  Geometry.CMSCommonData.cmsPilot2IdealGeometryXML_cfi
     +  Geometry.CSCGeometryBuilder.idealForDigiCscGeometry_cff
       +  Alignment.CommonAlignmentProducer.fakeForIdealAlignmentProducer_cfi


This utility is located in the package PhysicsTools/Utilities, tag V08-01-01 or higher (this tag is backwards compatible with CMSSW 3.6 or later). It can be used to copy or pick events or merge edm files. For more details, please look at WorkBookDataSamples and WorkBookPickEvents.

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CMSUserSupport - 13 Jul 2007 created the template page
RickWilkinson - 25 Feb 2008 try to make more user-centric, and flag obsolete tools
ElizabethSextonKennedy - 02 Jul 2008 more obsolete tools
-- CharlesPlager - 10 Jun 2009 Updated edmDump
Main.William.Tanenbaum - 25 Aug 2009 more obsolete tools
Responsible: RickWilkinson
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