4.3 Particle Candidates Utilities and Framework Modules

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Goals of this page:

This page is intended to familiarize you with the common set of classes and tools which are used to develop modular Physics Analysis software using the Framework and Event Data Model.


Candidate Framework Modules

Generic framework modules to manipulate Particle Candidates are provided. In particular:

Candidate Selectors

The module CandSelector selects Particle Candidates with specified cuts that can be specified by the user via a configurable string. Examples of the configuration are:

process.goodMuons = cms.EDFilter("CandSelector",
    src = cms.InputTag("selectedLayer1Muons"),
    cut = cms.string("pt > 5.0")
This will take the PAT muons as described here and select those which have a transverse momentum larger than 5 GeV/c.

process.genJetSele = cms.EDFilter("PtMinCandSelector",
     src = cms.InputTag("genJetCollectionClone"),
     ptMin = cms.double(20.0)

More details on available candidate selectors can be found in Candidate Selector SW Guide

Candidate Combiners

Combiner modules compose other particles to create CompositeCandidate. daughter particles' kinematics is copied into the composite object and links to the original "master" particles can be stored using ShallowCloneCandidate.

Examples of the usage of such modules are the following:

process.zToMuMu = cms.EDProducer("CandViewShallowCloneCombiner",
    decay = cms.string('selectedLayer1Muons@+ selectedLayer1Muons@-'),
    cut = cms.string('50 < mass < 120'),

This will take the PAT layer 1 muons that have opposite signs, and combine them into Z candidates, throwing away those candidates outside of the mass range from 50 to 120 GeV/c2.

process.diMuons = cms.EDProducer("CandViewShallowCloneCombiner",
     decay       = cms.string("goodMuons goodMuons"),
     checkCharge = cms.bool(False),
     cut         = cms.string("mass > 2"),

More details on available candidate selectors can be found in the following document:

It is also possible to specify an optional name and daughter roles for these tools, like:

process.zToMuMu = cms.EDProducer("CandViewShallowCloneCombiner",
    decay = cms.string('selectedLayer1Muons@+ selectedLayer1Muons@-'),
    cut = cms.string('50.0 < mass < 120.0'),
    name = cms.string('zToMuMu'),
    roles = cms.vstring('muon1', 'muon2')

This will automatically assign names and roles as described here. The rest of the functionality is the same as the previous example.

Other Modules

A more complete list of the available modules to manipulate collections of candidates can be found in:

Candidate Utilities

Utilities are provided to perform the most common operations on Particle Candidates.

Overlap Checking

Overlap between two candidates occurs if the two candidates, or any of their daughters, share one of the components (a track, a super-cluster, etc.). The utility OverlapChecker checks for overlap occurrences:

  #include "DataFormats/Candidate/interface/OverlapChecker.h"

  OverlapChecker overlap;
  const Candidate & c1 = ..., & c2 = ...;
  if (overlap( c1, c2 ) )  { ... }

Note: this overlap-checking mechanism only looks for identical components in the candidate decay chain, but has no way to check, for instance, if two candidates are made from tracks or clusters that share a common set of hits. More advanced utilities should be used for such, more refined overlap checking.

Candidate Setup Utilities

"Setup" utilities allow modifying the candidate content (momentum, vertex, ...). The simplest provided setup utility is:
  • AddFourMomenta: sets a candidate's 4-momentum adding 4-momenta of its daughters. In the following example, a Composite Candidate is created, its two daughters are added to it, and its momentum is set as the sum of the daughters' four-momenta:
      AddFourMomenta addFourMomenta;
      reco::CompositeCandidate recHadt;
      reco::CompositeCandidate recHadW;
      recHadt.addDaughter(recHadW, "hadW");

Boosting Candidates

If you want to boost a candidate, you should get sure you can modify it. Candidates taken from event collections are immutable, so you need to clone them before boosting.

If you want to boost a candidate to another candidate centre of mass, you can do the following:

   Candidate * c1clone = c1->clone();
   Booster boost(c2->boostToCM());
Particle::Vector boost = mother.p4().BoostToCM();
Once booster, if cand1 is a ComposteCandidate, all its daughters are stored internally so it will also be boosted.

If you want to boost a ComposteCandidate and its daughters to its centre of mass, you can use the following example:

   // create booster object
   CenterOfMassBooster boost(h);
   // clone object and update its kinematics
   Candidate * higgs = h.clone();
   // get boosted Z as Higgs daughters
   const Candidate * Z1 = higgs->daughter(0);
   const Candidate * Z2 = higgs->daughter(1);

In the above example, the Z daughters (leptons) will also be boosted.

Booster utilities are defined in CMS.PhysicsTools/CandUtils.

Common Vertex Fitter

Common vertex fitter is a "setup" operator using the Vertex Fitter tools for track collections. It requires the magnetic field map to be passed to the algorithm, which can be obtained from the EventSetup:

    ESHandle<CMS.MagneticField> B;

    CandCommonVertexFitter<KalmanVertexFitter> fitter;

    const Candidate & zCand = ...; // get a Z candidate
    VertexCompositeCandidate fittedZ(zCand);

More details on:

Candidates and Monte Carlo Truth

The candidate used to represent Monte Carlo truth from generator output can be matched to RECO objects using a set of common tools described in the document below:

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