9.6 How to Pick Events (Interactive and CRAB3)

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Goals of this page:

The goal of this page is to help the users get a copy of a subset of events from a dataset. This utility is a python script called edmPickEvents.py and can run an interactive job for a small number of events (now user can use additional command-line option to pick more than 20 events when running interactively), or can set up a CRAB job.

As a recent improvement, this script will allow you access events from data that is not local by using xrootd and CRAB3.

If you plan on making very large "skims' (e.g., all W candidates), please consider collaborating with others as to minimize the number of identical collections we have.


How to setup the environment to run edmPickEvents.py

Note that edmPickEvents in CMSSW versions before 8_3_0 is broken. Please use recent CMSSW.

The script edmPickEvents.py is part of the PhysicsTools/Utilities package. The version that uses DAS instead of the outphased DBS2 is integrated into CMSSW_5_3_18 and later and the version that uses CRAB3 instead of CRAB2 is integrated into CMSSW_5_3_29 and later (CMSSW_5_3_X release cycle) and CMSSW_7_4_7 and later.

ssh lxplus.cern.ch
cmsrel CMSSW_10_2_14
cd CMSSW_10_2_14/src/

How to Run edmPickEvents.py

This script doesn't work on simulation due to a limitation in DAS client, see this thread.

The script edmPickEvents.py can be run interactively or via a CRAB job. If you have few events to pick, run it interactively. Now you can pick more than 20 events interactively using the new command line option :

edmPickEvents.py --maxEventsInteractive=30 "/Charmonium/Run2018C-17Sep2018-v1/AOD"  events.txt

In case you have a lot of events to pick, submit a CRAB job. This version of script is compatible with CRAB3 and produces a crabConfig which can be directly used by the user to submit the jobs. One can change some of the crab parameters (if needed, like site to store the output files, num of lumi etc).

Run edmPickEvents.py Interactively

To run the script interactively do the following, for example

edmPickEvents.py  "/Charmonium/Run2018C-17Sep2018-v1/AOD" 319337:60:30203079


*/Charmonium/Run2018C-17Sep2018-v1/AOD= is the dataset you want to pick events from. You can only do one per job.

  • 319337:60:30203079 is one event you want to pick. The syntax is Run:Lumi:Event (one could also put more than one event by separating the different events with a comma: Run1:Lumi1:Event1, Run2:Lumi2:Event2.


edmPickEvents.py "/Charmonium/Run2018C-17Sep2018-v1/AOD" events.txt


  • events.txt is a text file that contains = 319337:60:30203079 = ( and others if desired, but one by line )

and the screen output would look like this:

edmCopyPickMerge outputFile=pickevents.root \
  eventsToProcess=319337:60:30203079 \

In this case, the user can either paste the above edmCopyPickMerge output or run edmPickEvents.py with the --runInteractive flag which will run it for you (warning, this can take a long time).

This will create a ROOT file called pickevents.root in the same directory you executed the command from. Also note that edmCopyPickMerge script locates edmPickEvents.py configuration file and then uses it with cmsRun.

Run edmPickEvents.py with CRAB

BEWARE AS THE CRAB CONFIG THAT edmPickEvents puts out might still be crab2 if you use releases before CMSSW_7_4_7!!!

If you are running over a large number of event, if you just don't want to wait for a long job to finish, you can use edmPickEvents.py to setup a CRAB job for you.

To run a CRAB job:

  • First setup the Crab environment following the instructions at SWGuideCrab

  • Then run the script as follows ( In this case we are running the two events via a CRAB job) :
edmPickEvents.py "/Charmonium/Run2018C-17Sep2018-v1/AOD" events.txt --crab 

When you run this it gives the following screen output

Please visit CRAB twiki for instructions on how to setup environment for CRAB:

Setup your environment for CRAB and edit pickevents_crab.py to make any desired changed.  Then run:

crab submit -c pickevents_crab.py

This will create the configuration file called pickevents_crab.config for you

  • If desired, you can modify the contents of pickEvents_crab.config. Most people should find the defaults sufficient.
  • nota bene: if you use CMSSW versions before than CMSSW_10_4_X, you will need to enable this option config.JobType.allowUndistributedCMSSW = True.

  • Then submit a Crab job
crab submit -c pickevents_crab.py

  • It will create a CRAB working directory according to current time. YYMMDD_HHMMSS.
  • You can check the status of your job via
crab status

At the moment of run this example it was:
crab status -d crab_pickevents_20201029_184718/crab_pickEvents

Once the CRAB job finishes successfully, you can get the output ROOT file in the craboutput /res directory:

crab -getoutput

To merge the output of CRAB, you can follow the easy instructions here:

ls -1 pick*root | perl -ne 'print "file:$_"' > myFiles.txt
edmCopyPickMerge inputFiles_load=myFiles.txt outputFile=pickevents_merged.root     maxSize=1000000

where maxSize=1000000 means 1 million Kb (or 1 Gb).

(In cmsRun, local files must be noted with the prefix file:.)

Review Status

Editor/Reviewer and date Comments
DinkoFerencek - 22 June 2015 No longer necessary to merge a branch from the cms-analysis-tools GitHub area
RamanKhurana - 8 July 2015 Added instructions for CMSSW_7_4_X compatible with CRAB3
DinkoFerencek - 12 July 2015 Updated instructions indicating that the version compatible with CRAB3 is now integrated in CMSSW
JhovannyMejia - 29 October 2020 Added instructions for CMSSW_10_2_X compatible with CRAB3
-- SudhirMalik - 09-Sep-2010Added instructions for CMSSW_7_4_X compatible with CRAB3
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