Archive of cmsShow release notes


Release highlights:

  • addition of iSpy view;
    • ability to show calorimeter rec-hits & clusters;
    • ability to show muon rec-hits;
  • addition of LVL1 / Tech trigger table view;
  • addition of HF lego view;
  • addition of calo-tower detail view;
  • visualization of particle-flow objects;
  • cross-view highlight;
  • detailed calo-tower feedback / tooltip;
  • most EDM collections can be viewed in table view;
  • improved configuration file format;
  • configuration reload at runtime, e.g. ispy.fwc;
  • filtering in dialog for adding collections;
  • add control of transparency for collections and objects.

There are no known major issues or known bugs so please report any problems to hn-cms-visualization or fill out a bug report in savannah


  • 2010-09-06: cmsShow38-patch1 released
    • Workaround for ROOT bug in number entry that prevented specifying of event-id containing more than nine digits.
    • Add checks for existence of track-extra information for muons.
  • 2010-09-01: cmsShow38-stable released
    • Update data-formats to 3_8_2.
    • Small fixes in ROOT 3D graphics (drawing of calo-towers).
  • 2010-08-20: cmsShow36-patch1 released
    • Fix a problem in track propagation. This affected propagation of muons when magnetic filed was zero (cosmics).
    • Several significant optimizations of object management were implemented. Simulated heavy-ion data was used for performance testing.
  • 2010-07-21: cmsShow36 released
    • Add tooltips and improve legend of Track detail-view.
    • Fix positioning of RPC rec-hits -- chambers themselves are not drawn as correct geometry is not available.
    • Increase precision of the default track-propagator from 1mm to 0.1mm.
    • Read coil current needed to scale the magnetic field from data-file when available (present for files produced with 3_6).
  • 2010-06-22: cmsShow36-beta-3 released
    • Linux tarball was still shipped with 3_6_1_patch4 data-formats.
    • Improved particle-flow configuration.
    • Improved scaling of particle-flow objects in lego-view.
    • Allow viewing of calo-towers and particle-flow particles in the same lego-view.
    • Make muon chambers assigned to a track transparent.
    • Add optional axis guides - enable them from the view controller dialog.
    • Improved legends, colors and tooltips in detail-views.
    • Fix display of pixel-tracks.
    • Fix display of Si-strip barrel modules attached to a track.
    • Add detailed controls for event handling in GL windows (to be put in rootrc):
      OpenGL.EventHandler.ArrowKeyFactor: 1.0
      OpenGL.EventHandler.MouseDragFactor: 1.0
      OpenGL.EventHandler.MouseWheelFactor: 1.0
  • 2010-06-18: cmsShow36-beta-2 released
    • Update FWlite to tag CMSSW_3_6_3 (was 3_6_1_patch4 before).
    • Add control of transparency for collections and objects.
    • Fix placement of windows when restoring configuration (problem with determination of title-bar height).
    • Add prescale column to LVL1 trigger table.
    • Add option to switch from scene-centric to viewer-centric controls in GL viewer. To switch from default, put the following line into your ~/.rootrc:
      OpenGL.EventHandler.ViewerCentricControls: 1
  • 2010-06-11: cmsShow36-beta-1 released
    • Update ROOT shipped in the tarball to avoid crashes due to missing dictionaries.
    • Update pflow.fwc to include PF MET.
  • 2010-06-10: cmsShow36-beta released

-- MatevzTadel - 06-Dec-2010

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